14 May 2020

each prefilled syringe has the option to include an NFC chip that incorporates a secure unique ID number. This enables healthcare professionals at the point of care to use an app on their smartphones to verify that the drug being injected is authentic and unexpired. It also enables health authorities to know in real time when and where each dose is injected.

World Government Summit
With 2071 being targeted as the year for the findings, societal and technological megatrends were captured. The predicted megatrends highlight the potential changes in citizens’ live, and how societies will operate and be governed. These findings were compiled to form a guidebook intended to direct governments …

Iran Nears Completion of Large Weapons Storage Site in Abukamal, Eastern Syria
Iran is building a new storage facility in which to keep its missiles and large-scale weapons, according to a report by Fox News, which displayed ISI satellite images and cited Western intelligence sources to back up the claim.

Health Officials Say ‘No Thanks’ to Contact-Tracing Tech
So far at least, the pandemic response has become a bitter lesson in everything technology can’t do and an example of Silicon Valley’s legendary myopia. States like New York, California, and Massachusetts, and cities like Baltimore and San Francisco, have looked carefully at cutting-edge contact-tracing solutions and largely said, “No thanks,” or “Not now.”

Mexican President Demands Investigation Into Obama’s Gun-Running Debacle
While newly revealed FBO documents implicate former President Obama in an illegal scheme, the Mexican President is demanding further investigation into a U.S. program that put heavy weapons into the hands of the drug cartels. Despite an Obama executive order that illegally withheld information, there were indications that he directed the operation that the Mexican’s believe violated international law.

Muslim Waqf: We’ll Reopen Al-Aksa Mosque if Jews Allowed on Temple Mount
On Sunday, the Waqf (Islamic authority) held an emergency meeting concerning the Temple Mount. Following the meeting, the Waqf threatened the Israeli government, saying that if Jews continue to tour the area surrounding the structures, they will open the gates and allow Muslims to enter en masse. This will be in direct violation of Health Ministry regulation requiring social distancing and will endanger the Palestinians who come to the site.

Netanyahu informs Rivlin he has formed a government
New government set to be sworn in very late Thursday night; Netanyahu offers Foreign Ministry to Miri Regev.

Polygamy is no longer a crime in Utah
As of Tuesday, polygamy was no longer a crime in the state of Utah for the first time in more than 85 years, after a law passed by its legislative houses came into effect last February.

Philippines braces for severe tropical storm
The storm, the first this year and locally codenamed “Ambo”, started as a low-pressure area when it was first spotted east of Surigao province on Sunday. It developed into a tropical depression on Tuesday, slowly moving northwest, and is seen curving to the left towards the main island of Luzon.

First 2020 storm brews in the Bahamas
The National Hurricane Center (CNH) of the United States (US) reported on Tuesday a low pressure system that may have cyclonic characteristics this weekend about 200 miles (321 kilometers) northeast of the Bahamas. According to a graph published on the CNH page, the probability of a cyclone forming in five days is 50%.

Scientists closely monitor underwater volcano off Hawaii after rare earthquake swarm
Volcanologists are keeping a close eye on their instruments after a rare earthquake swarm off the Big Island the past two days. Twenty miles off the southeast coast of the Big Island, Hawaii’s newest volcano rises 10,000 feet from the ocean floor with its summit about 3,000 feet under the surface. When Loihi starts shaking, scientists pay attention.

Trump shares call for Fauci to be fired
“Fauci is now saying that had Trump listened to the medical experts earlier he could’ve saved more lives,” tweeted DeAnna Lorraine, who challenged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Fauci was telling people on February 29th that there was nothing to worry about and it posed no threat to the US public at large. Time to #FireFauci,” the tweet continued.

CA Churches ‘Not Asking Permission’; Planning to Open at End of May
Nearly 500 California pastors are preparing to open their doors on Sunday, May 31st—whether or not they have guidance from the state. (Screengrab Image: Matt Brown of Sandals Church in Riverside /via CBN News) “The churches are not asking for permission,” said Bob Tyler, a religious freedom attorney advising the pastors. “The governor is sitting here as a dictator, trumping the Constitution and is kind of hanging on to this state of emergency for as long as he can hold it.”

Growing mountains or shifting ground: What is going on in Earth’s inner core?
Geologists do not fully understand how the Earth’s magnetic field generator works, but suspect it is closely linked to dynamic processes near the inner core-outer core boundary area, the researchers said. Shifts in the location of the magnetic poles, changes in field strength and anomalous seismic data have prompted researchers to take a closer look.

Netanyahu informs Rivlin he has formed a government
Israel will finally have a new government late Thursday night ending nearly 18 months of political chaos after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formally wrote President Reuven Rivlin and outgoing Knesset Speaker Benny Gantz on Wednesday night informing them that he had built a governing coalition. A special session of the Knesset plenum will start at 6pm on Thursday evening.

Netanyahu, Gantz will ‘take a while’ to decide on annexation – State Dept.
The new government needs time to decide how and whether to move forward with settlement annexation, senior State Department officials said overnight Wednesday in a briefing in Germany, following US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s six-hour visit to Israel. “The Israelis are working through this,” an official said. “We’re supportive of their efforts.

Your Boss Is Watching You: Work-From-Home Boom Leads To More Surveillance
After two weeks of working from her Brooklyn apartment, a 25-year-old e-commerce worker received a staffwide email from her company: Employees were to install software called Hubstaff immediately on their personal computers so it could track their mouse movements and keyboard strokes, and record the webpages they visited. They also had to download an app called TSheets to their phones to keep tabs on their whereabouts during work hours.

Green or red light: China virus app is ticket to everywhere
To enter many offices, restaurants, parks or malls in China nowadays, people must show their status on an app that determines whether they are a coronavirus threat. There is often a moment of tension before opening the app on arriving at a location. A green light lets you in anywhere. A yellow light could send you into home confinement. The dreaded red light throws a person into a strict two-week quarantine at a hotel.

U.S. Senate blocks bid to curb surveillance of Americans’ internet habits
The U.S. Senate narrowly blocked an amendment on Wednesday that would have prevented law enforcement from collecting information on Americans’ internet habits without a warrant…The Senate defeated the amendment sponsored by Republican Senator Steve Daines and Democrat Ron Wyden by 59-37, just short of the 60 votes that would have included it in legislation to renew three surveillance tools used in national security investigations that expired two months ago.

Israel’s cooperation with China is ‘dangerous,’ hints U.S. official
A United States official on Thursday hinted that Israel’s continued cooperation with China might be “dangerous” in light of the current coronavirus outbreak and could undermine the relations with its “strategic partners”. During a State Department press briefing on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit in Israel…the official said the COVID-19 pandemic “highlights the dangers of dealing with states that are not transparent.”

UN chief calls on Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah
Lebanon on Wednesday entered talks with the International Monetary Fund, amid calls to disarm Hezbollah. A report in the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday quoted UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as saying that the Lebanese government and the army should take all possible steps to prevent Hezbollah and other armed groups from acquiring weapons.

Vongfong (Ambo) rapidly intensifies into typhoon — volcanologists warn of possible Mayon lahar flows, Philippines
Tropical Storm “Ambo” (international name Vongfong) has rapidly intensified into a typhoon, according to PAGASA’s update issued at 15:00 UTC (23:00 LT) on Wednesday, May 13, 2020.  The storm is packing maximum sustained winds of 130 km/h (81 mph) near the center and gusts up to 160 km/h (99 mph), moving west at 15 km/h (9 mph). Heavy rainfall may cause post-eruption lahars on the Mayon volcano edifice, PHIVOLCS warned. Vongfong is the first named storm of the 2020 Pacific typhoon season.

Earthquake swarm under Lōʻihi volcano, Hawaii
The USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO) reported increased seismic activity at the submarine Lōʻihi volcano in Hawaii from May 11 to 12, 2020. More than 100 earthquakes were detected, but USGS noted that there is no indication that a submarine eruption has occurred and there are no significant hazards of concern to the Island of Hawaiʻi at this time. Lōʻihi is the youngest Hawaiian volcano located approximately 35 km (21.7 miles) SE of Pahala, at a water depth of approximately 1 km (3 300 feet). Its last major activity was back in 1996.

We Call It Chrislam, It’s The One World Religion Of The End Times Foretold In The Bible, And It Is Here And Active Right Now
I will be very honest with you. For many years, I would read the amazing prophetical events in the bible and was jealous of the people who lived in that time. What amazing sights they bore witness to, watching the mighty power of God bringing them to pass. Yes, I used to be very envious of people back then. But not any more. The things that have come to pass since January 1 of 2020, the things that have come to pass over the past 8 weeks, are exciting beyond description so I won’t even try. The One World Religion? Yep, we are living through it right now.

Pompeo In Israel To Discuss Annexation Of Judea And Samaria With Netanyahu And Gantz As New Israeli Government Will Be Signed Into Law On May 14th
The brave journalists at CNN (sarcasm) exposing the corrupt Trump Administration that refused to air “science” and “facts” during the coronavirus task force press briefing are airing a town hall with coronavirus “experts.” What CNN is doing is beyond parody when they announced that Thursday evening town hall “Coronavirus: Facts and Fears” will feature coronavirus “expert” Greta Thunberg. Who else will be experts in CNN’s panel?

H.R. 6666 a devil of a COVID-19 government surveillance plot
A House resolution from Illinois Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush that would put Big Government in charge of tracking citizens’ movements as they relate to COVID-19 mitigation efforts — even sending health bureaucrats to “individuals’ residences,” “as necessary,” as the legislation states — has a most apt number: 6666. Mark of the beast. Mark of the beast for a beastly, monstrously unconstitutional bill.

Week 9 of Forced Quarantine for Healthy Americans
Everybody must have bought all the toilet paper they needed because now grocery stores have toilet paper. I am not so sure if the food supply is adequate because the hoarders stopped panic buying but the shelves still look empty at my local grocery chain.

To reopen, Washington state restaurants will have to keep log of customers to aid in contact tracing
With eight Washington counties now approved to move to Phase 2 under Gov. Jay Inslee’s four-phase plan to reopen the state, the governor’s office on Monday released a set of requirements restaurants will have to comply with if they want to reopen for dine-in service.

“Unicorn” tech company UBER fires 3,500 people on 3-minute phone call, horrifying millennials
No one likes hearing the news that they’re losing their job, but Uber recently showed just how out of touch it is with the overly sensitive millennials who form part of its workforce and client base when it laid off 3,500 employees in a three-minute Zoom call.

MILITARY vaccine mandates? Dept. of Defense purchasing 500 million ApiJect syringes to inject every person in America with coronavirus vaccine
Anyone who thought the US military was preparing to force vaccinate every American with a coronavirus vaccine has just found strong evidence to confirm the plan. According to a press release from the US Dept. of Defense, featuring an announcement from Lt. Col. Mike Andrews, the DoD is partnering with HHS to acquire 500 million ApiJect vaccine injection devices, with deliveries expected to begin in October of this year.

KA CHING! Pelosi Gets Ready To Dole Out Another $3 TRILLION (You Might Get $1,200)
Now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi preparing another “stimulus” package with another hefty price tag — $3 trillion — and this one will fund an effort by Democrats to mandate mail-in voting for all.