13 May 2020

‘You’re Not The End All’: Rand Paul Slams Fauci In Heated Exchange Over Lockdowns
“The history of this when we look back will be wrong prediction after wrong prediction after wrong prediction… As much as I respect you, Dr. Fauci, I don’t think you’re the end all, I don’t think you’re the one person that gets to make a decision,” said Paul – who added that we need to “observe with an open eye what happened in Sweden, where the kids kept going to school.”

Former Pope’s Opposition to Gay Marriage Causes Friction with Current Pope
A schism is taking place that is tearing the Vatican apart. The 93-year-old former pope Benedict XVI just released his authorized autobiography in his native Germany. The book ends with an interview between Benedict and the journalist Peter Seewald in which the former pontiff sharply attacked gay marriage, abortion, and scientific methods of conception.

Oops! Ilhan Omar tweets: ‘No human life is worth more than corporate profits’
She wrote on Twitter: “No human life is worth more than corporate profits. Not now, not ever.” – Rep. Ilhan Omar…”

Mexico demands investigation of notorious Obama scheme
The president of Mexico wants an apology and information from the United States regarding the Obama administration, gun-running program that put exotic weapons in the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

A storm may already be brewing in the Atlantic, weeks before hurricane season starts
The official start date of the 2020 Hurricane Season is June 1, but there may already be a storm brewing in the Atlantic, according to the National Hurricane Center. Forecasters say the system has a 50% chance of developing into a tropical storm in the next five days.

Congressman Calls Out Obama for Attempt To ‘Perform a Coup’ Against Trump
The chairman of the House Freedom Caucus on Monday slammed Barack Obama over the former president’s alleged role in what GOP Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona called a “coup” against President Donald Trump. “This really was a conspiracy to do something that we’ve not seen in American history, and that was to actually perform a coup,” he added. “That’s really what this was. I mean, you can’t get to it any more succinctly than that.

‘Ambo’ may intensify into tropical storm — Pagasa
SIGNAL No. 1 may be raised in portions of Eastern Visayas on Tuesday as tropical depression “Ambo” may intensify into a storm within the day, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) said.

Researchers report memresistor material composition breakthrough
Scientists around the world are intensively working on memristive devices that draw extremely low power and behave similarly to neurons in the brain.

6.5 magnitude earthquake strikes near Santa Cruz Islands
An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 struck near the Santa Cruz Islands in the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).

Potentially fatal combinations of humidity and heat are emerging across the globe
U.S. Gulf Coast among regions hit with conditions not expected for decades. According to a new study, the projections are wrong: such conditions are already appearing. The study identifies thousands of previously rare or unprecedented bouts of extreme heat and humidity in Asia, Africa, Australia, South America and North America, including in the U.S. Gulf Coast region. Along the Persian Gulf, researchers spotted more than a dozen recent brief outbreaks surpassing the theoretical human survivability limit.

Watchdog reports record number of anti-Semitic incidents in U.S. last year
Jews in the United States suffered the largest number of anti-Semitic incidents last year since the Anti-Defamation League began collecting records 40 years ago, the racism watchdog said on Tuesday.The 2,107 anti-Semitic incidents recorded in 2019 in the United States included deadly attacks by gunmen at a California Synagogue and a New Jersey kosher grocery store, and a fatal stabbing at a rabbi’s home in New York.

US-China ties have hit another low point in the wake of coronavirus
US President Donald Trump rails against China…pointing to a cover-up of information about coronavirus when the outbreak began and to a hypothesis from US intelligence agencies that the virus was accidentally released from a laboratory in Wuhan. Chinese officials have spread unfounded theories about COVID-19’s origin being in the US or Europe, messages taunting the West as weak and videos mocking the American response to the virus.

US grocery costs jump the most in 46 years, led by rising prices for meat and eggs
Prices Americans paid for eggs, meat, cereal and milk shot higher in April as people flocked to grocery stores to stock up on food amid government lockdowns designed to slow the spread of Covid-19. The Labor Department reported Tuesday that prices U.S. consumers paid for groceries jumped 2.6% in April, the largest one-month pop since February 1974. The spike in supermarket prices was broad based and impacted items from broccoli and ham to oatmeal and tuna.

Sudanese PM rejects dam agreement
The Sudanese prime minister has rejected an Ethiopian proposal to sign an initial agreement over a controversial dam which is nearing completion on the River Nile. Abdalla Hamdok said there were still technical and legal problems to overcome. Egypt and Sudan are concerned that the dam (in western Ethiopia) could severely reduce their water supply.

U.S. Supreme Court to hear presidential Electoral College dispute
The Supreme Court is set on Wednesday to consider a dispute involving whether “electors” in the complex Electoral College system that decides the winner of U.S. presidential elections are free to disregard laws directing them to back the candidate who prevails in their state’s popular vote. If enough electors do so, it could upend an election.

Russia opposes any new US attempts at UN to punish Iran
Russia’s U.N. ambassador said Tuesday that Moscow will oppose any attempts by the United States to extend the arms embargo on Iran and reimpose U.N. sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Vassily Nebenzia’s comments at a video news conference made clear that the Trump administration will have a tough time advancing any measures to impose further punishment on Iran in the U.N. Security Council, where Russia has veto power.

Turkey accuses five nations of forming ‘alliance of evil’
Turkey…accused Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, France and the United Arab Emirates of seeking to form an “alliance of evil” after these countries issued a joint declaration denouncing Ankara’s policies in the eastern Mediterranean and Libya…Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said the five countries were pursuing “regional chaos and instability” in the eastern Mediterranean and sacrificing Libyans’ “hope for democracy for the reckless aggression of dictators.”

Severe storms spawn damaging tornadoes and hail in northern Mexico
Parts of northern Mexico were struck by hail and tornadoes as storms hit over the past few days– one twister ripped through Apodaca in Nuevo Leon on Saturday afternoon, May 9, 2020, and another in Juarez, Chihuahua, on Monday afternoon, May 11. Two fatalities, at least five injuries, and extensive damage were reported, as well as landslides and flooding that led to road closures.

TC “Ambo” (Vongfong) to make landfall over the Philippines — the 2020 Pacific typhoon season’s first named storm
Tropical Depression “Ambo” — the first named storm of the 2020 Pacific typhoon season — has developed east of Mindanao, Philippines, on May 10, 2020. As of 02:00 UTC (10:00 LT) on May 12, the storm is almost stationary with maximum sustained winds of 56 km/h (34 mph) near the center and gusts up to 70 km/h (44 mph). It is forecast to strengthen into a tropical storm (international name Vongfong) over the next 24 hours and make landfall over Catanduanes, Bicol on May 14 with maximum sustained winds of 130 km/h (80 mph).

DOD And HHS Award $138 Million Contract To ApiJect Systems To Provide Prefilled COVID-19 Vaccine Syringes With RFID Microchip Tracking System
Back in March, the Department of Health and Human Services partnered with a company called ApiJect, what does ApiJect they make? They make pre-filled syringes for injecting people with vaccines, and then provide RFID microchip tracking after the shot is administered. You will see in the main graphic for this article an RFID syringe displayed on the screen of a mobile device. Today, May 12, the DoD and the HHS handed ApiJect a check for $138 million, with an order to deliver  hundreds of millions of these devices by October of 2020.

NTEB First Broke The Story About The Ultra-Creepy H.R. 6666 TRACE Bill Last Week And It’s A Whole Lot Worse Than We Originally Thought, Here’s Why
Last week NTEB first brought you the story about bill H.R. 6666 before Congress right now, a bill that is not only massively unconstitutional, it also has many aspects of the Mark Of The Beast system thinly disguised as COVID-19 protection. It packs a mind-numbing punch with $100 billion dollars in funding, and will create a gestapo state where the government decides who goes out, who stays home, and who is removed to an undisclosed facility for their own protection. Yes, H.R. 6666 is all this and more, much, much more.

“President Obama’s Hands are Dirty. They Are Beyond Dirty. He Has Judicial Blood On His Hands.”
Former US Attorney Joe diGenova was again on the Monday morning radio show – Mornings on the Mall and he dropped some shocking statements about former President Obama and his Administration.

US Begins To Implement WHO “Contact Tracing” To Forcibly Remove People From Their Homes?
This report is a follow-up to one where I cover how Michael Ryan of the WHO stated in a press briefing how the WHO (which is of course in the pocket of Bill Gates) now believes it is time to start removing people from their homes.

“Eat A Waffle, Go To Jail…” – Authoritarians Using COVID-19 Fear To Destroy America
It is hard not to be disgusted by government enforcers who would brutally drag an elderly man away from a restaurant for the “crime” of wanting to take his wife out for breakfast on Mother’s Day…