9 May 2020

Amid COVID-19, Pompeo to visit Israel and meet Netanyahu, Gantz
US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is expected to visit Israel on Wednesday, the Department of State officially announced on Friday. Secretary Pompeo will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White leader, Benny Gantz. The brief visit will take place on the same day in which Netanyahu and Gantz’s new government would be sworn-in.

Officials say Iran attempted hack of Israel’s water system
Iran is being linked to an attempted cyberattack last month that authorities believe was aimed at disrupting water supplies in at least two locations in Israel as that country was seeking to contain a covid-19 outbreak, according to foreign intelligence officials familiar with the matter. The incident, which occurred on April 24 and 25, was quickly detected and thwarted before it could cause damage.

No ‘V’-shape return from devastating U.S. job loss, Fed policymakers say
As many parts of the world’s biggest economy begin to reopen after weeks of stay-at-home orders…Americans should not expect a quick return to growth, U.S. Federal Reserve officials said on Friday. “A couple months ago I was optimistic, I was hopeful, that maybe we would have a ‘V’-shaped recovery – shut things down, clamp down on the virus, and then have a quick recovery,” Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari said…

Egypt’s el-Sisi expands powers, citing coronavirus pandemic
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has approved amendments to the country’s state of emergency that grant him and security agencies additional powers, which the government says are needed to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. The changes on Saturday were condemned by a prominent rights group, which said Cairo has used the public health crisis to “expand, not reform, Egypt’s abusive Emergency Law”.

New White House Press Sec Issues Dire Warning to Americans About the FBI
“If the top leadership of the FBI can target a three-star general who served this country for three decades, make no mistake, they can target you,” she said. “In the words of renowned political philosopher Baron de Montesquieu, ‘There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.’

Trump’s Leadership During COVID Strengthening His Standing with Evangelicals
President Donald Trump’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be strengthening his standing among Christians, which is not surprising given how he has placed faith front and center during the crisis and has been a strong voice for religious liberty. White evangelicals, in particular, have been among Trump’s strongest supporters.

America Has Become A Powder Keg That Is Ready To Explode At Any Time
People are angry about the lockdowns, people are angry because others are not “properly” observing the social distancing rules, people are angry about losing their jobs, people are angry about the shortages in the stores, and more than anything else people are angry at our politicians. Even before COVID-19 came along, I was repeatedly warning my readers that anger was rising to a very dangerous level in this country, and now this pandemic has made things far worse.

Chinese experts urging 1,000 new nuclear weapons to counter ‘warmonger US’
China’s state-run Global Times newspaper said experts are urging the nation to ramp up its nuclear development to counter the U.S. Experts specifically urged China to increase nuclear warhead supply to 1,000, development of the H-20 stealth bomber, and the JL-3 submarine-launched ballistic missile to complete “a technologically advanced nuclear triad … to deter potential impulsive military action by U.S. warmongers.”

Obama official admitted under oath she lied about Trump-Russia collusion
But when she was put under oath — as the newly released transcript of her House Intelligence Committee interview shows — she admitted there was no basis for her bombshell claims, … in her testimony to the House panel June 26, 2017, Farkas effectively admitted she lied.

Jesse Watters calls Flynn case ‘an Obama scandal,’ predicts more revelations to come: ‘It’s about to get ugly’
Jesse Watters said on “The Five” Friday that the prosecution of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was an “Obama scandal” that went “all the way to the top” of the 44th president’s administration. “It’s not about FBI misbehavior. It’s about Obama. This is an Obama scandal,” Watters said. “This goes all the way to the top.”

Iran-linked hackers recently targeted coronavirus drugmaker Gilead
Hackers linked to Iran have targeted staff at US drugmaker Gilead Sciences Inc in recent weeks, according to publicly-available web archives reviewed by Reuters and three cybersecurity researchers, as the company races to deploy a treatment for the COVID-19 virus.

Acting US spy chief overhauls agency in defiance of congressional concerns
Defying congressional oversight concerns, US President Donald Trump’s acting director of national intelligence on Friday unveiled organizational changes to his agency. Richard Grenell, who is expected to be replaced in coming months by Trump’s full-time nominee, said the changes were the result of a lengthy review and would make more efficient use of funds and enhance intelligence support for the Pentagon.

A Naked-Eye Outburst from Comet SWAN
Fresh comets often behave this way–cracking, fracturing, and exposing veins of volatile material as they approach the sun for the first time. Comet SWAN is just such an object. It has a hyperbolic orbit, which suggests it has never been here before. Sunlight is touching its surface for the first time with unpredictable results.

The tools that prepare Israel for the future war
Israel’s next war is coming, and when it comes, Israel must land a knockout punch, using the latest technology and combining all its units, from the sea to land and air, in a coordinated assault that will defeat its enemies with maximum power but a minimum of harm to civilians.

How 250,000 Coronavirus Deaths Fit Right Into the Democrats’ Political Plan
It is far easier to criticize after the fact than to have the responsibility and be in the spotlight. This is even more true when the media bears an absurd bias, even animus, against the current administration. The media and many political leaders are involved in reverse engineering their position on COVID-19, declaring opposition to anything President Trump says without considering his position. The result is that there is no Democratic plan for how to handle the crisis, only a reaction that is anti-Trump in the extreme, whether they accurately defined his position or even f his position was grossly misrepresented.

Rabbis Accuse Netanyahu of a “Mass Microchip Plot”: Selling Out Israel to the Globalist Agenda
Benjamin Netanyahu set off quite a storm on Monday night following a press conference when he updated the nation regarding the latest loosening measures of the Health Ministry’s regulations. That’s because during his speech, he alluded to the idea of installing distance sensors onto children that like a car, beep when they get to close to people.

Iran’s Capital Hit By Major Earthquake; Widespread Panic Reported
A 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit Iran shortly after midnight on Thursday night with its epicenter 34 miles east of the capital city Tehran. AFP reported that panicked residents rushed into the streets, abandoning buildings in fear they would collapse. Two people were killed and 55 injured in the earthquake. The earthquake was followed by eight more mild aftershocks. Many people remained outdoors in fear of another quake.

Newly Revealed Transcript: FBI Agent In Wiretapping Trump’s Campaign Said All Israelis “Should Be Executed”
A recently declassified transcript of conversations between an undercover FBI agent deployed against the disgraced former Trump campaign staffer George Papadopoulos recorded two weeks after the 2016 election revealed that grossly racist comments by the agent targeting, Russians (Russian Jews in particular), Chinese, and Koreans. But his most virulent hatred was reserved for Israelis, who he said were all “f***ing spies” who should be executed.

Benjamin Netanyahu Shockingly Suggests Microchipping Children Who Return To School After The COVID-19 Lockdown In Israel Is Lifted
I believe that Benjamin Netanyahu is a good man, and certainly God’s man to be leading Israel in these end times, but I want to draw your attention to a really wacky thing he said these week about lifting the COVID-19 lockdown in Israel. He said that all children returning to school should receive a microchip to serve as a coronavirus warning system. That’s crazy, but he said it, and there it is. Now let me tell you the really scary thing you need to know about that.

4.5K Inmates, Including Convicted Pedophiles, Freed from Illinois Prisons
Prisons in Illinois have released 450 inmates, including convicted child sex offenders, every week, according to state records.

Trump Administration Considers Policy To Abolish ‘Transgender’ Identity
The Trump administration is now considering defining gender unchangeable, the biological fact that is assigned at birth, removing transgender identity.

On Joe Rogan Podcast Elon Musk Says His Neuralink Startup Ready To Begin Testing Implantable Brain Chips In Humans In Under 12 Months
Elon Musk looks disarmingly nonthreatening in his AI-themed nerd shirt, sitting down on the Joe Rogan podcast to talk about, among other things, his disturbingly-named baby X Æ A-12, and yes that is his actual name. The ‘X’ stands for an unknown variable, and the ’12’ stands for a plane that Musk has created called the ‘Archangel 12’. How legit end times insane is everything I just told you? And the crazy part is all that has nothing to do with the actual story. The actual story is how Elon Musk is less than 12 months away from human testing of his Neuralink implantable brain chip device.

City That Honored Stormy Daniels Promotes ‘Mother’s Day Online Drag Show’
The City of West Hollywood, California, which emerged as an early epicenter of the novel outbreak in Los Angeles County, has welcomed the public to take part in a Mother’s Day online drag show to reportedly “honor all mothers across the city and around the world.”

The coming epidemic of shortages
As of April 25, 2020, more than 30 million Americans were receiving unemployment payments. Around 10 million more who had been self-employed were suddenly unable to earn an income yet found they could not file claims because of antiquated state systems. The federal CARE Act was passed by Congress to support all those now unable to work because of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the self-employed. Tens of billions of dollars were transferred to state governments for unemployment programs.

A Portal Between The Simulated Digital World Of Your Devices And Your Actual Everyday Reality Is Close To Completion In COVID-19 ‘New Normal’ World
Think about your smart phones, tablets, pads, laptops…whatever you call it, the whole world is connected on digital devices that run apps for every function imaginable. Ever look up the word ‘devices’ in your King James Bible? It appears 16 times, and every time without fail it is connected to evil, wickedness, with the majority of those 16 references speaking directly about Antichrist in the time of Jacob’s trouble. Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Coronavirus: Seven million Afghan children risk hunger
More than seven million children in Afghanistan are at risk of hunger as food prices soar due to the coronavirus pandemic, a report warns.

Report Finds Netflix Pushes Explicit Content To Minors
In new research, nonprofit grassroots advocacy group Parents Television Council (PTC) revealed that top streaming service Netflix has for years been marketing explicit content to minors.

End the LOCKDOWNS; launch the TAKEDOWNS
We are in the fight for our lives. “We” as in the human race. There is no real plan to reopen the economy because the people in charge don’t plan for most human beings to survive much longer. The coronavirus “vaccine” will be a kill switch, a genocide weapon against humanity that’s designed to depopulate the planet. That’s why they don’t need years of testing. It’s not designed to prevent or cure anything; it’s designed to kill.

Beware Of Plans To “Build Back Better”
Central planners the world over believe they can better shape the world around them according to their wishes.  This fatal conceit compels them to intervene in destructive ways…