5 May 2020

North Korea Fires Shots At South Korea In DMZ
North Korea has fired shots at a South Korean guard post in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Sunday morning, causing South Korean forces to relay a warning and return fire, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Emmanuel Macron Leads Coronavirus Global Response Summit In Europe As They Raise $8 Billion In One Day Under Watchful Eye Of United Nations
French President Emmanuel Macron led the EU Coronavirus Global Response today with the United Nations and Melinda Gates by his side. I bet you feel safer already, don’t you? The global forces of the New World Order on a roll right now, raising $8 billion dollars in about 2 hours, as the Coronavirus Global Response Summit held earlier today in Europe via video chat concluded. As predicted, French president Emmanuel Macron was front and center of the action, moving the assembled nations along down the list of United Nations talking points.

PM warns of possible 4th elections if High Court intervenes in coalition deal
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said that the High Court of Justice should not interfere with his efforts to form a government between his Likud party and Blue and White, and warned that if it did so it would increase the chances of a fourth election.

US military warns Taliban ‘there will be responses’ if violence continues
The U.S. military called on the Taliban to abide by the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement, amid a surge in violent Taliban attacks in the country, or else face “responses.”

The Pseudo-Science Behind The Mysterious Assault On Hydroxychloroquine
HCQ-based treatments are effective in treating COVID-19, unless started too late.
Studies, cited in opposition, have been misinterpreted, invalid, or worse.
HCQ and AZ are some of the most tested and safest prescription drugs.
The COVID-19 Treatment Panel of NIH evaded disclosure of the massive financial links of its members to Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of a competing drug remdesivir. Among those who failed to disclose such links are 2 out of 3 of its co-chairs.

Boris Johnson to stand firm on China over coronavirus – ‘Questions need to be answered!’
The Downing Street official made the Prime Minister’s views known following a growing international outcry about whether China’s government had disclosed the full facts about the early spread of the disease. And a leaked report from within the regime yesterday suggested Beijing’s rulers are concerned the row could lead to a major confrontation. Tensions between China and the US have increased after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there is “a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory in Wuhan”,

Ten times more people may be immune to coronavirus in Germany than predicted
Scientists from the University of Bonn on Monday claimed their findings show that 1.8m people across Germany have already been infected with the virus. That is more than ten times as many as have tested positive so far, and would mean more than 1.6m may have been infected and recovered without knowing it.

Author of ‘2.2 million dead’ study bankrolled by Big Pharma
The man behind the dire coronavirus death forecast that prompted the strict lockdowns in the United States and the United Kingdom has a history of conflicts of interest, including ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Ferguson led the team at the Imperial College of London that published a report March 16 forecasting 2.2 million deaths in the United States and 500,000 in Britain from the coronavirus.

Limbaugh makes stunning prediction about Democratic presidential ticket
Will Joe Biden even be on the Democratic presidential ticket by Election Day? The answer is no, according to radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. “Biden is somebody that’s not gonna be on the ticket anyway. Something’s gonna happen,” Limbaugh said on his national broadcast Monday. “They can’t possibly go into the race with the guy on the ticket. … At the highest levels of the Democrat National Committee, they know that Joe Biden has got to go. Nonstarter.”

Republicans demand interviews with FBI’s Priestap, Pientka after bombshell Michael Flynn revelations
Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Mike Johnson, R-La., on Monday demanded that FBI Director Christopher Wray provide a slew of information after last week’s bombshell revelations in the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn — and the lawmakers are specifically seeking to question a mysterious FBI agent, Joe Pientka, who participated in the January 2017 White House interview that led to Flynn’s prosecution.

Internal Chinese report warns Beijing faces Tiananmen-like global backlash over virus
An internal Chinese report warns that Beijing faces a rising wave of hostility in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak that could tip relations with the United States into confrontation, people familiar with the paper told Reuters. The report, presented early last month by the Ministry of State Security to top Beijing leaders including President Xi Jinping, concluded that global anti-China sentiment is at its highest since the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, the sources said.

Britain and US launch talks for ‘ambitious’ free trade deal
Liz Truss, the International Trade Secretary, and Robert Lighthizer, the US trade representative, will open the talks with a video conference call. The first round of negotiations will then continue for around two weeks, with around 100 negotiators on each side taking part. Further rounds will take place approximately every six weeks with talks being conducted remotely until it is safe to travel again.

NYC Mayor won’t delete controversial tweet on Jewish community
de Blasio said that he is not planning to delete the controversial tweet related to the Jewish community which he posted last week, arguing that doing so would turn the saga into “a new story”.

Is the media engaging in psychological warfare against America?
Is the media responsible in its reporting, helping its audience to act wisely during a pandemic? Or is the media using fear tactics to get more viewers, listeners, and readers? And if the latter is true, does this amount to sustained psychological warfare?

Alleged Israeli airstrikes target research center in Aleppo
Alleged Israeli airstrikes targeted a research center and a military base in Syria on Monday night where Iranian militias are based, the fifth such strike in two weeks, according to Syrian media. Further airstrikes by unidentified aircraft on Iranian militias were reported near the Syria-Iraq border shortly after.

Western Wall reopens: Worshipers’ temperatures checked, details recorded
The Western Wall plaza reopened to worshipers on Tuesday as coronavirus regulations were lifted. Worshipers will need to have their temperature checked and their personal details recorded before entering and are asked to maintain two meters distance from others and wear masks. The plaza will be split into a number of prayer complexes that will follow Health Ministry regulations. 300 worshipers will be allowed in the plaza at a time while wearing masks.

USC, Emory Creating Coronavirus Surveillance System Similar to China’s Social Credit Scoring
China launched its notorious social credit system last year to watch over its own citizens and mete out punishment based on personal behavior and loyalty to the Communist Party. Now three prominent U.S. universities are using taxpayer money to create a similar type of surveillance network designed to monitor Americans and assign them scores based on their exposure to the Wuhan coronavirus.

Third Russian Doctor Mysteriously Falls From Hospital Window Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
A doctor…is in serious condition after falling from a hospital window following complaints that he was forced to work even after testing positive for COVID-19, the third such case in the country in recent days. Colleagues…and representatives of the regional coronavirus task force said over the weekend that…Shulepov fell out of a second-floor window at the hospital where he worked and was being treated for the coronavirus…

New Zealand PM: No open borders for ‘a long time’
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the country will not have open borders with the rest of the world for “a long time to come”. Ms Ardern was speaking after attending part of Australia’s cabinet meeting via video link. The meeting discussed a possible “trans-Tasman bubble”, where people could go between Australia and New Zealand freely, and without quarantine.

Sudan appoints first ambassador to the US in more than 20 years
Sudan has appointed its first ambassador to the United States, the first such envoy in more than 20 years. Authorities in both countries had agreed to improve ties following the fall of longtime President Omar al-Bashir, who was overthrown by the military in April last year in the wake of mass protests seeking civilian rule.

China set to unveil new nuclear stealth bomber that could reach Los Angeles
Rumours that a new long-range stealth bomber, the Xian H-20, would soon be joining China ’s air force have been swirling in defence circles since the early 2010s. And now, observers say the Xian H-20 could make its first public appearance at this year’s Zhuhai Airshow in November, as long as the Covid-19 pandemic remains contained.

Beef Prices Explode To Record Highs As More Stores Limit Meat Purchases
Fresh meat purchases are temporarily limited to a total of 3 items per member among the beef, pork and poultry products.

Apple and Google promise to shut down their coronavirus trackers when the pandemic ends… but does anyone believe them?
On Friday, Apple and Google pledged that they will turn off their coronavirus tracker after the pandemic is sufficiently contained. The statement was part of an announcement of changes that the tech giants are making to their ambitious automatic contact-tracing proposal.

Mel Gibson:’The Only Reason Liberals Hate Trump Is They Hate God’
Mel Gibson is a devout Christian who has made great changes in his life. Once a reckless alchoholic who lived for fame and fortune through action-packed, violent Hollywood movies, he has now given it all up and turned to God.

Bill and Hillary Clinton want to recruit an “army of contact tracers” to hunt down and interrogate people with coronavirus
The Clintons are back in the news to give their take on the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), of course. And what they want to see happen in order to open back up the country is, you guessed it: more government tyranny.

Major floods submerge 22 000 homes in West Java, Indonesia
Major flooding affecting West Java, Indonesia since April 30, 2020, submerged 21 888 houses — affecting up to 81 088 residents — in five sub-districts of Bandung District, according to the West Java Disaster Mitigation (BPBD).

More than 75 000 evacuate after dam failure leads to severe flooding in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
More than 75 000 people evacuated their homes in the border areas of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan following a reservoir dam failure, which resulted in widespread flooding on May 1, 2020.

Teacher magazine sorry for letter which questioned LGBT instruction in class
The official magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers formally apologized to its readers for publishing a letter in which a teacher asked about LGBT lessons and students’ (and teachers’) personal beliefs.

Eric Holder: Coronavirus ‘Opportunity’ to Change America’s Voting System
Former President Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder admitted he saw coronavirus as “an opportunity” to permanently change the way Americans voted.

Iran calls off Quds Day anti-Israel rallies due to coronavirus
Iran has called off demonstrations and rallies in the country to mark International Quds Day due to the coronavirus crisis. The day, marked by demonstrations against Israel and expressing support for Palestinians, is held on the last Friday of Ramadan, which this year is May 22.

Democrats Using Taxpayer-Funded Anti-Terrorist Military Software to Attack Trump
Democrats are using taxpayer-funded military software, designed to combat terrorists, in a new effort to target President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Doctors say Chinese ventilators sent to British hospitals would harm patients
Doctors in the UK have shared their fears over 250 ventilators purchased from China and called for their ‘withdrawal and replacement’. Medical experts from the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust warned that the Shangrila 510 model, made by Chinese firm Beijing Aeonmed Co. Ltd., caused ‘significant patient harm including death’ if used in a hospital environment.

Emmanuel Macron Leads Coronavirus Global Response Summit In Europe As They Raise $8 Billion In One Day Under Watchful Eye Of United Nations
The global forces of the New World Order on a roll right now, raising $8 billion dollars in about 2 hours, as the Coronavirus Global Response Summit held earlier today in Europe via video chat concluded. As predicted, French president Emmanuel Macron was front and center of the action, moving the assembled nations along down the list of United Nations talking points.