27 Apr 2020

Coronavirus global updates, April 26: US economy faces historic shock, unemployment rate higher than 16%
US economy faces historic shock, unemployment rate higher than 16% The shuttering of the U.S. economy due to the coronavirus pandemic is a shock of historic proportions that likely will push the national unemployment rate to 16% or higher this month and require more stimulus to ensure a strong rebound, a White House economic adviser said on Sunday,

Massachusetts gun shop vows to remain open despite cease-and-desist order amid coronavirus closures
Claiming he only answers to God and President Donald Trump, a gun store owner in Middleborough is refusing to comply with Gov. Charlie Baker’s order to close amid the coronavirus outbreak. John Costa, owner of The Gunrunner, said the store will remain open and that state will have to “drag” him out of his location on Wareham Street if they want to close it. I have two leaders, God and Trump. No one else.”

Whistleblowing ER Docs Urge “Open Up Society Now” Because “Lockdowns Are Weakening Our Immune Systems”
Watching the news in China in January, they knew the virus was on its way. They ordered many COVID-19 tests because they knew they would need them. They tested many thousands of people, and discovered for themselves what epidemiologists around the world are saying: COVID-19 came here earlier than previously believed, is more ubiquitous, and ultimately for the general population less deadly than we thought. While this realization is gradually dawning on people around the world, they went public with their findings, which are not generated out of a predictive model but rather the actual facts of the case.

U.N. promotes abortion and ‘gender identity’ as human rights
The alert comes from Emilie Kao, director of the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society at the Heritage Foundation, and Shea Garrison, vice president for international affairs for Concerned Women for America. In a column at the Daily Signal, they explained that Ahmed Shaheed, the U.N. expert responsible for protecting religious freedom, is pushing a “progressive” agenda that includes abortion and the rights of sexual-identity groups.

Pro-Temple Mount Levite May Become Next Top Cop in Israel
The reshuffling currently taking place in the Israeli government may result in the serendipitous appointment of a new police commissioner who, in addition to his impressive background, was literally born to protect the Holy Land.

Sanhedrin to Reenact Hezekiah’s ‘Second Passover’ Sacrifice on Mount of Olives
Currently, no Jews are permitted to enter the Temple Mount even though the Waqf (Muslim authority) is holding public prayers in contravention of Health Ministry regulations. But the Sanhedrin did not despair and the Torah makes provisions for just such a difficulty with the institution of Pesach Sheni, the day on which Jews who were unable to bring the Passover offering on the 14th of Nisan would bring their Passover lamb one month later.

Italy Hails Conference Recognizing Judea-Samaria as Part of Israel
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte penned a letter to the European Coalition for Israel to mark the anniversary of the San Remo Conference, which ended on Sunday 100 years ago reports Israel Hayom. Conte wrote that the conference effectively sealed the Balfour Declaration of 1917 as part of international law saying. “One of the seeds of the olive tree which was to become the symbol of the modern State of Israel was planted in San Remo,” he states.

7 killed in 2nd alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria in a week
At least four Iranian militants and three civilians were killed and another four people were wounded, including a child, after Syrian air defense systems were activated in response to an alleged Israeli airstrike targeting the Damascus area from Lebanese airspace early Monday morning, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The attack marks the second airstrike in Syria blamed on Israel in the past week.

A-G: I will give view on whether Bibi can form gov’t after parties respond
Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit…told the High Court of Justice that he should only have to give his view on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can form the next government…after the parties involved respond. Last Thursday, the High Court ordered Mandelblit to give his opinion on the disputed issues by Tuesday, including the implications for Netanyahu of the bribery indictment pending against him.

Coronavirus Means the Era of Big Government Is…Back
History shows that big national shocks have a way of changing the role of government in lasting ways—and any shock as big as the coronavirus pandemic inevitably will alter political life and philosophies in America. The crisis has been not just a public-health emergency requiring a sweeping response, but also the cause of the most searing economic pain since the Great Depression…

The Next Chapter of the Oil Crisis: The Industry Shuts Down
Negative oil prices, ships dawdling at sea with unwanted cargoes, and traders getting creative about where to stash oil. The next chapter in the oil crisis is now inevitable: great swathes of the petroleum industry are about to start shutting down. The economic impact of the coronavirus has ripped through the oil industry in dramatic phases. First it destroyed demand as lockdowns shut factories and kept drivers at home.

Coronavirus: Chile to introduce controversial ‘virus-free’ certificates
Chile’s government has said it will go ahead with a controversial plan to issue certificates to people who have recovered from Covid-19. The documents would be given to people to allow them to return to work, Deputy Health Minister Paula Daza said. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said there is “no evidence” that people who contract coronavirus are immune from being infected again.

Saudi Arabia ends executions for crimes committed by minors, says commission
Saudi Arabia will no longer impose the death penalty on people who committed crimes while still minors, the country’s Human Rights Commission says. The announcement, citing a royal decree by King Salman, comes two days after the country said it would ban flogging. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – which Riyadh has signed – says capital punishment should not be used for offences carried out by minors.

Yemen war: Separatists declare autonomous rule in south
Separatists in southern Yemen have declared self-rule, breaking a peace deal signed in November with the internationally recognised government. The Aden-based Southern Transitional Council (STC) declared a state of emergency, saying it would govern the port city and other southern provinces. The STC is supported by the United Arab Emirates.

More US states begin lifting virus lockdown orders
More US states are beginning to lift lockdown orders even as US leaders say social distancing guidelines will be necessary throughout the summer. But governors warn that life will not quickly return to normal, and that restrictions will remain in some places to keep the virus from resurging. On Friday, the US saw its largest single-day spike in cases.

Exports of Russian wheat dry up, stoking food security concerns
For the first time in a decade, the world risks being cut off from Russian wheat at a time when some key buyers are rushing to import it. The top shipper last month limited sales through June to protect its own supply as the coronavirus crisis sparks food-security concerns around the world. Although the curbs were seen loose enough to ensure normal trade flows for this time of year, Russia has already burned through the entire quota.

Anti-Semitic fliers left at homes and on cars in southwestern Montana city
Two fliers described by local media as anti-Semitic were placed in front of homes and on cars in Livingston, Montana.

Doctor says coronavirus similar to flu and reopen US
Two doctors, who have administered more than 5,000 coronavirus tests, say that coronavirus is similar to the seasonal flu, the quarantine is not helping with building coronavirus immunity, and they are confident that reopening is safe.

ONE-E forms as the earliest East Pacific tropical depression on record
A tropical depression — designated ONE-E –formed far off the coast of Baja California, East Pacific Ocean on Saturday, April 25, 2020, as the earliest East Pacific Ocean tropical depression on record. The season officially runs from May 15 to November 30. The system is moving northwest and is expected to become a remnant low today and dissipate by early Tuesday, April 28.

Will CERN Open a Dimension Portal and Release a Darkness Upon the Face of the Earth?
Is CERN and the Large Hadron Collider the Key to opening the Biblical Seventh Seal? Many believe it is, and also Believe CERN will not only open the Seventh Seal, but they will release demons locked away inside the earth to rule again over humanity.

Pennsylvania Takes Hundreds of ‘Probable’ COVID Deaths Off Books After Coroners Come Forward
Pennsylvania has removed hundreds of COVID-19 deaths from the official death count after coroners pointed out the state’s health department numbers did not match their own.

Emmanuel Macron And Bill Gates Held First New World Order Virtual Meeting To Mobilize All G7 And G20 Nations In COVID-19 Global Response Team
We have been showing you their every move since the COVID-19 global crisis began, and today we bring you this blockbuster story that is simply astonishing when you consider the speed at which all this is coming together. Last week we showed you how French president Emmanuel Macron has been positioning himself for months now to lead the New World Order that is being created during the global lockdown, and the other day in Europe he chaired the very first meeting of this nascent grouping of nations. By his side, virtually of course, was eugenicist Bill Gates who is waiting in the wings with his syringe and digital ID for ‘every person on earth’. It has officially begun.

New Jersey Public School Teacher Caught on Camera Telling Students She Hopes They Die From Coronavirus For Playing Outside
A math teacher at Steinert High School in New Jersey was caught on camera telling students who were playing football in the park that they should “die a long, painful death” from the coronavirus.

John Podesta and George Soros Connected to Consortium Behind Russia Collusion Sham Now Pushing Democrat Coronavirus Investigation
Creepy John Podesta and George Soros are connected to a consortium behind the creators of the Steele dossier and the Senate report on Russia collusion – both totally bogus reports.  Now they’re working on the upcoming investigation into the President’s actions with the coronavirus.

KY Democrat Gov. Stops Bill That Would Save Babies Surviving Abortion
Kentucky Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear vetoed a bill that would have required abortionists to provide life-saving medical care to a baby who survived a botched abortion.

Death toll of Ramadan 2020 – Updated daily
I have followed and report Ramadan Bombathon for 7 years. It has always amazed me to see that no mainstream media ever dared to report the killing that happens during this spiritual and holy month, when Muslims around the world are supposed to pray and meditate. I am not expecting that it will change. But I am curious to see what the effect of the China Communist Party virus will have on this year of “meditation.”

Putting America In the Rearview Mirror! When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease
No reasonable person is saying the the virus is a hoax. However, and as has been pointed out, the numbers are greatly exaggerated in ways that have been identified in previous articles. The most notable fake science comes from the fact that “flu-like symptons” are being added to the CV-19 numbers in order to exacerbate the threat and to prolong the threat for as long as possible.