18 Apr 2020

Strong earthquake, 6.9 mag was detected near Chichi-shima in Japan
A earthquake magnitude 6.9 (ml/mb) strikes 150 km W of Chichi-shima, Japan (93 miles) on Saturday. A tsunami warning has been issued near Chichi-shima in Japan (Does not indicate if a tsunami actually did or will exist). The temblor was picked up at 17:25:39 / 5:25 pm (local time epicenter). The earthquake occurred at a depth of 485 km (301 miles) below the earth’s surface.

10 Signs Revealing that the Messiah’s Arrival is Imminent
More than 1500 years ago, rabbis discussed many signs that would precede the coming of the Messiah and the inauguration of the messianic era. Here are ten of the messianic prophecies that Ben Yaakov understands are being fulfilled in our day.

China changes Wuhan coronavirus death toll to 50% higher than previously released
The new coronavirus numbers appear to confirm suspicions that the Chinese government has underreported its coronavirus figures. Xinhua News Agency reported the new numbers are the result of an in-depth review and that the previous undercount stems from people who were isolated at home…

Calif. Pastors Refuse To Go Quietly, Unite To Get 1st Amendment Restored During COVID Panic
The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees, among other things, citizens’ rights to freely assemble and practice their religion. Does the Constitution still apply during a health crisis? From the behavior of state and local officials across the nation, it appears they think not… “Our client, a pastor, was fined $1,000 for preaching on Palm Sunday,” Trammell wrote. “(And the church practiced social distancing during the service.)” “The Founding Fathers would not recognize our country.” under First Amendment protections, the government cannot restrict the “free exercise” of one’s religion.

Doctor Who Discovered HIV Confident COVID-19 Was Created in a Lab
According to research performed by Montagnier, a Nobel Prize winner, and his mathematician partner Jean-Claude Perez, SARS-CoV-2 contains sequences of the human immunodeficiency virus — HIV. The medical legend took his claims a step further and asserted his confidence that the virus was pieced together in a Wuhan, China, biolab.

Israeli Professor Shows Virus Follows Fixed Pattern
Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel of Tel Aviv University, who also serves on the research and development advisory board for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, plotted the rates of new coronavirus infections of the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Spain. The numbers told a shocking story: irrespective of whether the country quarantined like Israel, or went about business as usual like Sweden, coronavirus peaked and subsided in the exact same way. In the exact, same, way. His graphs show that all countries experienced seemingly identical coronavirus infection patterns, with the number of infected peaking in the sixth week and rapidly subsiding by the eighth week.

Welcome To The Farm: NY Legalizes Commercial Surrogacy
On April 9, right in the middle of New York’s epic battle against COVID-19, the state legislature passed, and Governor Cuomo signed, a bill that legalizes commercial surrogacy. As of February 15, 2021, residents of New York will be able to enter into legally enforceable surrogacy contracts. From the beginning to the end, this debate was never driven by any serious consideration of what’s good for women and children, but by “heartstrings rhetoric, celebrity endorsement,” and especially, gay-rights advocates. … final proposal lacked adequate and necessary safeguards against the exploitation and commodification of women’s bodies, or the commercialization of children.

Tom Cotton, Dan Crenshaw Introduce Bill to Allow Americans to Sue China for Coronavirus Damages
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) introduced a bill on Thursday that would allow Americans to sue China in federal court for “death, injury, and economic harm caused by the Wuhan Virus.” Their decision to cover up the virus led to thousands of needless deaths and untold economic harm. It’s only appropriate that we hold the Chinese government accountable for the damage it has caused,” he added.

GOP mocks ‘Nancy Antoinette’ after Pelosi shows off high-end freezer full of ice cream
Republicans are mocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “Nancy Antoinette” for appearing on a late-night TV show in front of her $20,000-plus refrigerator/freezer stocked with upscale ice cream while allowing an emergency fund for distressed small businesses to run out of money.

Wild pigs patrol Haifa as city remains under coronavirus lockdown
“They come here and turn over our garbage dumpsters … This is lack of protection. We actually feel defenseless.”
Wild boars, some as bulky as Rottweilers and traveling in family packs, have been trotting through Haifa in increasing numbers. Their once-nocturnal visitations now take place throughout the day, as they root through refuse, spook domestic pets and even block roads.

Serious Concerns Rise After Announcement of Secret Chinese Nuclear Tests
The U.S. State Department announced that China conducted a clandestine low-yield underground nuclear test.
The test would be in contravention of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) concluded in 1996 which included a mechanism for on-site inspections of suspect sites. The CTBT was signed by China and the U.S. Neither country ratified the treaty but China announced its intention to adhere to CTBT terms.

IDF: Security fence with Lebanon was damaged in three locations
The Israeli army on Friday identified three separate locations where damage was done to the border fence between Israel and Lebanon, but said that there had been no infiltration into Israel territory. “Following earlier reports of fence indications along the Blue Line, IDF inspections revealed damage to the fence at three locations. Maintenance crews are currently amending the damage,” the military said in a statement.

Coronavirus: Japan doctors warn of health system ‘break down’ as cases surge
Doctors in Japan have warned that the country’s medical system could collapse amid a wave of new coronavirus cases. Emergency rooms have been unable to treat some patients with serious health conditions due to the extra burden caused by the virus, officials say. One ambulance carrying a patient with coronavirus symptoms was turned away by 80 hospitals before he could be seen.

Coronavirus: EU and Australian tracing apps ‘ready in weeks’
Coronavirus contact-tracing apps will be rolled out in Europe and Australia in the next two to four weeks, officials say. Germany’s health minister Jens Spahn said his country’s app would be ready to download in three to four weeks. Meanwhile, Australia and Denmark plan to push out apps within two weeks. Australian prime minister Scott Morrison said using the app would be voluntary to begin with – but he did not rule out making it compulsory.

Iranian army acquires combat capable drones with 930-mile range: Defense minister
The Iranian armed forces have acquired three bomb-carrying drones with a range of 1,500 kilometers (932 miles), Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on state television on Saturday. The drones could monitor “enemy movements from a considerable distance” and were capable of combat missions, he said at the delivery ceremony in Tehran broadcast on TV.

U.S. coronavirus death toll passes 35,000, cases top 700,000 – Reuters tally
U.S. coronavirus deaths topped 35,400 on Friday, rising by more than 2,000 for the fourth day in a row, according to a Reuters tally, as some states announced timetables for lifting restrictions aimed at blunting the pandemic.

​Physical Gold and Silver to Continue to Soar on Massive Demand and Money Printing Everywhere
This is what we are seeing thanks to the persistent scarcity of Gold and Silver

Arctic ozone depletion hit record low in March
….”This year’s low Arctic ozone happens about once per decade,” said Paul Newman, chief scientist for Earth Sciences at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “For the overall health of the ozone layer, this is concerning since Arctic ozone levels are typically high during March and April.”

Coronavirus is a dream come true for Bill Gates, who lives to vaccinate
In case you haven’t noticed, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire “philanthropist” Bill Gates is champing at the bit to implement his long-awaited mandatory vaccination agenda. And what better catalyst for making it happen than the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis?

Government tyranny is FAR more dangerous than covid-19… we must not slide into socialism or communism as we attempt to survive the coronavirus
..there’s another danger in our world that has mass murdered over a quarter of a billion people in the 20th century alone. That force of destruction and death is government tyranny.

Facebook “fact checker” EXPOSED as communist liar who worked at Wuhan biolab where coronavirus may have escaped
A “doctor” who was hired on by Facebook to “fact check” content about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) has been outed as a disinformation shill who used to work at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in communist China.

Oil Stored At Sea Hits A Record 160 Million Barrels, Doubling In Two Weeks
“This is an unprecedented time in the history of tankers.”

Microsoft Not Only Funds ID2020 But They Also Filed A Patent For A Device Connected To The Human Body For Buying And Selling Cryptocurrency
Bill Gates may have legally separated himself from Microsoft, but since both entities are engaged in exactly the same mission, a separation of purpose certainly has not taken place. While Bill Gates has been pounding the pavement, telling people that a global vaccine for everyone on earth will take place within 18 months, his old company Microsoft has created a device that interacts with the pulse, temperature and brain waves of the human body in order to engage in the buying and selling of cryptocurrency. Now let’s see, where else have I seen that talked about before?

COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says “Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab”
“…it is up to the Chinese government to take responsibility…in order to insert an HIV sequence into this genome, molecular tools are needed, and that can only be done in a laboratory.”

US Running out of Frozen Pizzas Amid Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic has seen its impact hit nearly every area imaginable across the world. Perhaps the largest industry to see its demand climb as high as ever are grocery stores. From mega-corporation supermarkets to local grocery shops, stores are struggling to keep many items in stock. First, it was the toilet paper craze that settled over in the early going of the outbreak. Then it was the cleaning supplies from sanitizing wipes to hand soap. A new hard-to-find item now happens to be frozen pizza. Stores across the states are finding it hard to keep the easy-to-cook products in stock.