10 Apr 2020

AG Barr says China in ‘full-court blitzkrieg’ to undermine US elections and institutions
U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr warned of a range of threats from China including propaganda efforts surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and efforts to interfere in U.S. elections. In an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Barr described Chinese efforts as a ‘full-court blitzkrieg’ across multiple fronts, which he said includes meddling in US elections, exercising control over key supply chains and promoting disinformation about the coronavirus.

Iran defies EU, declaring continued nuclear uranium enrichment
The national security and foreign policy committee for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s parliament declared that Tehran will move forward with its uranium enrichment process, triggering sharp criticism from the US State Department on Thursday.

Historic First: Israel’s top Rabbis Call on Netanyahu to Allow Temple Service to Begin on Temple Mount
In light of the growing demand by the Israeli public, several major Israeli rabbis ruled on the subject and for the first time ruled that it was now permissible to begin the Passover Temple service. As a result of that ruling, the rabbis sent a letter to the Prime Minister requesting that he allow the korban Pesach to take place. The Sanhedrin emphasized that the plan to bring the altar to the Temple Mount was entirely consistent with President Trump’s recently released Deal of the Century which recognized Israel’s full sovereignty over the site.

Christchurch residents report earthquake
Residents in Christchurch, New Zealand, have woken to a rattle, with a 4.3 magnitude earthquake shaking thousands across the region. The moderate tremble, which took place at 7:49am on Thursday, was reported by 9000 people to earthquake monitors GeoNet.

Bernie Sanders Spokeswoman Says Dem Leadership Could Be ‘Planning To Replace’ Biden
Briahna Joy Gray, the now-former national press secretary for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, suggested on social media that Democrats might replace former Vice President Joe Biden as their nominee. is Joe Biden ready to lead this country? Could he find his car in a three-tiered parking garage? Could he navigate a salad bar?

Trump Says OPEC+ Nears Deal, Announcement Possible ‘Today Or Tomorrow’
US President Donald Trump said that OPEC and many countries outside of it are nearing a deal to stabilize global oil markets that may be announced very soon. “They are getting close to a deal. That’s OPEC and many other countries outside of OPEC. They will probably announce something either today or tomorrow,” Trump said at a White House briefing Thursday. “One way or the other. Could be good, could be not so good.”

2 Russian spy planes intercepted by US fighter jets near Alaska
North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) F-22 fighter jets intercepted two Russian reconnaissance planes near Alaska on Wednesday night The official NORAD Twitter account confirmed the intercept in a Thursday tweet. KC-135 Stratotankers and E-3 AWACS aircraft assisted in the effort of tracking down and diverting the Russian aircraft, identified as IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft.

‘A Longing to Connect with God’: Bible Sales on the Rise as More People Turn to God’s Word for Comfort, Guidance
Christian publishers are reporting sales of the Holy Bible have escalated as more people are searching for hope and encouragement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federal Appeals Court Allows Texas’ Pandemic Abortion Ban
A federal appeals court has tossed aside a lower court decision that sought to block Texas from enforcing a temporary ban on most abortions amid restrictions imposed during the health care crisis brought on by the coronavirus. The New Orleans-based Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that pending the outcomes of further legal proceedings against the ban, Texas could prohibit all abortions with exceptions made for the life or health of a mother.

On Good Friday, Jerusalem archbishop urges prayers against coronavirus
On…Good Friday in Jerusalem, the Vatican’s apostolic administrator in the Holy Land called for prayer for people suffering and dying from the coronavirus. “We are celebrating Good Friday, the commemoration of the death of Jesus, under very difficult circumstances,” Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa said outside Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, revered as the site of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection.

Major Meat Processors Shutting Down Plants As Employees Get Sick With COVID-19
Across the country, major meat processors are starting to shut down plants as employees are getting infected by coronavirus. Tyson, one of the world’s largest meat processors, suspended operations at its Columbus Junction, Iowa, pork plant this week after more than two dozen workers contracted Covid-19 there.

US job losses surge as world leaders urge Easter distancing
A staggering 16.8 million Americans lost their jobs in just three weeks, a measure of how fast the coronavirus has brought world economies to their knees. Meanwhile, religious leaders worldwide Thursday urged people to celebrate Good Friday and Easter from the safety of their homes.

Recovery law allows Fed to rope off public as it spends billions
Tucked into the recent recovery bill was a provision granting the Federal Reserve the right to set up a $450 billion bailout plan without following key provisions of the federal open meetings law, including announcing its meetings or keeping most records about them, according to a POLITICO review of the legislation.

Yemen: World Food Programme to cut aid by half in Houthi-controlled areas
The World Food Programme is set to halve aid to parts of Yemen’s Houthi-controlled areas due to a funding crisis. The UN says some donors have stopped their aid over concerns that deliveries were being obstructed by Houthi forces. From mid-April, families will get aid every other month, instead of monthly.

Hamas arrests Gaza activists after Zoom call with Israelis
Hamas-run security forces have arrested several peace activists in the Gaza Strip on treason charges after they took part in a web conference with Israeli activists, officials said Thursday. The Hamas-run Interior Ministry said the activists are accused of “holding a normalization activity with the Israeli occupation.”

Syria condemns ‘misleading’ chemical arms watchdog report
The Syrian government has condemned a report by the global chemical weapons watchdog blaming President Bashar al-Assad’s forces for a series of toxic gas attacks in 2017, even as the European Union welcomed the findings and said it was willing to mull expanding sanctions against Damascus.

San Francisco City Officials Don’t Want People Buying Guns During Pandemic
“The resolution shows how incredibly out of touch the San Francisco Board of Supervisors remain in a city that has been grossly mismanaged for decades.”

Tropical Cyclone ‘”Harold” aftermath: Widespread destruction across Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga
Tropical Cyclone “Harold” lashed Tonga on Thursday, April 9, 2020, after leaving major destruction across the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Fiji. Harold is the first Category 5 severe tropical cyclone to form in the South Pacific basin since 2018 and so far the strongest storm of the 2019/20 South Pacific cyclone season. The storm demolished almost all tourist resorts in Tonga with winds of up to 260 km/h (162 mph).

Strong explosive eruption at Sheveluch volcano, ash to 10 km (33 000 feet) a.s.l., Russia
A strong explosive eruption took place at Sheveluch volcano, Kamchatka, Russia at 19:10 UTC on April 8, 2020.

Giant Asian hornets that can ‘kill with a single sting’ to invade virus-stricken US – The US Sun
GIANT Asian hornets that have begun to invade the coronavirus-stricken U.S. may cost the economy millions of dollars a year.

You Win and the Devil Loses. Make That Your Story!
There’s an instinct that every Christian should develop. What instinct is that? The ability to discern a demonic assault that has attacked your life so that you can instinctively fight back!

Thousands of migrants expelled from U.S. amid coronavirus crackdown
Thousands of migrants have been sent away as the U.S. takes steps at the border to protect the homeland amid the coronavirus health crisis.

Joel Osteen Offering An Hollywood Star-Studded Easter Entertainment Extravaganza With Tyler Perry, Mariah Carey And Kanye West At Lakewood
Things have degraded to such a point in the end times Laodicean Church age that Jesus warned about in the last days, that many of the mega-church leaders have stopped trying to pretend they stand on the bible and preach the gospel, and are making to move to flat-out entertainment. Such is the case with head clown Joel Osteen and his upcoming Hollywood spectacular Easter ‘church’ service. Let’s take a look at the ‘guest list’, shall we?

MN Doctor Claims Proof Coronavirus Deaths Inflated: “Well, fear is a great way to control people”
Minnesota Senator and Doctor Scott Jensen was interviewed by Fox News host Laura Ingraham telling her that the number of coronavirus deaths is inaccurate and inflated. He says he received a seven-page document from the Minnesota Department of Health on how doctors should go about filling out a cause of death certificate. The document takes you to the CDC website that tells you how to include coronavirus as a diagnosis for someone who was never tested for coronavirus.

COVID-19 public alert system and immunity I.D. band could save lives
Lifekey has introduced a new technology that could help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your community and help people get back to work and travel post-quarantine.

Louisiana Pastor: ‘True Christians Do Not Mind Dying’ Of Coronavirus If Infected At Church
Rev. Tony Spell, who already faces charges for ignoring his state’s ban on public gatherings, bused people in for Palm Sunday services.

COSMIC END GAME: Coronavirus vaccines, depopulation and the demonic war to claim your soul for Satan
As we’ve been covering the coronavirus pandemic, I still haven’t been able to communicate the full magnitude of what has been unleashed upon the world and what it means to you, dear reader.

Sailor From Virus-Stricken Carrier Found Unresponsive As Over 400 Crew Infected
At this point nearly 10% of the crew infected with COVID-19, which is expected to climb.