5 Apr 2020

Charlie Daniels: Politicians the worst coronavirus ‘scammers, gougers, hoarders’
“Nobody personifies the worst in America more than Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff who are, even now in the middle of a situation that threatens America’s health and economy and it affects every man, woman and child in the nation, are making plans to hold a hearing on President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. “The words I would need to express the contempt I have for them are not in my vocabulary,” he said.

All Trails Lead Back To The Wuhan Bio-Lab
It is understandable that many would be wary of the notion that the origin of the coronavirus could be discovered by some documentary filmmaker who used to live in China. Matthew Tye, who creates YouTube videos, contends he has identified the source of the coronavirus — and a great deal of the information that he presents, obtained from public records posted on the Internet, checks out.

Florida Brush Fire Destroys at Least 100 Cars at Airport
Smoke could be seen up to 20 miles away. Florida had record heat and low rainfall in March. Every county in the state is at either moderate or high risk for fires. A brush fire burned at least 100 cars at an airport in southwest Florida Friday, spewing plumes of black smoke that could be seen up to 20 miles away. Officials said the cause of the fire wasn’t known, but the blaze was likely fueled by dry conditions and record heat.

Meteorologists closely monitoring massive Atlantic Ocean storm churning off East Coast
A massive storm is churning and has stalled over the western Atlantic Ocean, just offshore of the East Coast — and it may acquire some tropical characteristics as it blasts New England with wind, cold air, rain and even wet snow late this week. The overall structure of the storm is complex. Even though the system is producing cold rain and even occasional wet snow on its periphery, its core has warm characteristics, like that of a tropical storm.

Drenching thunderstorms, downpours hammer Texas
A developing weather pattern will not only unleash severe weather across Texas, but it will also threaten repeated downpours and flooding problems into the second week of April. Even though the torrential rainfall will cause hazards, it could put a substantial dent in the drought conditions gripping parts of the Lone Star State.

Trump: FEMA ordered 180 million masks to fight coronavirus
US President Donald Trump addressed the American people on Saturday evening and said “we are using the Defense Production Act” for FEMA to order 180 million masks to fight the coronavirus, and stressed that if “people won’t give us what we need for our people, we’ll do what we have to do.” Trump repeated the figure, saying “who ever heard of such a number?” He also stressed now is not the time to “play politics” and claimed it is the duty of the various states to report on how many ventilators they actually have as “some states have more than they need.”

Haredi neighborhoods in Jerusalem have higher infection rate than Bnei Brak
Interior Minister Arye Deri said…that some ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem have a higher coronavirus infection rate than Bnei Brak, the city with the highest rate in the country. Speaking in the Knesset Committee for Coronavirus…also expounded on efforts to deal with the epidemic in Bnei Brak itself, in particular the challenge of keeping the elderly population of the city isolated.

Trump threatens tariffs on oil imports to ‘protect’ U.S. energy workers
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he would impose tariffs on crude imports if he has to “protect” U.S. energy workers from the oil price crash… “If I have to do tariffs on oil coming from outside or if I have to do something to protect our…tens of thousands of energy workers and our great companies that produce all these jobs, I’ll do whatever I have to do,” Trump told reporters…

Petition calling for resignation of WHO Director-General nears 720k signatures
An online petition calling for the resignation of World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has gained traction lately, garnering over 718,000 signatures, claiming that the United Nations health official and the organizational efforts towards the coronavirus outbreak were unacceptable.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order
The surreal atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic…there is a sense of inchoate danger, aimed not at any particular person, but striking randomly and with devastation. But there is an important difference…American endurance then was fortified by an ultimate national purpose. Now, in a divided country, efficient and farsighted government is necessary to overcome obstacles unprecedented in magnitude and global scope.

Saudi Arabia delays May crude prices until after OPEC+ meeting: Saudi source
Saudi Aramco (2222.SE) will delay the release of its crude official selling prices (OSP) for May until April 10 to wait for the outcome of a meeting between OPEC and its allies regarding possible output cuts, a senior Saudi source familiar with the matter said on Sunday. “It is an unprecedented measure that has not been taken by Aramco before. May OSPs will depend on how the OPEC+ meeting concludes…”

4.3 magnitude earthquake rocks southern Israel
A 4.3 magnitude earthquake struck the southernmost city of Eilat on Sunday morning, according to The Geophysical Institute of Israel. The Geophysical Institute said the earthquake’s epicenter was some 100 km (62 miles) south of the city, in the Gulf of Eilat along the Syrian-African rift system, known as the Great Rift Valley.

Coronavirus: People in 30s and 40s ‘increasingly becoming severe victims of Covid-19’
More and more young people are becoming critically ill after contracting coronavirus, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned. Some of these victims have no underlying health conditions and have needed intensive care…Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s coronavirus technical lead, said: “We are seeing more and more younger individuals who are experiencing severe disease.

Houthis launch ballistic missile attack against Yemen’s Saada
The Houthi militia fired a ballistic missile in a densely populated area in Yemen’s Saada on Sunday, state news agency SPA reported. The Arab coalition spokesperson Col. Turki Al-Maliki said the missile was launched from Sanaa and fell in Al-Safra district in Saada province. He added that the Iranian-backed Houthi militia continues to violate international humanitarian law by launching strikes against civilian areas.

The US Military Is Preparing For “Worst-Case Contagion Scenarios” (But It’s A Secret)
The U.S. military is “preparing for worst-case scenarios with respect to the potential spread” of the COVID-19 virus… But just what those scenarios are is a military secret. At a time when the president…hold daily press conferences where worst-case scenarios…are…discussed, the Pentagon is moving to tighten what information it shares about COVID-19’s impact on the military.

Saudi Arabia sharply rebukes Russia over oil price collapse
Saudi Arabia sharply criticized Russia on Saturday over what it described as Moscow blaming the kingdom for the collapse in global energy prices, showing the tensions ahead of an emergency meeting of OPEC and other oil producers. Oil prices sharply fell after the so-called OPEC+ group of countries including Russia failed to agree to production cuts in early March.

How China’s Fake-News-Machine Is Rewriting The History Of COVID-19, Even As The Pandemic Unfolds
Chinese Foreign Ministry’s retweet blaming the US for infecting Wuhan went viral, viewed 160 million times within hours. But where did the story come from?

Trump Warns ‘One Of The Toughest Weeks’ Is Ahead, Says To Brace For ‘A Lot Of Death
In a grim assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump on Saturday predicted that the coming week would be “one of the toughest weeks” of the outbreak. At the same time, the president expressed frustration with the toll social distancing measures are taking on the economy, saying “we cannot let this continue.”

Destructive frost hits SE Europe, one of the coldest April mornings in a decade
The northern Balkans experienced one of their coldest April mornings in a decade on Thursday, April 2, 2020, as destructive frost hit many parts of SE Europe during the time of blossoming trees. Many vineyards and fruit plantations across southeastern Europe experienced almost 100% damage.

Vatican Watchers Stunned As Pope Francis Drops Title ‘Vicar Of Christ’ Assumes Power As Jorge Mario Bergoglio In ‘His Own Name’ Fulfilling John 5:43 Prophecy Of Antichrist
Roman Catholics from deep within the Vatican are sounding the alarm bells today because Pope Francis is once again doing wacky, end times stuff. Today’s story comes from an article on the Catholic site Life Site News from a statement they received from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Viganò is quite alarmed that Pope Francis has dropped the title ‘Vicar of Christ’ in the annual Vatican Yearbook, and instead has listed himself in ‘his own name’ of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Life Site News and Viganò are rightly alarmed by this breach of long-standing Vatican protocol, but if they knew anything about bible prophecy, they’d really be quaking in their boots. What Pope Francis did is a prophecy of Antichrist!

While U.S. deals with Wuhan virus pandemic, China tries to take advantage of distraction by expanding in South China Sea
The Chinese government may not be able to walk and chew gun at the same time, but the United States president certainly can and Beijing is about to discover that.

A Frantic Bill Gates Spending Billions In All-Out Blitzkrieg To Be First To Create Coronavirus Vaccine And Digital ID, Funding 7 Factories At Once
If you had a dream of controlling the global population through abortion and vaccinations, as Bill Gates has oft repeated is his dream, how much money do you think it would take to fulfill that dream? Think about it, how much cold, hard cash would it take to force every, single person on planet earth to receive a vaccination and a digital ID to go with it? 10 billion, 30 billion, one hundred billion? The final figure doesn’t matter because Bill Gates is about to see his lifelong dream come true. Right now. 7 factories at the same time? Man, but that number 7 is everywhere right now.

Yes, they WANT you to STARVE: Walmart blocks customers from buying garden seeds, claiming seeds aren’t “essential” supplies
By now, you might be coming around to the truth about the global depopulation agenda we’ve been trying to warn about for years. If you want the full details of this agenda and who’s behind it, watch all my free videos at OblivionAgenda.com.

George Soros Groups Pushing Democrat Scheme for Mail-In Voting
Progressive organizations, many backed by billionaire activist George Soros, are at the front lines of a campaign advocating for a “vote by mail” system in the upcoming presidential election, citing fears that the Chinese coronavirus pandemic makes it too dangerous to vote in person.

Looting Wave Strikes New York City Amid Coronavirus Lockdown
“Thousands of stores in New York have boarded up their doors and windows to avoid possible looting.”