Coronavirus :: By Steve Ashburn

I learned all about upper respiratory viruses in medical school, and they rarely are fatal, nor have I ever seen a patient actually die from one. Influenza is different, more serious; but even so, entire nations were not shut down because of it.

Most likely the doctors and scientists paraded by the MSM, who are giving dread accounts of the “epidemic,” were chosen to do that. Any medical professional can tell you that coronavirus is not that serious.

It seems to be an excuse to crash worldwide markets, and when the crash is over–scheduled by the end of May–the virus problem will magically “disappear.”

I note that Columbia is scheduled to be “locked down” from March 24-April 13, and New Zealand is preparing to enter a month-long nationwide lockdown from March 25 for a month. So the whole operation is globally coordinated, and likely has nothing to do with actual medical conditions (which by definition are of unknown duration/severity), but simply is designed to cover a market crash.

In addition, several states have “locked down” their citizens, with expiration dates noted: California: eight weeks from March 19; New York: “on PAUSE,” implying a brief hold; Illinois: until at least April 7; Ohio: until April 6; Indiana: until at least April 7. Again, these expiration dates cannot be based on medical conditions, but on a planned market crash.

After the crash, by Memorial Day, things should get back to normal, although markets may drag along the bottom for 10 years.

I note that “lockdowns” are advisory in nature and will not be enforced. Again, their whole purpose is to cover a crash in the markets. The last thing they want is a civil war.

In light of all this, it seems the most prudent thing to do is short the markets aggressively, taking advantage of this historic opportunity.

Our job in these trying times is to be normal, responsible citizens, well aware of the government’s dissimulation, not to panic, and actively be part of a society based on law and civil conduct.

I note in passing that the United States has 95% of the world’s lawyers and 95% of the world’s lawsuits, and there may be a large number of lawsuits filed against the federal government, several states and other conspirators when this “epidemic” is over and people realize that it was all a hoax.

Prophetically, I believe we are entering into a great period of financial depression—described in Psalm 82—where a few people with the vast majority of the world’s money, described as “gods,” repress their fellow citizens without mercy. This precedes the Psalm 83 nuclear war in the Middle East, in my opinion.

I have put all this into what I believe to be proper biblical perspective in my book, “End Times Dawning: Are You Ready?” available at Please read it!

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Steve Ashburn