16 Mar 2020

Rabbi Warns Vatican: Return Temple Vessels or Corona-Virus in Rome Worsens
As the COVID-19 crisis worsens worldwide, the Nation of Israel requests that the Vatican immediately return to Jerusalem the Temple vessels that have been stored in Rome for nearly 2000 years. Rabbi Sudri pointed out that the coronavirus began in China and very quickly took hold of Italy in a counter-intuitive manner. “In Daniel’s vision, he spoke of the feet of the idol which is Rome” Rabbi Sudri explained, noting that the distinctive boot shape of Italy hints at this …

Corona Is Slowing Down, Humanity Will Survive, Says Biophysicist Michael Levitt
Nobel laureate Michael Levitt, an American-British-Israeli biophysicist who teaches structural biology at Stanford University and spends much of his time in Tel Aviv, unexpectedly became a household name in China, offering the public reassurance during the peak of the country’s coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Levitt did not discover a treatment or a cure, just did what he does best: crunched the numbers. The statistics led him to the conclusion that, contrary to the grim forecasts being branded about, the spread of the virus will come to a halt.

Ilhan Omar Announces New Marriage, Months After Affair Claim
Ilhan Omar … has announced her remarriage, just four months after her marriage fell apart afterg an allegation she was having an affair with her political consultant. Omar posted the news of her new marriage Wednesday night on Instagram, with a photo that showed her and a bearded man smiling and displaying wedding rings.

Record number of Minnesotans have permits to carry guns in public
A record 301,268 Minnesota civilians have permits to carry a firearm in public, a number that has nearly doubled over the past six years. Minnesota sheriffs issued 51,404 new five-year permits in 2019, with residents from Hennepin, Anoka and Dakota counties applying in the highest numbers.

Dutch researches reportedly discover antibody against coronavirus
A world premiere from Erasmus MC and Utrecht University: they found an antibody against COVID-19. The scientific publication of the group of ten scientists is ready for assessment by the leading journal Nature.

Ahead of Debate Showdown, Biden Embraces the Bernie Wing
Joe Biden on Sunday embraced two major proposals from his progressive primary competitors, signaling a swing to the left to consolidate the party in advance of the evening’s primary debate. Biden’s announcement appears to be a calculated effort to consolidate the party’s holdout left wing, ending a divisive primary campaign …

Coronavirus vaccine trial to start Monday in Seattle
A clinical trial evaluating a vaccine designed to protect against the new coronavirus will begin Monday, a government official told The Associated Press on Sunday. The first participant in the trial will receive the experimental vaccine on Monday, the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the trial has not been publicly announced yet.

Donald Trump, the Jewish case on why he makes a good president
I know that many American Jews are not the biggest fans of President Donald Trump. But I also know that when it comes to Jewish issues, no candidate is better. President Donald Trump is the most emphatically pro-Israel U.S. president since the Jewish state’s founding in 1948.

Trump Declares Sunday ‘National Day of Prayer’: Jews Worldwide Join In
Pastor Franklin, Senior Pastor of the Free Chapel, confirmed the announcement in a tweet saying “This Sunday, we will not be meeting at our physical locations, but we WILL have church together online! Join us at 9 and 11AM for a special online experience with worship and I’ll be sharing a message live.

Intense storms hits northwestern India, causing severe crop damage and claiming lives of at least 28 people
Very heavy rains accompanied by lightning and destructive hailstorms hit northwestern India, particularly Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, this week, causing severe crop damage and claiming the lives of at least 28 people. Meteorologists said the storms were triggered by a western disturbance — extratropical cyclonic storm originating in the Mediterranean Sea. The storms are following one of the coldest winter seasons on record. Delhi has already recorded its wettest March on record.

Italy reports more than 3,000 new coronavirus cases in one day
Italy on Sunday reported its biggest one-day increase in coronavirus cases and deaths since the outbreak began.

African nations close borders, cancel flights to contain coronavirus spread
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national state of disaster and warned the outbreak could have a “potentially lasting” impact on the continent’s most-developed economy, which is already in recession.

US moves nearer to shutdown amid coronavirus pandemic
Officials across the the US curtailed many elements of American life to fight the coronavirus outbreak on Sunday, with health officials recommending that groups of 50 or more don’t get together and a government expert saying a 14-day national shutdown may be needed.

Ex-Obama Official: Too Late to Stop 1 Million American Deaths
..Andrew Slavitt, Barack Obama’s former acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), is quoting experts who say more than one million Americans are already doomed because the “virus was not contained.”

Trump now considering domestic travel restrictions
Americans could face domestic travel restrictions as part of the nation’s effort to battle the coronavirus,  President Donald Trump said Saturday.

NTEB RADIO BIBLE STUDY: Is There A Spirit Behind The COVID-19 Coronavirus Global Panic That Is About To Bring In The New World Order?
As I sit here writing this article that will bring you tonight’s end times bible study, the headlines from around world are nearly unbelievable in what they are saying. The Times of Israel tells me that the Israeli government okays mass surveillance of Israelis’ phones to curb coronavirus, armed guards in Kentucky are enforcing quarantine at gunpoint, and in New York City, the mayor is calling on President Trump to institute Martial Law to fight COVID-19. In short, the world has gone crazy, and it’s only just getting started. Could all this have something to do with the prophesied New World Order we read about in scripture?

GET READY: Ten new predictions covering what will happen in America over the next 12 weeks due to the coronavirus
Two days ago, Alex Jones called me, “The Oracle” on his show and the name sort of stuck. It turns out that when you run good mathematical projection models, you really can sort of “see the future” to the astonishment of many. In truth, I’m just running the numbers and reporting what the math tells me. There’s really no voodoo involved.

Johns Hopkins and Gates Foundation Hosted Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation Last October
Just a few months before the Covid-19 outbreak, an exercise was held by world elites called Event 201, where they simulated a global pandemic of a coronavirus that transmitted from bats to humans. Taking place in October, the event was hosted by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Bloomberg School Of Public Health, World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The simulation analyzed the health impacts, as well as the economic, lifestyle, and trade fallout from the virus.

150,000 immigrants from 72 nations with coronavirus stopped at border
Some 150,000 illegal immigrants from 72 nations with cases of the coronavirus have been apprehended or deemed inadmissible from entering the United States since November, raising the ongoing border crisis to a potential public health threat, according to officials.