7 Mar 2020

Televangelist Jim Bakker Ordered By Attorney General To Stop Selling Fake Cure For Coronavirus
Whatever televangelist Jim Bakker is selling, the New York Attorney General ain’t buying. Lisa Landau, Chief of the Health Care Bureau, gave The Jim Bakker Show 10 days to comply with a cease-and-desist letter that tells him to stop touting an alleged cure for the coronavirus. The letter was sent Thursday to Bakker’s office and cited a Feb. 12 episode of his show that claimed a Silver Solution sold on his website would be a preventative against the coronavirus.

Dr. Drew blasts media for looking to ‘fan the flames of panic’ with coronavirus coverage
TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky told Fox News he thinks the establishment media are intentionally inciting fear over the spread of the coronavirus from China. Dr. Drew told co-hosts Steve Doocy, Jedediah Bila and Pete Hegseth he thinks the establishment media are going to “great lengths” to stigmatize the virus and manipulate viewers into becoming fearful. “The media continues to take every effort to fan the flames of panic,” the practicing physician said.

Astronomers Detect Largest Explosion In The History Of The Universe Since The Big Bang Itself
Astronomers in Perth, Australia recently detected and observed the largest explosion ever found in the universe since the Big Bang, according to a study published in the Astrophysics Journal. “We’ve seen outbursts in the centers of galaxies before but this one is really, really massive,”

Surveillance Court Bans FBI and DOJ Officials Who Erred in Carter Page Wiretap Applications
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) on March 5 effectively barred FBI and Justice Department officials involved in the infamous application to surveil former Trump campaign associate Carter Page. The chief justice of the secret court, James Boasberg, ordered the ban in a 19-page opinion, the latest in a series of developments triggered by the release of the condemning report by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), which examined the four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications the FBI used to spy on Page.

‘Squad’ votes against ban on hiring terrorists for TSA!
They all have an affinity for far-left politics and practices. They also all have no plans to ban terrorists from working for the TSA. That would be the Transportation Security Administration, which is charged with airport security and making sure that there is not another 9/11,

List of 12,000 Nazis may reveal fate of stolen Jewish funds
The Simon Wiesenthal Center announced this week that it had gained access to a list of 12,000 Nazis who lived in Argentina in the 1930s who may have held accounts with stolen Jewish money.

ANALYSIS: Iran’s Corona Disaster
“This disease is a widespread disease. It has reached almost all our provinces and in one sense it’s a global disease,” Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani admitted … If we take a look at information coming from non-government sources inside and outside Iran we will understand Rouhani’s words were an understatement. First of all, Iranian lawmakers such as Abdul Karim Hosseinzadeh revealed that in the holy Shiite city of Qom and Rasht another Iranian city the situation is so bad that streets are full of dead bodies. “Corpses in Qom are piling up,”

Schumer Targeted by Gun Confiscation Law After Threatening SCOTUS Justices
A pro-Second Amendment group has filed an application for a temporary extreme risk protection order against Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer after the New York Democrat threatened two United States Supreme Court justices. In a letter to Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Erich Pratt, senior vice president of the pro-Second Amendment group Gun Owners of America, urged the pro-gun control governor to apply New York’s red flag law equitably. “If you are serious about the law that you signed, and if you believe that it should apply to the ruling class as well as those ruled, then will the nation soon see reports that you will be directing an appropriate official to seek a red flag order against Senator Schumer?” Pratt wrote.

More African Americans Exiting Democratic Party in ‘Blexit’ Movement
A recent poll found that 54 percent of African Americans believe the Democratic Party isn’t paying enough attention to their needs. It is an issue that is leading a growing number of blacks to rethink their choices at the ballot box.

At least a thousand IDF soldiers quarantined over coronavirus
Some 1,262 soldiers are currently in home quarantine over suspicions of having contracted COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit reported on Friday. Some 189 additional soldiers completed the mandatory 14 days of self-quarantine, returning to their original units.

Aurat March: Pakistani women face violent threats ahead of rally
Conservative groups in Pakistan are often heard to invoke a famous saying: the proper place of a woman is in her “chadar aur char diwari” – meaning veiled and within the four walls of her home. But this weekend, in the face of violent threats and legal petitions, women across Pakistan are preparing to demand their rights in direct defiance of that belief.

Saudi Arabia detains three senior members of royal family
Three senior members of Saudi Arabia’s royal family, including the king’s brother, have been arrested for unexplained reasons. Two of the men were among the kingdom’s most influential figures. The detentions are seen as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman tightening his grip on power.

Bethlehem deserted after Palestinians declare coronavirus emergency
The streets of Bethlehem were near-empty on Friday as Palestinian police wearing masks patrolled the traditional birthplace of Jesus, hit hard by a state of emergency declared over coronavirus. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced the 30-day measure across the occupied West Bank on Thursday after seven coronavirus cases were found in Bethlehem among hotel workers thought to have caught it from tourists.

Senior member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards killed in Syria
A senior member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Farhad Dabirian, was “martyred” in Syria on Friday, Fars news agency reported, withot giving details of how he died. The agency, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards, described Dabirian as a “defender of Sayida Zainab shrine,” the holy Shi’ite Muslim site south of Damascus, and as a former commander of the Guards in Palmyra, the ancient city in central Syria.

China’s coronavirus recovery is ‘all fake,’ whistleblowers and residents claim
China’s claims of how it’s handling coronavirus recovery should be taken with more than a few grains of salt. Even before COVID-19 became a global crisis, Chinese leaders had been criticized for their handling of the situation and lack of transparency about the disease’s progression. Things now look like they’re on the upswing, and businesses even appear to be headed back to work — but whistleblowers and local officials tell Caixan that’s just a carefully crafted ruse.

Coronavirus victims’ cremated bodies blamed on ominous black rain falling in Japan
City officials in the prefecture of Saitama in central Japan have promised to get to the bottom of a mysterious soot-coloured rain that coated the city of Hasuda and surrounds on Monday.

Abortions in England and Wales reach record levels | Christian News on Christian Today
The latest data from the ONS reveals that around a quarter of all pregnancies in England and Wales in 2018 were terminated.

Europe Leaves Christianity for ‘Paganism’
Martyr’s Free Church in Edinburgh is part of the rich history of Christianity in Scotland. Today it’s “Frankenstein,” a bar that describes itself as a family-friendly venue but also a place for stag parties, bar top dancers and monsters.

Coronavirus controls increase surveillance ‘danger’
The coronavirus outbreak has enabled authorities from China to Russia to increase surveillance and clamp down on free speech, with the risk that these measures will persist even after the situation eases, digital rights experts said.

Ex-tropical Cyclone “Esther” dumps a month’s worth of rain on Melbourne– city’s highest March rainfall since 1929, Australia
More than a month’s worth of rain brought by the remnants of Ex-tropical Cyclone “Esther” soaked Melbourne overnight March 5, 2020, resulting in widespread flooding and major damage to buildings. The city recorded 54.6 mm (2.1 inches) of rain in a 24-hour period, which is higher than the city’s usual total for the entire month of March. The amount was also the highest rainfall for the month since 1929.

The Takedown of Nation States and the Establishment of the New World Order Is Entering the Final Stages
…The current pandemic is an example of the phrase, “never let a crisis go to waste”. A pandemic will weaken nation states to the point that they can no longer function. This is due in part because a pandemic will destroy the economies of the world and the emerging liquidity crisis is proof of this thinking.

Corona baloney: it’s the money, honey
We all understand that governments can invent money out of thin air.  However, inventing a reason out of thin air to invent the money sometimes takes a little more ingenuity. Enter THE VIRUS.  The medical version of Satan.

U.S., Soros-Funded Ukrainian HIV Charity Under Criminal Probe for Embezzlement
Ukrainian authorities have launched a criminal investigation into an HIV nonprofit that receives huge sums of money from the U.S. government as well as leftwing billionaire George Soros.

Columbia Pictures Launching ‘Cinderella’ Remake With Dress Wearing LGBTQ Actor Billy Porter Who Will Play A ‘Genderless’ Fairy Godmother
Bit by bit, they are tearing down the fabric of society, erasing not only the distinctions of male and female, but the identity of our two genders as well. Why? Because God created us male and female, and Satan cannot implement his plan with those foundations in place. And since Leviathan, a type of the Devil in the Bible, is the king over the ‘children of pride‘, he is instructing his children to tear everything down to the ground, and the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement is doing just that. Meet gay, dress wearing actor Billy Porter.

Chaos at hospitals due to shortage of coronavirus tests
Federal officials said nearly 1 million tests were expected to be available by the end of this week. But in California, one of the country’s hardest-hit regions with 60 cases, the total testing capacity is limited to only 7,400 through the weekend, according to the California Department of Public Health.

Media Vilifies Preppers And Those Stocking Up As “Selfish Hoarders” As Potential Mass Quarantine Looms
Our first responsibility is always, without fail, to our own families… Don’t let the mainstream media try and tell you otherwise…