6 Mar 2020

In its first use inside the human body, CRISPR genome editing tested as blindness therapy
Scientists say they have used the gene editing tool CRISPR inside someone’s body for the first time, a new frontier for efforts to operate on DNA, the chemical code of life, to treat diseases.

Russia, Turkey agree ceasefire deal for Syria’s Idlib
Turkey and Russia agreed a ceasefire deal on Thursday in Syria’s Idlib region, their two leaders said after talks in Moscow to contain a conflict which has displaced nearly a million people in three months. Russian President Vladimir Putin, standing next to his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan, said he hoped their agreement would lead to a halt of military action in Syria’s last major rebel stronghold in the northwest of the country.

Pompeo: Iran must fully cooperate with IAEA
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday urged the international community to call on Iran to fully cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Pompeo’s statement followed IAEA’s IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi’s report from earlier this week in which he said that the Islamic Republic is not cooperating with IAEA inspectors overseeing its nuclear program.

328 Chinese nationals illegally crossing US border caught so far in 2020
Some 328 Chinese nationals have been apprehended while trying to illegally cross the border since January of this year — also the time period since the global coronavirus outbreak began. Border officials identified the 328 Chinese nationals among those apprehended and sent to wait on the Mexican side of the U.S. southern border so far this year. Officials told the Washington Examiner those efforts to apprehend Chinese nationals illegally crossing the border have been an extension of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) heightened awareness of the spread of coronavirus.

Trump says he’s pulling federal funding from ‘sanctuary cities’ after court ruling says he can
President Donald Trump announced Thursday morning that the federal government will proceed with withholding funds from “sanctuary” states and cities who do not cooperate with federal agencies pursuing illegal immigrants. “As per recent Federal Court ruling, the Federal Government will be withholding funds from Sanctuary Cities. They should change their status and go non-Sanctuary. Do not protect criminals!” Trump tweeted.

Trump Agrees to Provide Israel the Technology it Needs to Take Out Iran
If Israel indeed decides to take out Iran, the Trump administration has just made it much easier. That’s because the U.S. State Department approved an Israeli request to buy eight KC-46A Pegasus aerial tankers reports the Middle East Forum. This includes support equipment, spare parts, and training. The entire deal is valued at $2.4 billion. The first aircraft shipment is set to arrive in 2023.

In the Beginning Was the Word, and the Word Was with the Thing, and the Word Was the Thing
It’s tempting to write off resurrected Democratic front-runner Joe Biden’s latest howler as just another blooper. …remember that this isn’t just some guy auditioning to drive your kids on their school bus. He’s asking us for the launch codes that would let him, all on his own, launch a world-ending nuclear war.

Israel severely restricts entry from Europe due to virus
Israel on Wednesday imposed tough new travel restrictions on five European nations due to fears of coronavirus, barring entry to almost all non-residents of the Jewish state arriving from these affected countries. Israel had earlier in the day ordered all citizens and residents returning from the five countries — France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Switzerland — into 14-day home quarantine upon entering the country.

Turkey deploys 1,000 police at Greek border to stem push-back of migrants
Turkey is deploying 1,000 special police forces along its border with Greece…to halt the pushback of migrants towards its territory… Soylu’s comments come amid a war of words between Ankara and Athens following Turkey’s decision to no longer abide by a 2016 deal with the European Union to halt illegal migration flows to Europe in return for billions of euros in aid.

Flybe’s collapse could be ‘first of many’ airlines
The failure of Europe’s biggest regional airline Flybe could be the start of more casualties, analysts predict. On Thursday, a global airline industry body warned the financial hit from coronavirus could reach $113bn (£87bn) this year. The bleak prediction came on the same day UK-based Flybe went into administration.

Deadly clashes erupt in Syria’s Idlib hours into ceasefire deal
Deadly clashes erupted in southern Idlib on Friday, hours into a ceasefire deal between Russia and Turkey aimed at ending the fighting in the last rebel-held enclave in Syria. A war monitor and a rebel source said the fighting broke out in the Jabal al-Zawiya region between Syrian government forces and jihadist insurgents of the Turkistan Islamic Party. Fifteen people were killed, the Syrian Observatory said.

Ilhan Omar Tweets “Abortion Is A Constitutional Right”, Accuses Two Supremes Of Being “Sexual Predators”
“Two accused sexual predators should not be deciding whether or not women have access to healthcare in this country.”

Severe storms rip through northern Vietnam, leaving 5 people dead, over 350 homes destroyed and 6 800 damaged
Tornadoes, heavy rain, and thunderstorms struck northern Vietnam on March 3 and 4, 2020, resulting in at least 5 fatalities, more than 350 homes destroyed and 6 800 damaged, the National Committee for Disaster Response, Search and Rescue confirmed on Thursday, March 5.

NWS confirms catastrophic Nashville tornadoes as EF-4 and EF-3, Tennessee, U.S.
After a preliminary damage survey on March 4, 2020, the National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed that the twisters that caused destruction in Middle Tennessee on March 3, particularly in Nashville, were EF-3 and EF-4, with powerful winds up to 282 km/h (175 mph). As of March 5, there are 25 confirmed fatalities, more than 150 injured, and at least three still unaccounted for. At least 48 buildings were destroyed.

February 2020 sets a new UK record for February rainfall in a series stretching back to 1862
February 2020 is the wettest February for the United Kingdom since record-keeping started in 1862. The record comes after powerful storms Ciara, Dennis, and Jorge dumped 44% of the month’s rainfall, smashing the previous record set in 1990. Last month was also the 5th wettest of any calendar month, as well as the 5th wettest winter and 5th mildest.

Bloomberg Launching New Group To Support Democratic Nominee, Attack Trump
“We’re not done with you yet, Donald.”

California To Exempt LGBTQ+P For Pedophile Child Rapists From The Sex Offender Registry If They Are Not More That 10 Years Older Than Their Victim
Two more coronavirus cases are now confirmed in New York City. Importantly, the origin of these cases cannot be found, meaning it’s almost certainly a local, sustained outbreak in NYC. This means NYC infections are about to explode.

Coronavirus spreads to NYC, Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee and Nevada as epidemic sweeps across America
Two more coronavirus cases are now confirmed in New York City. Importantly, the origin of these cases cannot be found, meaning it’s almost certainly a local, sustained outbreak in NYC. This means NYC infections are about to explode.

New Tracking Software Called ‘Locate X’ Allows US Law Enforcement To Track And Locate Anyone At Any Time With No Need For A Warrant
Isn’t it odd, that as we speed our way through these end times we are living in, that so many of these companies that make Mark Of The Beast style tracking products are referencing the bible? Case in point is Babel Street, as in the Tower of Babel, whose new product ‘Locate X’, will help you find anyone, anywhere and at any time just by following the movement of what they do on the apps on their mobile device? And you thought the days of the Tower of Babel were over? Not a chance. The rebellion continues.

Iran Frees 54,000 Prisoners in Desperate Bid to Stop Coronavirus in Jails
Iran has ordered the temporary release of over 54,000 prisoners in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus in its jails.

WHO: Contaminated Cash May Help Spread Coronavirus
Dirty cash may fuel the spread of the novel Chinese coronavirus, which is currently more than three times deadlier than the seasonal flu, the World Health Organization (WHO), a United Nations agency, warned this week.

Studies Show Fracking Ban Would Wreak Havoc On US Economy
API argues that a fracking ban would lead to a cumulative loss in gross domestic product (GDP) of $7.1 trillion by 2030, including $1.2 trillion in 2022 alone…