1 Mar 2020

Palestinian Authority: You’re a “traitor” if you sell land to the Jews
District governor Abdallah Kmeil of Salfit, a settlement in the West Bank, has instructed Palestinian Authority security forces to “take the firmest steps” against anyone who is found selling or transferring land to Jews. PA laws prohibit Palestinians from selling Palestinian-owned lands to “any man or judicial body of Israeli citizenship”…

Thousands Rally in Moscow Against Putin’s Plans to Revamp Political Power in Russia
Thousands of people attended a rally in the Russian capital to commemorate a slain opposition leader in a rebuke to what they see as Vladimir Putin’s plans to stay in power once his final term as president expires. Saturday’s march was the biggest opposition gathering since Mr. Putin’s announced proposals to dilute the power of the president and boost the role of the State Council…that he already heads.

Nasa images show China pollution clear amid slowdown
Satellite images have shown a dramatic decline in pollution levels over China, which is “at least partly” due to an economic slowdown prompted by the coronavirus, US space agency Nasa says. Nasa maps show falling levels of nitrogen dioxide this year. It comes amid record declines in China’s factory activity as manufacturers stop work in a bid to contain coronavirus.

Turkey shoots down two Syrian government warplanes over Idlib
Turkey’s military has shot down two Syrian government warplanes over northwest Idlib, hours after forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Asad brought down a Turkish drone over the region. In a Twitter post on Sunday, Turkey’s defence ministry said its forces struck two SU-24 aircraft in response to the downing of the drone.

Coronavirus spreads to Ecuador and the Republic of Ireland, both from passengers who flew commercial airlines
 The coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has now spread to 60 nations around the world and is exploding by the day, having killed the first U.S. patient earlier today in the State of Washington.

The mystery sickness bringing death and dismay to eastern Ethiopia
At first, 23-year-old Khadar Abdi Abdullahi’s eyes began turning yellow. Then the palms of his hands did the same. Soon he was bleeding from his nose, and from his mouth, and his body was swelling all over. Eventually he collapsed with fever. He later died.

Wettest February on record comes to a close as Storm Jorge slams the UK
Storm Jorge took aim at the region at the end of the week, worsening the already dire flooding situation in the United Kingdom.

Turkey Launches Massive Kill Strike On 48 Russian Supported Pro-Syria Troops As Erdogan Brazenly Tells Putin To ‘Step Aside’ As Battle For Control Rages
One day after Putin in Russia ordered warships with cruise missiles to stand guard off the coast of Syria, Turkish president Erdogan unleashed drones and smart missiles to kill 48 of the Russian-supported pro-Syria troops. Not only that, but then Erdogan told Putin that he needed to step aside to allow Turkey to take control. If Putin says “nyet”, then what? Certainly Erdogan is already thinking in that direction, and is preparing a military response to either eventuality. Something tells me we just might already know Putin’s answer.

Vatican Officials Refuse To Say If Pope Francis Was Tested For Coronavirus As Ailing Pontiff Cancels Engagements For Third Day With ‘Mystery Illness’
Officials at the Vatican are playing coy today, refusing to answer the question of whether or not the ailing Pope Francis has contracted the coronavirus after coming in contact with sufferers in Italy over the past week. Instead, they point to the pope’s partially missing lung from decades old respiratory illness, and saying he just ‘has a cold’. But people who just have a cold do not begin cancelling appointments and appearances across the board as he is doing right now. Something tells me the Vatican is not being overly truthful about possible coronavirus infection.

Another Trump Campaign Promise Kept As United States And Taliban Sign Historic Peace Deal To Effectively End The 18-Year War In Afghanistan
When candidate Donald Trump was running for president back in 2015 and 2016, one of his promises was that he would seek to end the myriad wars the United States was mired fighting in the Middle East. Three years later and what do we see? We see ISIS decimated and all the land they once controlled wrested from their grip. We see an end the of participation of the United States in the civil war in Syria, and today we see a monumental step towards peace in Afghanistan with a treaty signed between the US and Taliban forces.

Measles, Masterminds & Millions Part 2
The media, HHS, WHO, and CDC are all up in arms over why people are concerned about vaccinating, and going so far as to proclaim “the measles outbreak is the anti-vaxxers fault, they are conspiracy theorists spreading misinformation, and this is dangerous!” The problem is, they only wish to portray selected statistics while being very deceptive and exaggerating the danger – which has played a major role in huge public distrust.

More than 45 000 displaced, 120 000 affected as flooding worsens in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia
Nine people have lost their lives while 45 861 others have been displaced as flooding continues to worsen in Indonesia’s GreaterJakarta, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) reports.  About 119 268 people have been affected by severe inundations in the region and neighboring provinces.

Coronavirus: White House Should Not Downplay Threat
The White House has been walking into a coronavirus trap. By pooh-poohing worries about the virus and saying everything is under control, it is setting itself up for the charge, if things get even a little bad, that it was self-deluding and overly complacent. It will be accused of making mission-accomplished statements before the mission truly began.

BREAKING VIDEO: US signs historic peace deal with Taliban
Per Fox News, the United States signed a historic peace treaty with Taliban militants on Saturday, aimed at ending the 18-year war in Afghanistan that began after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke cautiously in front of Taliban leaders in Doha, Qatar, calling the agreement a “true test” of their commitment to peace.