29 Feb 2020

Coronavirus – Are we overreacting?
The spread of what is now called the COVID-19 virus is still picking up steam across the globe. Medically speaking, one doctor says there’s no reason to panic. Economically speaking, however, might be another story. The Dow Jones has plunged more than 3,000 points in the last week or so with investors fearing a slowing global economy as the coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to rack up cases and slow commerce with several US trading partners. Dr. David Stevens, CEO emeritus of the Christian Medical Association, tells OneNewsNow the country has dealt with more virulent viruses. Stevens, David (CMDA)”It’s not nearly as bad as the other … viruses we’ve dealt with,” he says. “SARS and MERS had much higher mortality rates — SARS at ten percent and MERS at close to 30 percent.”

Chinese Navy destroyer shoots laser at US Navy plane, says US
A dangerous encounter occurred on Feb. 17 when a Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy destroyer targeted a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft with a high powered laser. The U.S. Pacific Fleet said the Chinese destroyer’s actions violated multiple accords, including Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES), the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the U.S. Department of Defense and the Chinese defense ministry regarding ships and aircraft encounters at sea.

CDC walks back coronavirus panic: ‘US risk remains low’ days after saying outbreak will happen & ‘could be bad’
In a conference call for media on Friday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) walked back earlier panic about a potential U.S. coronavirus outbreak, saying now that the U.S. risk remains low. “The immediate risk to the general American public remains low,” Messonnier said during the conference call. “Our strategies have been largely successful. As a result, we have very few cases in the United States.”

K.T. McFarland: Mueller wanted me to ‘implicate’ Trump
She recently claimed that FBI agents deployed by Mueller’s team had set her up for a “perjury trap.” special counsel Robert Mueller wanted her to “implicate” President Trump.

Coronavirus patient’s dog tests positive for COVID-19
The pet dog of a coronavirus patient in Hong Kong tested “weak” positive for COVID-19 and has been put in quarantine, a government spokesman said Friday.

It’s not identity politics, it’s anti-white politics
Whatever is gripping and convulsing the country, it’s not identity politics. Blacks are not being incited against Hispanics. Hispanics are not being turned on Asians, and Ameri-Indians aren’t being urged to attack the groups just mentioned. Rather, they’re all piling on honky. That’s anti-white politics or animus.

ICE subpoenas sheriff who let convicted sex offender go free
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently subpoenaed a sheriff’s office in the suburbs of Portland for information about two Mexican citizens wanted for deportation, the latest conflict between federal officials and local government agencies over sanctuary policies. ICE served the subpoenas on the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Hillsboro, The Associated Press reported.

Russia Says Putin, Erdogan Discussed Deadly Strike: Syria Update
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke by phone Friday after an attack on Turkish troops in Syria killed at least 33 soldiers and wounded dozens of others. Russia denied involvement, but Turkey’s top defense official said Moscow, which backs the Syrian regime, knew the whereabouts of Turkish troops and that attacks on Turkish soldiers continued even after a warning was issued in northwestern Syria’s Idlib province.

Taliban negotiators in Qatar to sign deal with US to end Afghan war
Saturday is a “monumental day for Afghanistan,” the United States Embassy in Kabul said…hours before the signing of a pact with Taliban Islamist militants that could bring an end to an 18-year war… With preparations underway for the signing in Qatar’s capital of Doha, the embassy officials added, “It is about making peace and crafting a common brighter future. We stand with Afghanistan.”

US says Chinese ship fired laser at American aircraft
A Chinese Navy ship fired a laser at a U.S. surveillance aircraft flying over the Philippine Sea west of Guam, the Navy said Thursday, acknowledging the incident more than a week after it happened. The Navy said the People’s Republic of China naval destroyer lased the American P-8A Poseidon aircraft in an act the U.S. deemed unsafe and a violation of international codes and agreements.

Viral Video of Girl Cheerfully Getting Abortion at Planned Parenthood Draws Horror
A widely viewed TikTok video that has drawn horrified responses shows a girl laughing and apparently having fun as she reveals her pregnancy and heads to Planned Parenthood for what appears to be her second abortion attempt. The video shows the girl exposing her somewhat swollen abdomen and laughing in the car, apparently on her way to Planned Parenthood to have an abortion.

Syria war: Turkey lets refugees exit towards Europe
Groups of refugees and migrants are heading towards the EU after Turkey said it would not abide by a deal to stop them reaching Europe. Turkey’s communications chief said the country had not received enough support in hosting millions of Syrian refugees. Its decision followed a deadly attack on Turkish troops by Syrian government forces in northern Syria.

U.S. says it will keep engaging Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan on Blue Nile dam
The United States will continue to work with Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan until they sign an accord on a giant Blue Nile hydropower dam, after failing to secure signatures from the three countries this week… The three countries had expected to sign an agreement in Washington this week…but Ethiopia skipped the meeting and only Egypt has initialed the deal thus far.

Muslim Call to Prayer Comes to Paterson, NJ
If you live in Paterson New Jersey and like to sleep past dawn, you might want to invest in some earplugs. The Islamic call to prayer will soon be broadcast all over the city, barring legal appeal.

Widespread flooding persists in Ireland and UK, another strong storm to hit western Europe this weekend
Widespread flooding due to prolonged heavy rain continues to impact parts of the UK and Ireland, leading to evacuations and prompting the Met Office to issue warnings and alerts on Friday, February 28, 2020. The conditions are expected to worsen as another storm is set to arrive on Saturday, February 29, bringing strong winds and heavy rain to western Europe over the weekend.

Crops ravaged by a massive sandstorm, heavy impact on all crops grown in the open ground, Canary Islands
Crops in the Canary Islands were ravaged by a massive sandstorm affecting the archipelago from February 22 through 24, 2020. Agrarian leaders are expecting the damages to be long-term as not only the current harvest was lost, but the next ones are also at risk.

TikTok Video Of Drag Queen Tynomi Banks Performing Sexually-Charged Dance For 6-Year Old As Deranged Adults Clapped Their Approval
You can see the look on this little girl’s face as she is being defiled by this disgusting display of a drag queen in hot pants dancing in a sexually-suggestive manner, she is by turns baffled and horrified. And to make matters worse, she was placed in this chair and in this position by her parents, and forced to be a part of it. Let’s draw the battle lines in the sand right now, shall we? If you are a parent who approves of this and subjects your child to it, then you are guilty of child abuse. Wake up, Church, the wolf is inside and devouring.

Coronavirus update for Feb 28: Mexico confirms infection, stocks puke, U.S. labs to finally begin testing Americans next week after 3-week CDC delay
Updated for Feb. 28th: As we publicly predicted would happen four weeks ago, the coronavirus is exploding around the world. Today, the number of new infections outside China exceeds the number of infections reported inside China.

Archbishop Jan Lenga: Pope Francis is ‘Usurper and Heretic,’ ‘Leading the World Astray’
Catholic Archbishop Jan Lenga,  the former head of the Diocese of Karaganda, Khazakhstan and now retired in Poland, was ordered to stop delivering sermons and speaking with the media because of his frequent statements that Pope Francis is a “heretic” spreading “untruths and sins” and “leading the world astray.”

Flashback: CDC Workers Were “Crying in the Hallways” When Trump Was Elected President
Are concerns expressed by Rush Limbaugh and others that workers in the federal bureaucracy may try to politicize the response to the coronavirus as a weapon against President Trump’s reelection that far fetched? Workers in many federal government departments and agencies have tried since his election to sabotage Trump from within, proudly calling themselves part of the Resistance.

Get Children Out of Public Schools, Warns AZ Education Chief
Former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, who oversaw the state Department of Education, sounded the alarm about what is happening in public schools across America in an interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman.

Russia Sends Two Warships Armed With Cruise Missiles To Prevent Turkey From Launching Full-Scale Invasion Of Syria
Russia at the moment is undergoing a delicate balancing act, trying to maintain relations with Turkey while at the same time trying to prevent them from invading Syria, where Russia is backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Turkish president Erdogan is  now warning that a full-scale invasion of Syria could be right around the corner, something Russia is trying to prevent.