27 Feb 2020


Farrakhan to Khomeini: Destroying America at Top of My List
Farrakhan recounted that during a meeting with Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, he had told Khamenei that he represents the “Mahdi,” the eschatological redeemer of Islam, and that the U.S. was “number one” on the Mahdi’s “list to be destroyed.” America, said Farrakhan, can be “destroyed within 12 hours.”

Erdoğan says Turkey will solve issue of using airspace in Idlib
Erdoğan said that Turkey’s “biggest problem” in Idlib is that it is unable to use the airspace. The region’s airspace is currently being controlled by Russia and it has been supporting the regime’s offensive against the Syrian opposition forces, which Turkey backs in the conflict.

Pro-Life Win: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Trump Administration’s Protect Life Rule
“We are pleased by the en banc Ninth Circuit’s decision upholding HHS’s rule forbidding the use of taxpayer money to subsidize abortion through Title X grants. Congress has long prohibited the use of Title X funds in programs where abortion is a method of family planning and HHS’s recent rule makes that longstanding prohibition a reality…”

Trump says Pence will be in charge of coronavirus response
President Donald Trump said on Wednesday Vice President Mike Pence will be in charge of the U.S. response to the coronavirus outbreak. Trump said the risk to the American people from the virus “remains very low.” “We’re ready to adapt and we’re ready to do whatever we have to as the disease spreads, if it spreads,” he told a news conference.

347 rabbis sign letter rejecting Bernie Sanders’ ‘outrageous comments’
Following Sen. Bernie Sanders’s decision to skip the AIPAC Policy Conference in March, a group of 347 rabbis has signed an open letter to the Democratic front-runner, saying they support AIPAC’s role in advancing the US-Israel relationship and reject his “outrageous comments.” Sanders claimed on Saturday that the organization gives a platform “for leaders who express bigotry.”

Defense Minister Bennett Leaks Plans of “Surprise Attack” Against Hamas
Israel’s Defense Minister and ‘Yemina’ party head Naftali Bennett said that he doesn’t believe in “rounds of fighting.” He also revealed that the Prime Minister has agreed to a surprise attack in Gaza that “none of our enemies will expect.” He told Boaz Golan that he spoiled the surprise to let Hamas avoid it from happening. However, he did add that it will happen “soon.”

Iran’s Negligence Blamed for Spreading CoronaVirus to Muslim Countries Throughout Middle East
As recent reports show that Iran has suffered the highest amount of coronavirus related deaths outside of China, they are now being blamed for spreading the pandemic to other Muslim countries throughout the Middle East.

NM governor signs ‘red flag’ gun confiscation into law; tells sheriffs to enforce it or resign
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a new gun control measure into law, allowing courts to temporarily confiscate firearms from non-criminal individuals identified as a risk of harming themselves or others. Grisham also told law enforcement that they must enforce the new law, or consider resignation.

1 in 5 Europeans says secret Jewish cabal runs the world, survey finds
A secret network of Jews influences global political and economic affairs. That’s the feeling among a fifth of the 16,000 respondents to a survey among Europeans from 16 countries. The same number also agreed with the statement that “Jews exploit Holocaust victimhood for their own needs.”

Germany permits Iran’s regime to build European network – report
The Iranian regime-controlled Islamic Center in the northern city of Hamburg oversees a growing network in Europe that is tolerated by the state and federal authorities in Germany. In a bombshell January exposé…titled “The long arm of the mullahs: Iran’s European network is controlled from Hamburg,” the historian and Islam expert Christian Osthold unpacks the dangers of the Iranian clerical regime in Europe.

1 in 5 Europeans says secret Jewish cabal runs the world, survey finds
A secret network of Jews influences global political and economic affairs. That’s the feeling among a fifth of the 16,000 respondents to a survey among Europeans from 16 countries. The same number also agreed with the statement that “Jews exploit Holocaust victimhood for their own needs.”

Germany overturns ban on professionally assisted suicide
A five-year-old law banning professionally assisted suicide has been rejected as unconstitutional by Germany’s top court. The court backed complaints by a group of terminally ill patients and doctors who challenged the law that made “commercial promotion of assisted suicide” a criminal offence. Assisted dying had been legal.

Ethiopia to skip Nile dam talks in US with Egypt, Sudan
Ethiopia will not attend this week’s latest round of US-brokered talks on a disputed Nile dam project with Egypt and Sudan, the country’s water ministry has announced. Ethiopia will skip the talks in Washington, DC on Thursday and Friday “because the country’s delegation hasn’t concluded its consultation with relevant stakeholders”, the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy announced…

World Health Organization chief is a Chinese puppet, STILL claiming there is no coronavirus “pandemic” as global cover for the Communist regime
One of the reasons why so many Americans have so little faith and trust in the United Nations and its various allied organizations is because they have so consistently worked against American principles, values and foreign policy objectives.

The Coronavirus Cannot Be Understood Without Accepting the Fact That China Has the Most Evil Government In History
In Part One of this series, the presentation of facts was offered which solidified the claim that the CHICOMS are in the process of colonizing much of the planet. It is the contention of the CSS that the CHICOMS, due to economic and health conditions in China, will be sending hundreds of millions of its citizens to every corner of the earth to set the stage for becoming the world policemen. Although the material was superficial in Part One,  the documentation was extensive and the conclusions were easily arrived at. China is positioned to be the dominant force which will usher in the New World Order.

Japan’s Supreme Court Rules Transgenders Must Be Sterilized
Japan’s Supreme Court has rejected an appeal of its earlier decision to force transgendered people to be sterilized.

In 3-0 Decision, Federal Court Gives Trump The Green Light To Yank Sanctuary City Grants
For years, Democrats have relied on the courts to push their progressive agenda forward. Looks like those days are coming to an end. President Trump has slowly, but surely, transformed the federal courts. Courts that once rubberstamped the left’s agenda are now balanced.

Emergency declared in Indonesia’s West Java as widespread floods and landslides displace 10 000
Widespread flooding and landslides due to constant rains forced roughly 10 000 people to flee their home in West Java, Indonesia, according to the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. The calamities resulted in thousands of homes submerged, ruined establishments, and ravaged rice fields, prompting a declaration of emergency for 14 days.

Severe thunderstorm and worst hailstorm since 2010 wreak havoc across Perth, Australia
Ferocious thunderstorm with damaging winds up to 126 km/h (78 mph) and hailstones the size of tennis balls — about 6 cm (2 inches) in diameter — lashed Perth, Australia on February 25, 2020, wreaking havoc across the city and causing chaos during peak-hour traffic.

Minnesota is Giving No Jail Time To 60% Of Convicted Sex Offenders Involved in Criminal Conduct of a Child under 13
According to One America news Minnesota is giving no jail time to 50 to 60% of sex offenders convicted of criminal conduct involving a child under the age of 13.

Today Starts The First Day Of Lent, Created By The Roman Catholic Church And Taken From The Babylonian Practice Of Weeping For Tammuz
Today begins the first day of Lent, observed primarily by Roman Catholics, but we also see Lenten observances popping up in many Protestant churches, some Baptist churches and in the Church of England. The Roman Catholic Church advertises this is a time of great ‘fasting and repentance’ before the Lord, but did you know that Lent was taken directly from ancient pagan Babylon? The time you know as Lent began as ‘Weeping For Tammuz’, one of the many false gods of pagan antiquity.

Comrade Sanders Says As President He Will Move The US Embassy Back To Tel Aviv, Then Attacks Prime Minister Netanyahu As A ‘Reactionary Racist’
The current Democratic frontrunner for the nomination for president in 2020, Comrade Sanders, said in the debate last night that he would absolutely consider ‘moving the US embassy back to Tel Aviv’, thereby stripping away Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Not content to stop with that outrageous statement, Comrade Sanders then proceeded to call Prime Minister Netanyahu a ‘reactionary racist’ as he pleaded the cause of the Palestinians.

WATCH: Planned Parenthood-linked sex ed org depicts 3-month-old preborn baby as inanimate circle
AMAZE, a sex ed organization that works with Planned Parenthood and the United Nations, recently released a deceptive video purporting to provide information about abortion. The video, “What is an Abortion?” which was posted on YouTube on Thursday, is aimed at 10- to 14-year-olds and claims to provide an explanation of abortion and abortion procedures. But unsurprisingly, it leaves out important and relevant information on what abortion is and does — and what the risks are.

China Is Colonizing the World (Part One)
As the late Carl Sagan once said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and this is precisely what is going to be presented in this multi-part series in which it is alleged that the Conroanvirus will present a set of circumstances in which the Chinese will firmly establish themselves as the new world policeman as they have hijacked the role from the United States.

‘When He Refused to Deny Christ, They Cut Off His Right Hand’: Nigerian Christians Face Horrific Attacks
It’s Sunday morning in Nigeria, and Christians across the country are heading to church. As part of the continent’s largest Christian community, believers here have their choice of places to worship. Here at Family Worship Center, led by Pastor Sarah Omakwu, a graduate of Regent University, thousands lift their hands in praise.