24 Feb 2020

How To Save The Failing World Order?
But while it is possible to identify the changing winds of the world order through various analytical methods, it is much harder to find ways to preserve an existing order. It requires a whole constellation of leaders from competing sides to grasp the severity of the threat posed by radical change and to pursue measures together to cool down tensions.

Cali Sheriff Bucks Sanctuary State Mandate, Complies with ICE Subpoena
The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has decided to reject California state sanctuary policy, announcing this week that it will provide the records of criminally arrested illegal immigrants to federal authorities. According to Sheriff William Gore’s statement, however, the decision was not political, nor did it have anything to do with willful “cooperation.” Instead, it was a conclusion reached out of “obligation” to the rule of law.

“It Will Be Really, Really Bad”: China Faces Financial Armageddon With 85% Of Businesses Set To Run Out Of Cash In 3 Months
For the past two weeks, even as the market took delight in China’s doctored and fabricated numbers showing the coronavirus spread was “slowing”, we warned again and again that not only was this not the case (which recent data out of South Korea, Japan and now Italy has confirmed), but that for all its assertions to the contrary, China’s workers simply refused to go back to work (even with FoxConn offering its workers extra bonuses just to return to the factory) and as a result the domestic economy had ground to a halt as we described

Coronavirus Panic Goes Global: S.Korea Warns Of “Watershed Moment” As Italy Confirms 3rd Death, Cancels Venice Carnival: Live Updates
Italy confirms 3rd death. 4 more cases confirmed in UK. 200 Israelis quarantined. Japan confirms more cases. Japanese Emperor expresses hope for Tokyo Games. Italy cancels last 2 days of carnivale in Venice as cases soar above 100.

Iran hard-liners win election, but with record low-turnout of 42.57%
Iranian hard-liners won the parliamentary election by a landslide, capturing around 200 out of its 290 seats, but the regime was embarrassed by a record low voter turnout of 42.57%, Iran’s Interior Ministry announced on Sunday.

Netanyahu promises sovereignty over Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to apply Israeli sovereignty to the Tomb of the Patriarchs and to the Jewish community of Hebron, during a visit to the nearby West Bank Kiryat Arba settlement on Thursday. “We will apply Israeli sovereignty over Kiryat Arba and the Jewish community in Hebron, including the Tomb of the patriarchs and the roads that lead to it,” Netanyahu said.

Gaza terrorists fire salvo at Israel’s south, 10 rockets intercepted
IDF says 21 projectiles were fired at communities adjacent to the volatile frontier, Iron Dome defense system successfully engaged 10 rockets whose trajectory threatened urban areas.

Jew-Hating Ministry Gets Banned from YouTube
On Thursday, YouTube announced they would be permanently banning Trunews, a video ministry run by Rick Wiles. YouTube justified the ban by saying that Trunews repeatedly violated the website’s rules regarding hate speech.

Whistle-Blower who was About to Expose Dirt on Obama: Found Dead in Alleged “Suicide”
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower Philip Haney was found shot to death. News reports have attributed his cause of death to a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound, however, details of his passing don’t add up with the official narrative. 67-year-old Haney had a lot of enemies. As an outspoken critic of the Obama administration and supporter of President Trump,

Soros Behind ‘Rogue’ Meeting Between Democratic Senator, John Kerry and Iran
US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) confirmed on Tuesday that he and other Democrat Senators secretly met with Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, at the annual Munich Security Conference last week. The other Senators included Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ). Also at the meeting was former Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry was former President Barack Obama’s lead negotiator for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known commonly as the Iran nuclear deal, which was signed in 2015. President Trump responded harshly to the secret meetings, suggesting that they were, in fact, illegal.

Gantz Could Find Himself Behind Bars Following Election
Israeli opposition leader and Blue and White Party head Benny Gantz denied wrongdoing on Thursday following media reports that an investigation was being launched into a deal between a company he had previously led and the Israel Police. Gantz himself is not a suspect, according to the reports, but the link with his old company could still influence Israel’s March 2 general elections, the AP reported.

Rocket barrage fired towards southern Israel
Six rockets were fired towards southern Israel Monday afternoon after a night of deadly retaliatory airstrikes against targets belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror group in Syria and throughout the Gaza Strip following rocket fire towards southern Israel throughout the evening on Sunday.

Canary Islands sandstorm: Flights disrupted as dust cloud strands tourists
A vast sandstorm from the Sahara has shrouded Spain’s Canary Islands, disrupting travel plans for tourists flying in and out. Airport operator Aena cancelled, suspended or diverted all flights to and from the islands at the weekend, citing low visibility. But on Sunday operations resumed at all airports except Tenerife South.

IDF strikes Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza, Syria
The IDF struck numerous targets belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror group in Syria and throughout the Gaza Strip following rocket fire towards southern Israel…Israeli Air Force fighter jets struck PIJ targets south of the capital of Damascus, including a compound which was “used as a hub of Islamic Jihad’s activity in Syria” as well as dozens of terror targets belonging to the group across in the Strip.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad bombards South after clash near Gaza border
The IDF began attacking terror targets in the Gaza Strip in response to over 21 rockets were fired towards southern Israel communities on Sunday in several rocket barrages after Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) threatened to avenge the death of a terrorist by the IDF after he tried to plant explosives along the Gaza border fence.

Political Bias And Anti-Americanism On College Campuses
The true tragedy is that so many Americans are blind to the fact that today’s colleges and universities pose a threat on several fronts to the well-being of our nation…

Reports of Supernatural Healing, Revivals in Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak
..As dangerous as this virus is, it’s no match for the power of the Holy Spirit. Recently, I interviewed Dennis Balcombe, a missionary to China for the past 40 years. He shared some incredible insights into what God is doing through His people, including the sick coming for healing and people running to churches for hope.

Pope Francis Decries Populists’ Anti-Immigration Policies
Pope Francis said that policies proposed by populist politicians to curb mass migration only serve to stoke hatred and fuel fear, comparing them to Nazi rhetoric on Sunday.

Belgian carnival defies calls to cancel parade with Jewish caricatures
A satirical Belgian carnival parade decried by Israel’s foreign minister as “hateful” went ahead on Sunday despite being withdrawn from the United Nation’s list of recognized cultural events over accusations of racism and anti-Semitism.

Amazon in Holocaust row about ‘Hunters’ series, anti-Semitic books
The Auschwitz Memorial criticized Amazon (AMZN.O) on Sunday for fictitious depictions of the Holocaust in its Prime series “Hunters” and for selling books of Nazi propaganda.

Hurricane “Harvey” tops list of decade’s most extreme U.S. weather events
2017 Hurricane “Harvey” ranks first on the top 10 most extreme weather events in the U.S. this decade, according to new research published in journal Weatherwise.

Coronavirus pandemic exploding across the globe: South Korea surpasses 600 infections, Italy declares national emergency, Japan infections skyrocketing, nearly 2,000 non-China infections worldwide and doubling every few days
While the communist-infiltrated World Health Organization still refuses to declare the coronavirus outbreak a “pandemic” — absurdly claiming there are no sustained local outbreaks outside of China — the truth about this accelerating infectious disease outbreak is rapidly starting to emerge from nations that aren’t fudging their numbers.

The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab
At an emergency meeting in Beijing held last Friday, Chinese leader Xi Jinping spoke about the need to contain the coronavirus and set up a system to prevent similar epidemics in the future.

Shallow M5.7 earthquake hits Iran – Turkey border region, claiming lives of at least 9 people
A series of shallow earthquakes, including M5.7 at a depth of 6.4 km (4 miles) hit Iran – Turkey border region on Sunday, February 23, 2020, claiming the lives of at least 9 people and injuring 37 others, 9 seriously. The quake struck a remote mountainous region, with a history of powerful earthquakes.

Disney to Feature First LGBTQ Character in Movie ‘Onward’
Disney is slated to openly embrace Hollywood’s descent into the world of woke and feature its first openly lesbian character in its upcoming film Onward.

Futures Plunge, Gold Soars As Covid-19 Contagion Craters Complacency
…traders are back to their desks and for once, it appears they’re realizing that central bankers can’t print their way out of this particular pandemic mess…