17 Feb 2020

Mass prayer held at Western Wall amid coronavirus crisis
As the deadly coronavirus continues to spread, hundreds of people held a mass prayer for the health and well-being of the Chinese people during a gathering on Sunday at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, one of the holiest places for Jews.

Baptist University Invites Native American Mystic to Preach, Opens and Closes With Prayer to “Mother Mystery”
Baylor, a private Christian university located in Waco, Texas, is known as the largest Baptist university in the world with approximately 17,200 students on its 1,000-acre campus and is affiliated with the Texas Baptist Convention, which is subsequently connected to the Southern Baptist Convention. Baptist University Invites Native American Mystic to Preach, Opens and Closes With Prayer to “Mother Mystery” She is a climate change activist who worships the creation over the creator,

Swiss Voters Support Making Homophobia A Criminal Offense Resulting In Up To Three Years In Jail
Voters in Switzerland overwhelmingly supported a referendum Sunday to make sexual orientation-based discrimination a criminal offense.

Restored Alexandria synagogue hosts largest Jewish prayer in decades
From across the Diaspora, approximately 180 Jews of Egyptian origin have flown to Egypt for a Shabbat celebrating the newly- renovated 14th-century Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria. According to the World Monuments Fund, The Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, one of the largest in the Middle East, is one of the two remaining houses of worship from what used to be twelve in the city of Alexandria, once home to an estimated 40,000 Jews with roots dating back to antiquity.

China Adopts ‘Cultural Revolution-Style’ Social Controls To Crush Outbreak As Death Toll Nears 2,000
The new figures bring the totals for the province to 58,182 cases, and 1696 deaths in the province. These data bring total cases around the globe north of 71,000, while the death toll rapidly approaches 2,000. Asthe Communist Party tries to get the country back to work, 760 million people are now under quarantine.

Storm Dennis, 2nd-strongest bomb cyclone on record in North Atlantic, causes severe flooding in U.K.
Storm Dennis, the second-strongest nontropical storm on record in the North Atlantic Ocean, caused widespread flooding across parts of the United Kingdom on Sunday, along with winds exceeding hurricane force. The storm, which is producing waves up to 80 feet tall west of the United Kingdom, dumped more than five inches of rain in South Wales,

From Atop Temple Mount: Hamas Calls on Muslims Worldwide to Assassinate Trump
Hamas has exerted its presence on the Temple Mount, bearing an implied threat against the President of the United States. Though many Americans dismiss Hamas as a fringe element in the Middle East, an expert explains that the terrorist organization pledged to annihilate all the Jews has already firmly established itself in the U.S….at taxpayer expense.

Week of Gratitude for the Descendants of Jethro Culminates in “Shabbat Shukran”
The first global Week of Hakarat Hatov (Gratitude) for the Druze culminates on Shabbat when Jews around the world read the section of the Torah named after Jethro, the non-Jewish father-in-law of Moses and ancestor of the Druze. The week, was an initiative of the Druze Veterans Association.

Mainline Protestant pastors driving support for same-sex marriage
A majority of Protestant pastors in the United States still disapprove of same-sex relationships, but the overall approval has grown largely due to mainline pastors, a new study by LifeWay Research reveals.

Storm Dennis: Army called in to help shore up defences
The Army has been deployed to help with flood relief as the UK faces a second weekend of weather disruption.

‘I Have White Advantage’ – Woke Archbishop Brands Own Church ‘Racist’
The Church of England’s most prominent cleric, Justin Welby, said he is “ashamed of our history” and of his supposed advantages as a straight white male.

Viktor Orbán: European “Migration is an Organized Invasion” –
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán – the only head of state in Europe who’s been willing to take any real action to stop the ongoing migrant invasion of Europe – on Thursday spoke of the mounting migratory pressure on Hungary’s southern border.

Biblical Archaeologists Make Stunning Discovery Of Ancient Temple Located In Mozah Outside Of Jerusalem Near Site Of Solomon’s First Jewish Temple
Am I getting tired of telling you how amazing it is with all these end times discoveries being made by biblical archaeologists? Nope, not even close. I love it and my heart rejoices with each new revelation that is made, and as you well know there has been a whole lot of them over the past few years. Welcome to the biblical city a Mozah, part of the inheritance of Benjamin, and a place where an ancient and previously unknown temple once stood.

LIKE THE BOOK OF EXODUS: Biblical Plague Of Locust Armies Numbering In The Billions Destroying Large Sections Of Africa And The Middle East
Make no mistake about it, swarms of locusts are a biblical plague as recorded for us in the Bible, and the current outbreak in Africa and the Middle East is leading people to wonder if this was sent by the hand of God. So intense are the locusts, estimated to be in the billions of insects, that stunned farmers are watching their entire farm being consumed sometimes as fast as 30 seconds or less. Just image how many locusts there would need to be to eat an entire farm in under a minute. That’s what’s happening right now.

WATCH: Transgender Woman Suing Elections Board After Being Asked to Show ID at Polls “I Was Disrespected”
A transgender woman who is listed as “Jane Doe” in a lawsuit is suing the Mecklenburg Board of Elections and North Carolina State Board of Elections after being asked to show ID at polls.

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook boss urges tighter regulation
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has called for more regulation of harmful online content, saying it was not for companies like his to decide what counts as legitimate free speech.

ANALYSIS: The CDC appears to be preparing America for announcement that coronavirus outbreaks are happening in the USA… will Hawaii be the first?
We believe the CDC is now preparing America to announce that sustained outbreaks of the CoVid-19 Wuhan coronavirus are happening in America. Recent quotes from the CDC appear to be “gently warming” the American public to the idea that sustained outbreaks in America are inevitable, along with open admissions that the CDC flat out cannot stop them.