14 Feb 2020

‘It’s Coming’: CDC Director Warns Coronavirus To Become Widespread Throughout United States, ‘Probably Beyond 2020’
The extremely virulent coronavirus which is sweeping through China’s Hubei province like wildfire will eventually gain a foothold in the United States – becoming a ‘community virus’ this year or next, according to CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield. Redfield says that while more research is needed, the CDC is focused on containment strategies to isolate and slow the progression of the novel coronavirus, buying time to develop a vaccine and antiviral drugs.

Wormwood Warning – Another Asteroid Close Approach Confirmed
In the Book of Revelation chapter eight we are warned that one day this earth will experience a devastating encouter with an object from space – most likely an asteroid. Asteroid 2002 PZ39 is predicted to travel past our planet at speeds of more than 35,500 miles per hour and is making what Nasa is calling a “close approach” on Saturday, February 15 at around around 11.05am GMT (6.05am EST).. Nasa has estimated it to be about 3,280 feet, which is enough to destroy a continent.

Trump Stands Tall, Forces New York Gov. Cuomo To Cave on ‘Sanctuary’ Law
“I’m going to meet with the president tomorrow,” the governor said Wednesday on Long Island News Radio, Politico reported. “He offered a meeting, the earliest availability was tomorrow, and I took him up on it.” “I will give them the DMV database for Trusted Traveler. These are people who go for an in-person federal interview with all sorts of background information,” Cuomo said.

US says it has proof China’s Huawei has secret ‘back doors’ to access private information
U.S. National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien and other U.S. national security officials have warned that Chinese technology company Huawei has secretive access to sensitive and personal information stored in U.S. telecoms networks…. “back doors,” U.S. officials have alleged the Chinese company has secretly retained its access.

An Executive Order Has Initiated ‘Department Of Defense Global Campaign Plan For Pandemic Influenza And Infectious Diseases 3551-13’
An executive order has been issued which has initiated the implementation of “the Department of Defense Global Campaign plan for Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Diseases 3551-13”. We don’t know all of the details of the plan, but we do know that it instructs U.S. military officials “to prepare for widespread outbreaks”.

‘Tantamount to Infanticide’: Colorado Legislature Rejects Bill Protecting Born-Alive Abortion Survivors
“The Colorado legislature just voted down a bill that would require a doctor to provide medical care to a child who is born alive after surviving an abortion. A child is born, in need of help, and the Colorado legislature voted against mandating care. God have mercy.”

Japan rocked by massive, magnitude 7 earthquake
Japan’s meteorological agency said the quake was located far off the northeastern coast of Japan’s northern main island of Hokkaido,

China Reports Huge Jump In New Coronavirus Infections And Deaths; Oil, Stocks Tumble
All those clueless hacks who warned us for years not to trust China’s economic numbers, yet were so gullible to believe any coronavirus pandemic “data” released by Beijing are going to look pretty stupid right about now. Hubei just released its latest round of coronavirus outbreak figures, and in a clear confirmation of the ‘conspiracy theory’ that China had altered the way it was reporting Covid-19 deaths and cases – clearly in order to suggest that things were improving and you should go back to work,

China Has Ground To A Halt: “On The Ground” Indicators Confirm Worst-Case Scenario
What it found was that among some of the top Chinese cities including Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu, a clear pattern was evident – air pollution was only 20-50% of the historical average. As Morgan Stanley concluded, “This could imply that human activities such as traffic and industrial production within/close to those cities are running 50-80% below their potential capacity.”

Experts Say North Korea “Clearly Lying” About Coronavirus Outbreak – “They Don’t Want To Show Any Weakness”
Kim Jong Un reportedly sealed the border with China, as we noted earlier. Kim has at times reportedly disobeyed his puppetmasters in Beijing before; but would he really go so far as to seal the border without China’s explicit permission? It’s certainly possible. And after speaking to several experts, Fox News determined that, in all probability, COVID-19 has likely already crossed the Yalu River and is likely spreading in North Korea. The story comes one day after the State Department said it was ‘deeply worried’ about “the vulnerability of the North Korean people.”

Mount Merapi, Indonesia’s Most Active Volcano, Erupts, Sending Ash Over 6,500 Feet Into the Air
Mount Merapi, Indonesia’s most active volcano, erupted early Thursday morning, spewing an ash column around 6,500 feet in the air. Disaster management authorities are warning tourists and locals to stay outside a nearly two-mile radius from the peak of the volcano.

Israel’s Defense Minister: We are Now in Era of Third Temple
“We need to understand the big picture” Bennett said adding “today we are in (the era of) the Third Temple.”Bennett then reminded the captive audience about the history of the Kingdom of Israel saying “we have had a state twice where we ruled as a united people. The first time it only lasted 80 years – King David 40, then King Solomon 40. After that, we separated.” “The second time, we were sovereign for only 74 years during the Hasmonean dynasty” he added. Bennett then touching on the present saying “Now we are at 72 years. The Jewish nation has never been able to maintain a united rule for more than 80 years.”

IDF five-year plan: More lethal, high-tech army with focus on Iran threat
Iran is high on the army’s list of priorities and Kochavi intends to appoint a full general to oversee all elements of the Iranian threat, from the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program to its military expansion in the region. The IDF will form a dedicated command that will work with its counterparts in the Mossad intelligence agency.

US Navy warship seizes Iranian missiles in Arabian Sea
A U.S. Navy warship seized weapons believed to be of Iranian “design and manufacture,” including 150 anti-tank guided missiles and three Iranian surface-to-air missiles, the American military said on Thursday. In a statement, the military said the guided-missile cruiser Normandy boarded a dhow, a traditional sailing vessel, in the Arabian Sea on Sunday.

PM after Israel reportedly strikes Syria: Maybe it was Belgian air force
Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he did not know anything about the alleged Israeli attack that target the Damascus area on Thursday, adding that maybe it was “the Belgian air force.” “I don’t what happened last night,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Radio Haifa on Friday, as quoted by channel 12. “Maybe it was the Belgian air force.”

Coronavirus can be spread by people who don’t show symptoms, CDC warns
Coronavirus can be spread through people who aren’t exhibiting symptoms of the illness, the director of the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention said Thursday. Dr. Robert Redfield confirmed reports out of China that the virus can spread when the person is still asymptomatic, according to CNN.

Russia alarmed by U.S. Air Force visit to Norwegian island
Russia said on Thursday it was alarmed by a trip to a Norwegian outpost in the Arctic by a U.S. Air Force unit and urged Oslo to refrain from what it said were de-stabilizing moves in the strategic region. A squadron of U.S. Air Force staff visited Norway’s air base on the island of Jan Mayen…to test the airfield and to see whether U.S. C-130J Super Hercules military transport planes can land there.

US Senate votes to curb Trump’s war powers on Iran
US President Donald Trump’s ability to wage war on Iran without congressional approval has been limited in a Senate bill passed by his fellow Republicans. The Iran war powers resolution was approved by a vote of 55-45 – hours after Mr Trump warned that it would make America less safe from Iran. The House passed a version of the bill in January, after Mr Trump ordered the killing of a top Iranian general.

IDF five-year plan: More lethal, high-tech army with focus on Iran threat
Efforts to counter the Iranian threat and the integration of new technologies take center stage in the military’s five-year plan presented Thursday by Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi. “If carried out as planned it will allow a substantial increase in the IDF’s abilities,” Kochavi said, adding that it will “strengthen our lethal capabilities both in scope and in accuracy.”

World tax rewrite can raise countries’ revenues by $100bn: OECD
Rewriting international corporate tax rules could jack up governments’ tax revenues by up to 4 percent, or $100bn annually, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimated on Thursday. The OECD offered the estimates for the nearly 140 governments that agreed earlier this month to negotiate the first major update international corporate tax rules by the end of the year.

Rocket attack hits northern Iraq base hosting US troops
A rocket attack has slammed into an Iraqi base in the remote province of Kirkuk where US troops are stationed…There were no immediate reports of casualties… Three separate Iraqi security sources told AFP that the Katyusha rocket hit the K1 base at around 8:45pm local time (1745 GMT) and US military aircraft immediately began flying low over the area.

Egyptian delegation seeks to defuse tensions in Gaza
Since US President Donald Trump announced his Israel-Palestine peace plan on Jan. 28 — which he referred to as the “Deal of the Century” — tension in the Gaza Strip has escalated rapidly, with the Gazan side firing rockets and releasing incendiary balloons across the border, and Israel shelling Gaza by night.

Liberty Counsel: New VA LGBTQ Bill Would Mean Baptist Schools Can’t Fire Cross-Dressing Teachers
A bill that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to Virginia’s nondiscrimination law cleared committees in the House of Delegates and Senate this week and appears to be on its way to becoming law in the Old Dominion.

Storm Dennis becomes bomb cyclone in Atlantic Ocean en route to UK, Europe
Storm Dennis exploded into a “bomb cyclone” during the early-morning hours on Thursday as the looming weather system poses a new windstorm threat for Europe just days after deadly Storm Ciara triggered widespread travel disruptions from the United Kingdom to Germany.

One in three medical staff at Wuhan hospital now infected with coronavirus
Earlier in the month, we reported on Dr. Li Wenliang, a doctor at Wuhan City Central Hospital who was punished by communist Chinese authorities for warning his colleagues back in December about the impending doom of novel coronavirus. Well, Dr. Li is now dead after contracting coronavirus himself, and about 30 percent of the staff at the hospital where he once worked are now infected as well.

Communist regime ARRESTS scientists, criminalizes doctors and silences whistleblowers… all in the name of maintaining “control” of the narrative
As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout China and beyond, many were reminded of what happened to the military doctor who blew the whistle on the extent of the SARS outbreak, which killed more than 800 people.

Israel Strikes Iranian Ammunition Depots Targets In Damascus Thursday Night Vowing Not To Let Iran Gain A Foothold Along Northern Border
Iran is on a mission, and that mission is to hit Israel from the northern border of Syria, and that is something that Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed will never happen. The key to keeping Iran out is the fact that Israel controls the Golan Heights, a highly strategic area and a place that President Donald Trump, back in March of 2019, recognized as being under Israeli control.

If You’re Left Behind After The Pretribulation Rapture Of The Church, You May Never Get Another Chance To Get Saved
Like most of Christian America, I was thrilled when the Left Behind book series came out back in December of 1995. It accurately showed that the Rapture of the Church must take place prior to the start of the time of Jacob’s trouble, commonly referred to as the Great Tribulation. It showed characters acting out Bible prophecy in a realistic and exciting fashion, and we rejoiced with them as one by one they came to get right with the Lord and become born again.

Colorado Democrats Vote Down Bill Mandating Medical Care To Born-Alive Survivors Of Abortions
On Tuesday, Colorado Democrats voted down a bill seeking to mandate medical care to born-alive survivors of abortions, House Bill 1068.

Pope Francis Releases ‘Querida Amazonia’, His Official Papal Ruling On The Catholic Church In The Amazon And Says ‘Only Poetry Can Save This World’
Pope Francis has just issued his official papal ruling on the future of the Roman Catholic Church in the Amazon, Querida Amazonia, and it is a wonderful mixture of Catholicism, paganism, Gaia, poetry and, in last place of course, the gospel. Not that Pope Francis or any pope has ever preached the gospel of the grace of God, but I digress.

Survey Finds People Who Identify as Left-Wing More Likely to Have Been Diagnosed With a Mental Illness
A new survey of more than 8,000 people has found that those who identify with left-wing political beliefs are more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Powerful Storm Dennis set to batter northern Europe just days after Ciara
A new powerful storm named Dennis by the U.K. Met Office is set to hit northern Europe over the weekend– just a couple of days after Storm Ciara slammed several countries in the northwest, claiming lives of 8 people and leaving nearly 1 million homes without power. Dennis is the 4th named storm of the 2019/20 European windstorm season.