12 Feb 2020

Hong Kong Coronavirus Expert Warns Outbreak Could Infect “Between 60%-80%” Of Humanity, Causing 51 Million Deaths
Though Beijing has been touting a ‘slowdown’ in the number of newly diagnosed cases, few believe that the outbreak has actually crested,… If the virus continues to spread at this pace, even a relatively low fatality rate of 1% – which Leung believes is possible once milder, undetected cases are accounted for – could still lead to a massive death toll. Rough calculations indicate that, if two-thirds of the 7.7 billion people living on earth are infected, a 1% mortality rate would still lead to nearly 51 million deaths.

PM threatens Hamas with dire ‘surprise’; Gaza answers with fresh rocket attack
“I’m telling you as prime minister, I don’t rush to war,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Channel 20 on Tuesday night. “I don’t puff out my chest, bang drums and blow trumpets. But we’re preparing for Hamas the surprise of their lives. I won’t say what it is, but it will be different from anything that came before.”

200 Georgia residents being monitored for possible deadly China coronavirus
‘Under the supervision of the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), about 200 individuals who have recently returned from China are self-monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). These travelers arrived in the U.S. from mainland China outside Hubei Province with no known high-risk exposure. These individuals are asymptomatic (no symptoms) and are self-isolating at home.’

Roman Catholic Priest In Rhode Island Defiantly Says ‘Pedophilia Never Killed Anyone’ And That People Should Focus Instead On Stopping Abortion
One main reason why the Roman Catholic Church is unable to resolve the ongoing priest pedophilia scandals is because when you get right down to it, they really don’t think they did anything wrong. Allow me to explain. For decades now, when Roman Catholic priests have been caught engaging in pedophilia, they are not disciplined or punished, they are simply sent to another parish where they are not known and allowed to keep abusing little kids. All popes including Pope Francis have been covering up for this for many years now.

Sanders Pushes Pro-Life Voters to Trump: Supporting Abortion Is ‘Essential’ To Being a Dem
During a candidate forum Saturday in Concord, New Hampshire, the Vermont senator was asked, “Is there such a thing as a pro-life Democrat in your vision of the party?” Sanders’ response: “I think being pro-choice is an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat, if you’re asking me.”

Barr Announces Multiple Lawsuits as Part of DOJ Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities
Attorney General William Barr announced Monday the Justice Department is filing three lawsuits against California, New Jersey and a Washington county over their so-called “sanctuary city” policies relating to illegal immigrants.

US official to Arutz Sheva: ‘Old way of doing things is over’
“For the first time on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the Council was willing to think outside the conventional box, and not reflexively fall back on the calcified Palestinian position, which has only allowed the failed status quo to continue.”

Egypt makes surprise move against Hamas and Iran
Egypt reportedly issues warning to Hamas against backing militia groups seeking to destabilize the region or joining Iran in any military escalation.

Bennett vows to ‘suffocate the head of the Iranian octopus’
Defense Minister Naftali Bennett warned Iran that Israel will make sure to exact a heavy price over its meddling in the region, vowing to go beyond Tehran’s proxies. Now we are changing the paradigm, we are now engaged in a continued effort to weaken the Iranian octopus through economic, diplomatic and intelligence measures, as well as with military means and various other approaches.”

‘God Will Triumph Over Evil’: Clergy Bless New Space Force Bible at Washington National Cathedral
A number of religious leaders gathered together at the Washington National Cathedral on Sunday for the blessing of a very special Bible. The text, a King James Version, is set to be used exclusively by the newly-formed United States Space Force. “Accept this Bible which we dedicate here today for the United States Space Force,” Hollerith, said during the blessing, according to NPR. “That all may so diligently search your holy word and find in it the wisdom that leads to peace and salvation, through Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.”

Proof CoronaVirus and Its Cause was Prophesized in Bible: And how it Relates to End-of-Days
orah blogger Yeranen Yaakov noted that in the Torah portion of Beshalach (Exodus 13:17–17:16) read by Jews around the world last Shabbat, there is a clear reference to the coronavirus. The Bible tells of the Children of Israel “arriving at the wilderness of Sin.” In modern Hebrew, Sin (סין: pronounced ‘seen’) is China.

Pope Pushes One World Religion on Israel’s Independence Day
Historically, the Vatican was no friend to the Jews but its new initiative aligns the Catholic Church with Islam in a one-world religion that may be the biggest threat ever to the Jewish People. A major event to advance the project will take place on the anniversary of the birth of the State of Israel which, according to one rabbi, is fitting since Judaism is the last bastion, entirely incompatible with a New World Order.

Adviser to Iran’s Khamenei is looking to ‘raze Tel Aviv to the ground’
Ahead of the governments of France and Germany congratulating Iran’s regime on its Islamic revolution this week, an Iranian politician who advises the Supreme Leader said his nation was looking for an excuse to obliterate Tel Aviv. Mohsen Rezaee said “We would raze Tel Aviv to the ground for sure. We have been looking for such a pretext,” according to a translation from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Syria war: Government will pay ‘heavy price’ for attacking Turkish troops
Turkey’s president has warned the Syrian government that it will “pay a very, very heavy price” for attacks on Turkish soldiers in north-west Syria. Five troops were killed in opposition-held Idlib province on Monday, as the Syrian army continued an offensive. Turkish forces struck dozens of targets in response, but President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “It will continue.”

Ex-Qatari PM: Israel, Gulf states set to sign non-aggression pact
Israel and the Gulf states and Israel will soon sign a non-aggression pact that could also include Morocco, the former prime minister of Qatar says…The former politician noted that he was “not against” such an agreement with Israel, and believed the unanimous decision taken by the Arab League last week to reject the U.S. deal was not in the best interest of the region.

China’s Fatal Dilemma
Ending the limited quarantine and falsely proclaiming China safe for visitors and business travelers will only re-introduce the virus to workplaces and infect foreigners…

Rare snowfall blankets Baghdad for the second time in more than 100 years, Iraq
Residents of Baghdad, Iraq woke up to the city blanketed in rare snow on Tuesday, February 11, 2020– a sight last seen in 2008 and the second time in more than a century. According to the Iraqi Meteorological Organization, the country is exposed to a cold polar air mass which peaked on the same day.

DOJ Indicts Chinese Military Officers in Massive Data Breach. So Why Isn’t China Facing a Visa Ban?
On Monday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr, surrounded by a phalanx of top Justice Department (DOJ) lawyers, announced the indictment of four Chinese military officers for their role in the massive 2017 breach of sensitive personal data stored in the computers of the credit reporting company, Equifax. If you have a mortgage, or have taken out any kind of bank loan, you are probably one of the approximately 150 million Americans whose data was compromised.

Nationalists (AfD) Surge to 2nd Place (23%) in German Regional Election after Being Called ‘Nazis’
Germany’s Christian Democrats, the ruling party of Angela Merkel, are in fresh crisis after members in the state of Thuringia defied party instruction to avoid working with the anti-migrant AfD party.

First China evacuee with coronavirus is mistakenly released from hospital
The first US evacuee from China confirmed to have the coronavirus was mistakenly released from a San Diego hospital as a result of a botched test result that showed he was not infected, according to reports.

Soros Starts $1 Billion Anti-American University
Radical anti-American financier George Soros recently unveiled a scheme to sink $1 billion into a new global university to fight nationalism and climate change, twin phantoms he emotes are “threatening the survival of our civilization.” Why is this a bad thing?

On New Year for trees, Jews and pagans go forest bathing to honor earthly roots
In a state park outside of San Francisco, 200 Jews and pagans gathered on Sunday in honor of the Jewish holiday of Tu Bishvat, standing beneath a forest of towering eucalyptus to celebrate trees and the practices indigenous peoples utilized to take care of them.

Switzerland extends ban against public discrimination to include sexual orientation
Switzerland voted in a Sunday referendum in favor of an amendment adding sexual orientation to the list of characteristics protected under its anti-discrimination laws.

Catholic Priest Says ‘Pedophilia Doesn’t Kill Anyone’ After Barring Abortion-Rights Lawmakers From Communion
A priest in Rhode Island has defended his decision to ban all lawmakers who voted in favor enshrining abortion protections under state law from receiving communion at his parish.

Bernie Sanders: ‘We have to codify Roe and expand funding for Planned Parenthood’
Seven of the Democratic presidential candidates met for a debate Friday night in preparation for the New Hampshire primary, where Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders discussed his views on abortion, his plans for the Supreme Court, and his support for taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.

HIV-positive airmen fighting to stay in the Air Force in first-of-its kind case
LGBTQ advocates are preparing to go to trial against the U.S. government over its policies on HIV-positive service members.

Hubei Reports Another 94 Deaths, Bringing Global Total To 1,112
China’s trying to show that the outbreak is waning, even as the number of seriously ill cases continues to climb…