10 Feb 2020

Even The Mainstream Media Is Now Admitting That Humanity Is Facing “A Perfect Storm”
Over the last several decades, have we ever seen a year start as strangely as 2020 has? Global weather patterns have gone completely nuts, large earthquakes are popping off like firecrackers, it looks like the plague of locusts in Africa could soon develop into the worst in modern history, and …

Leader of Sudan Agreed to Meet with Netanyahu After Getting ‘Sign from God’
“Allah, if this is a good thing for Sudan, please prepare our way for this. If not, send me a sign.’ God gave me the feeling that I should go and meet with him,” Burhan was quoted as saying in Sudanese news. “What happened in the meeting was merely a consensus between the two sides to halt all mutually hostile actions and positions. The meeting did not deal with the details regarding the form of relations or what is specifically required to [establish relations]. That is the job of the [transitional] ruling council.”

Deadly Earthquake in Turkey Turns Rivers Blood Red
Ten days ago, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked eastern Turkey, killing 41 people and injured at least 1,600. The earthquake that was centered near Sivrice, Turkey also caused a series of aftershocks ranging from 3.3-5.4 in magnitude. Images of red water flowing into the river appeared on the internet soon after the earth stopped shaking. For the Biblically inclined, the image of a blood-red river evokes a stark message.

Iranians Concerned as Khomeini Refuses to Take Precautions Against CoronaVirus: Continues Trade, Flights from China as Usual
As many countries are taking precautions to safeguard their people against coronavirus, including limiting incoming flights from China as well as added layers of inspection for Chinese imports, Iran has decided to protect their trade with Bei Jing. This measure is causing fear among Iranians that it is only a matter of time before the pandemic becomes prevalent in the Islamic Republic reports the Gateway Pundit.

Was the Bible right? Inscription may confirm ancient Israel’s borders
A newly-discovered Hebrew-language inscription might confirm that the border of ancient Israel reached areas that some archaeologists were previously skeptical about, thus confirming the Bible’s account. The inscription was discovered at the site of Abel Beth-Maacah, archaeologists Dr. Naama Yahalom-Mack and Dr. Nava Panitz-Cohen from the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem told The Jerusalem Post. Abel Beth-Maacah is mentioned in the Bible several times.

Scientists discover radio signal relaying to Earth in steady 16-day cycles
Scientists have discovered the first ever fast radio bursts that beat at a steady rhythm, in addition to a mysterious repeating signal coming from another galaxy. The source of the radio burst is located in a galaxy approximately 500 million light years from Earth, pulsing on a consistent 16-day cycle. During the selected period, bursts repeated in periods of four days, and then disappeared for 12 days, representing a clear cycle of 16 days.

Hezbollah’s popularity seen waning as Lebanese protests continue
One critic says that with so much poverty, few today talk about ‘resistance’ against Israel, the Iran-backed Shi’ite group’s primary raison d’etre. Anti-government protestors continued to take to the streets of Beirut over the weekend, declaring their lack of confidence in the country’s new prime minister, Hassan Diab, and his cabinet.

Iran fails to place satellite into orbit, fourth failure in a row
Iran succeeded in launching a new satellite into outer space, but failed to place the satellite into orbit on Sunday, according to Iranian reports. All stages of the launch took place correctly, but the satellite did not reach the speed needed to inject the satellite into the desired orbit, according to the Iranian Fars news.

‘They’ve got to go’: Alan Dershowitz blasts Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer
“The Democrats need new leaders,” says Alan Dershowitz. “Chuck Schumer needs to go because of his history of lying.”

Netanyahu: Israel drawing up map for West Bank annexations
Israel has begun to draw up maps of land in the West Bank that will be annexed in accordance with U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposed peace plan, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday.

‘Enemy of mankind’: Coronavirus deaths top SARS as China returns to work
China’s ambassador to Britain described the newly identified virus as “the enemy of mankind” in a BBC interview on Sunday, but added it “is controllable, is preventable, is curable”. “At this moment is very difficult to predict when we are going to have an inflection point,” Liu Xiaoming said. “We certainly hope it will come soon, but the isolation and quarantine measures have been very effective.”

Normal Americans of sound mind and morals are being forced to confront a bizarre but inescapable truth…The Democratic Party has become essentially a gargantuan web of lies and liars – and little else. It’s difficult for normal people, restrained by a functioning conscience, to comprehend how politicians like Adam Schiff and Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi can look into a TV camera – which is to say, look right into the eyes of millions of people – and flat-out lie continually.

“Tip Of The Iceberg” – WHO Director Warns Of More Widespread Transmission As Virus Death Toll Tops 900 And 40,000 Confirmed Cases
And, as has been the case for the past weeks, the number of cases remains within spitting distance of 3,000, rising from yesterday’s 2,652 to 2,973, however this number is largely irrelevant: as Dr. Scott Gottlieb the increase in the number of confirmed cases is likely a function of China’s “testing reporting capacity”, which is roughly 3,000 per day . This means that every suspected case eventually becomes a confirmed cases, and only logistics limit how many new cases are actually being added any given day.

Israelis in ‘diplomatic blitz’ ahead of UN Security Council vote
Israelis at the UN are in the midst of a “diplomatic blitz” ahead of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Tuesday speech and a possible vote on a draft resolution condemning the US peace plan and settlement annexation. The US intended to veto the resolution, while other countries considered abstaining from the vote as of Monday morning.

US arranging meeting between Netanyahu and Saudi crown prince
Talks are being held between teams from Israel, the US, Egypt and Saudi Arabia on a potential summit in Cairo, whereby Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman could meet, according to a report in the Jewish News Syndicate. The JNS report is based on senior Arab diplomatic sources.

RUSSIAN ‘HIT’ Anti-Putin blogger has his throat slit in a hotel room after vocally opposing the Russian President
A PUTIN critic has been found with his throat slit in what police are calling a “politically motivated” assassination in a French hotel. Imran Aliev, 44, was found lying on the ground with “multiple wounds” in his chest and his throat slit with a bloodied knife next to it. Aliev has been a strong critic of Vladimir Putin and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov on his popular blog and youtube accounts for years…

Heavily-armed police and soldiers enter El Salvador parliament
Heavily-armed police and soldiers in El Salvador have forced their way into parliament, demanding the approval of a $109m (£85m) loan to better equip them. They entered the building as President Nayib Bukele was about to address lawmakers. Earlier, he gave them seven days to back his loan plan. Opposition politicians called the appearance of armed men in parliament an unprecedented act of intimidation.

Trump slashes foreign aid, cuts safety net programs in new budget proposal
U.S. President Donald Trump will propose on Monday a 21% cut in foreign aid and slashes to social safety-net programs in his $4.8 trillion budget proposal for fiscal 2021, according to senior administration officials. The budget would spend money to fund infrastructure projects and defense, but would also raise funds by targeting $2 trillion in savings from mandatory spending programs in the United States.

Taiwan again scrambles jets to intercept Chinese planes, tensions spike
Taiwan’s air force scrambled for a second day in a row…to intercept Chinese jets that approached the island…as tensions between the two took on a potentially dangerous military dimension. Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said Chinese jets, accompanying H-6 bombers…crossed an unofficial mid-line in the Taiwan Strait…prompting its air force to rush to intercept and give verbal warnings to leave.

‘We have Plan B’: Turkey warning over violation of Idlib deal
Turkey’s defence minister has warned that Ankara will change its plan of action in northwestern Syria if agreements over the last major rebel enclave in the country continue to be violated. Ankara and Moscow, which back opposing sides in the conflict, have brokered a ceasefire for Idlib where Syrian government forces backed by Russian jets have pressed ahead with a fierce assault…

Israel attacks Hamas ‘terror targets’ after projectile fired from enclave
Israeli forces attacked Hamas positions from the air early Monday, the army said, after militants in the Palestinian enclave fired a projectile at the Jewish state. The “aircraft and fighter jets targeted a number of Hamas terror targets in the southern Gaza Strip,” a statement from the Israeli army said, noting a Hamas “training compound and military infrastructures” were included in the attack.

First Contact?
Radio astronomers at the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment Fast Radio Burst Project (CHIME/FRB) in British Columbia have made an amazing discovery. They have discovered that a mystery radio source in a galaxy some 500 million lightyears from our solar system is sending out fast radio burst signals like clockwork in 16 days cycles and have been doing so since the Fall of 2018.

The Chain of Custody of the Virus Transfer From DARPA to Ukraine to Wuhan, China
..First, let it be said for the record, this is not the Coronavirus, at least not anymore. The mutations are so numerous that researchers I speak with have no idea what they are dealing with. And because the virus was bioengineered it is not following the “normal” predictable patterns of transmission and mutation.

Bodies piling up, Hubei Province funeral home workers pushed to near collapse as cremation centers burn HUNDREDS of bodies per day
Undercover journalists in China have documented appalling conditions in Hubei Province funeral homes that are processing the dead produced by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. According to reports published in Taiwan, bodies in China are piling up for a week as the cremation ovens are running 24/7, driving funeral home workers to near-collapse as they burn hundreds of bodies per day with no end in sight.

Massive child sacrifice gravesite shows that “indigenous” Native Americans were mass murderers
A popular leftist mantra suggests that European colonization of the United States was a horrible evil that displaced innocent “indigenous” people groups that always coexisted peacefully with one another. But historical reality shows that early Native Americans were actually hardened killers who thought nothing of sacrificing human children as gestures of homage to their many gods.

Why is the World Health Organization engaged in bioweapons research?
 In a recent interview with Infowars‘ Owen Shroyer, Dr. Francis Boyle, a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, talked about novel coronavirus, the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) in Wuhan, China, where it appears to have originated, and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) questionable involvement in bioweapons research.

Illegal aliens caught in child sex trafficking operation in Wisconsin
The Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office has arrested six people on December 11th in connection with a sex trafficking case, according to a news release.

Feminist comedian Michelle Wolf: Killing my baby made me feel like God
Michelle Wolf..got a new weapons grade joke designed to trigger conservatives, and well, we’ll give her credit. Combining blasphemy and abortion, Wolf joked that her own procedure made her feel so “powerful” that she felt like “God.”

Karl Marx gets shoutout during Best Documentary Oscars 2020 acceptance speech
…Julia Reichert, the co-director of best documentary winner “American Factory,” which was produced by former President Barack Obama’s new film company, apparently quoted from Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ infamous book during her acceptance speech on Sunday night.

Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan Is a Master Class in Negotiating Strategy
President Trump has just laid out a visionary plan for achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Rather than trying to reconcile the fundamentally conflicting priorities of the two sides, he came up with a practical solution that reflects realities on the ground in the fairest way possible.