8 Feb 2020

Khamenei says Iran is not posing any threat to other countries
Iran is not posing any threat to other countries, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Saturday, according to State TV, adding that Tehran was determined to guarantee its own security. “Iran poses no threat to any other country … Our only aim is to make sure our security is guaranteed,” Khamenei told a group of commanders and staff of Iran’s Air Force.

Federal Agencies Use Cellphone Location Data for Immigration Enforcement
The Trump administration has bought access to a commercial database that maps the movements of millions of cellphones in America and is using it for immigration and border enforcement…The location data is drawn from ordinary cellphone apps, including those for games, weather and e-commerce, for which the user has granted permission to log the phone’s location.

Kazakhstan: ‘Ethnic clashes’ kill eight, injure dozens
At least eight people have died and dozens have been injured in reported ethnic clashes in Kazakhstan. About 30 houses and 15 commercial properties were destroyed during the clash in Masanchi village on Friday. Ethnic Kazakhs clashed with members of the Dungan minority group and Hui Muslims, a group that migrated from China in the 19th Century, reports say.

Twitter says Facebook, Messenger accounts hacked
Twitter confirmed on Friday that the official Twitter accounts of social media giant Facebook Inc and its Messenger platform were hacked. A Twitter spokesperson said in an emailed statement that the accounts were hacked through a third-party platform. “As soon as we were made aware of the issue, we locked the compromised accounts and are working closely with our partners at Facebook to restore them,”…

Khamenei says Iran must become strong to end ‘enemy threat’
Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saturday that the Islamic republic must become strong enough to ward off the “enemy’s threats” and prevent a war. “We must become strong so that there will not be a war, become strong so that enemy’s threats will end,” Khamenei told a gathering of air force commanders and staff aired on state television.

Protests against US and Israel escalate in Palestine, Jordan
Despite the inclement weather in Jerusalem, for the second week in a row tens of thousands of Palestinians came out for pre-dawn prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, on Friday and remained at the site until noon prayers. Arab Israeli citizens said police turned their buses away to prevent them from reaching Jerusalem’s holy places.

Iraq considers deepening military ties with Russia
Iraq and Russia discussed prospects for deepening military coordination, Iraq’s Defense Ministry said Thursday, amid a strain in Baghdad-Washington relations after a U.S. airstrike killed a top Iranian general inside Iraq. The ministry statement followed a meeting in Baghdad between Iraqi army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Othman Al-Ghanimi and Russian Ambassador Maksim Maksimov…

White House Asks Scientists To Investigate Whether 2019-nCoV Was Bio-Engineered
“…one of the things that people are doing right now is very carefully looking at sequences to see if there’s even any possibility much less likelihood that [the virus was bio-engineered]…”

Damien rapidly strengthening as it tracks toward northwest Australian coast
As Damien continues to intensify over open water, forecasters say the severe tropical cyclone will unleash flooding rainfall and damaging winds over Australia’s Pilbara coast this weekend.

Powerful storm kills 5 across the Southeast, heavy snow and freezing rain continues across the Northeast, U.S.
A powerful winter storm hit the Southeast U.S. on Thursday, February 6, 2020, killing at least 5 people and wreaking havoc across the region. The storm will continue to bring heavy and snow and freezing rain for the interior Northeast on Friday, February 7, before drying out by Sunday, February 9, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Strong cold wave grips South Korea after warmest January on record
The strongest cold snap of the season has gripped South Korea this week, following their warmest January on record.

Atlantic Canada: Winter storm dumping heavy snow and freezing rain, postpone travel until conditions improve
A winter storm is forecast to continue engulfing and impacting much of Atlantic Canada as it intensifies by Friday evening, February 7, 2020. Schools and flights were canceled as a precaution, while Environment Canada warned residents to postpone travel until conditions ease.

You Won’t Find Any American Flags At The Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate, But You Will Find Radical Plans For Implementing Socialism In 2020
I checked in with the Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate from New Hampshire tonight, as I was curious to see how many American flags if any would be on display. After watching multiple feeds for several minutes, I can accurately report to you there were exactly none anywhere on the stage. But what was on display was radical plans and policies that will amount to implementing some level of Democratic Socialism should any of them be elected.

BREAKING: China to quarantine city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, causing “mad rush” to Hong Kong as (infected) citizens flee to other nations
This is a breaking news update from Natural News, translated from the Chinese language Liberty Times Netwebsite, which has produced some of the best reporting on the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

DOOM TOWN: Gay Mayor Pete Buttigieg Says His ‘Husband’ Chasten Will Be Called The ‘First Gentleman’ If He Is Elected As President In November
Do you think your vote doesn’t matter this year, eh? You think that because we have been so polarized by politics that you’re going to use your vote as a “silent protest” and not vote for anyone, is that it? You listen and you listen good, your vote matters more this year than at any time since our nation was first founded. Waste it at the peril of our republic, waste it at the peril of our lives, our liberties, and our mutual pursuit of happiness. Case in point is today’s short little article on gay mayor Pete Buttigieg and his first gentleman husband Chasten.

Immigrants Seek Damages From Employers
House lawmakers on Thursday passed a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to be eligible for damages from their employer if their labor rights are judged to have been violated — while rejecting a measure that would prevent unions from recruiting those in the country illegally.

We Are Wall-E – Cali Gov. Newsom Wants To Halt School Physical Education Tests
…discriminatory to non-binary students, as BMI screenings require students to select “male” or “female,” he said.