7 Feb 2020

Video Surfaces of Harvey Weinstein Thanking Michael Bloomberg Before Cracking Lewd Joke
Michael Bloomberg, as mayor of New York, honored Harvey Weinstein at a 2013 ceremony where the now-disgraced movie producer cracked sex jokes and praised the current 2020 Democratic presidential candidate for helping his movie production company after it fell on tough times, according to video that surfaced Friday. The Bloomberg campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Marxist Pope Says Tax Cuts are Sinful, Calls for Global Redistribution of Wealth
The Vatican is an idolatrous city that attempts to usurp the throne of Christ and the pope believes he speaks on behalf of Christ on Earth. Recently, the pope called for global wealth redistribution stating that tax cuts for the wealthy are sinful.

Donald Trump Blasts Nancy Pelosi While She’s On Stage With Him at National Prayer Breakfast
In the briefing following Trump’s acquittal, Nancy Pelosi told the audience that she “prays hard” for Donald Trump. Well, Donald Trump called her out on this for saying that she uses her faith to justify doing what she knows is wrong.
“I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong,” Trump said during the prayer breakfast speech, “Nor do I like people who say ‘I pray for you’ when they know that that’s not so.”

The Coronavirus Outbreak Shows “No Signs Of Slowing” As Crematoriums Burn Bodies 24 Hours A Day
even the mainstream media is admitting that the number of cases shows “no signs of slowing” even though the Chinese government has implemented draconian measures in a desperate attempt to contain the virus. Many in the western world continue to insist that this disease is not any more dangerous than the common flu, but the Chinese never locked down entire cities for the flu before. “All Wuhan cremation chambers are working 24 hours.”

China issues formal threat of DEATH for those that don’t comply with quarantine.
Recent announcement by Chinese judicial officer: Fail to report recent trip to #Wuhan may be charged Offender may receive severe punishment, even Death!

Bomb cyclone to drag atmospheric river to Europe, while jet stream may propel trans-Atlantic flights at speed of sound
A bomb cyclone is about to explode over the North Atlantic, and will help drag the weather system drenching the Southeast United States and its accompanying atmospheric river all the way to Europe. This weather system will smash into Britain after riding along a roaring jet stream reaching speeds over 250 mph. Air passengers hitching a flight along the same jet stream could travel at the speed of sound.

Russia convicts 2 Jehovah’s Witnesses amid crackdown
A court in Russia’s eastern Siberia on Tuesday convicted two Jehovah’s Witnesses of extremism because of their membership in the religious group, the latest in a wave of crackdown on the organization. Russia officially banned Jehovah’s Witnesses in 2017 and declared the group an extremist organization. The Kremlin has actively used vaguely worded extremism laws to crack down on opposition activists and religious minorities.

Excalibur S GPS/laser-guided artillery shell homes in on moving target
Raytheon and the US Navy have successfully fired a precision-guided munition that can be fired from a howitzer and zero in on a moving object. The recent test of the Excalibur S round not only demonstrated its ability to switch from GPS to laser guidance to find its target, but also that its electronics and sensors can withstand the shock of being fired out of a gun.

3.8 Earthquake Hits Northern Israel Near Mountain Where Elijah Performed Miracles
According to the IDF Homefront command, the earthquake measured 3.8 on the Richter scale. The Geophysical institute said that the source of the quake was 5.5 miles off the south-west coast of the Tirat Ha-Carmel. Tirat Hacarmel is located near Mount Carmel, where the prophet Elijah performed miracles to disprove the deities of Baal. Massive earthquakes in Israel are prophesied to accompany the multinational Gog and Magog conflict that will signal the end of times.

Terrorist Runs Over 12 IDF Soldiers in Jerusalem: Perpetrator Still at Large
A car-ramming attack took place in Jerusalem on early Thursday morning. Soldiers from the IDF’s Golani Unit were walking near an outdoor foodcourt in Jerusalem known as the ‘First Station’ when a suspected terrorist rammed his vehicle into the group injuring 12 soldiers and leaving one in serious condition. Fourteen people in total were injured from the attack with twelve of them being soldiers…

DHS suspends Global Entry for New Yorkers due to ‘sanctuary city’ laws
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced it is halting enrollments of New York residents into Trusted Traveler Programs over the state’s recent law forbidding the transfer of driver’s license information to the DHS. Wolf said the law “compromises CBP’s ability to confirm whether an individual applying for TTP membership meets program eligibility requirements.”

Trump Admin Inadvertently Highlights Bright Side of Increased Antisemitism: More Immigration to Israel
U.S. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said on Wednesday that Israeli settlements would continue to grow because of rising anti-Semitism worldwide, meaning that more Jews would immigrate to Israel.

Scientists in Israel grow date plants from 2,000-year-old seeds
A handful of date seeds from fruit that ripened around the time of Jesus have been successfully planted and grown in southern Israel, researchers have revealed.

Avalanches kill at least 38 in eastern Turkey
At least 33 people were killed in eastern Turkey Wednesday by a second avalanche which buried a team of rescuers searching for people hit by the first the day before.

President Trump Orders Operation In Yemen That Killed Al-Qaeda Leader Qassim al-Rimi The Man Behind Deadly Naval Air Station Attack In 2019
To say that President Trump is on a roll just might be the understatement of the year, he is on much more than a roll. With poll numbers soaring, acquittal from the Senate, and a highly energized GOP that gives him a 92% approval rating, what more could you ask for? Earlier today, President Trump announced that on his direction an operation was carried out in Yemen which resulted in the death of the Al-Qaeda leader Qassim al-Rimi who was behind the attacks at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida last year. Yes sir, the president is on a roll.

Australia welcomes drought-easing drenching, even as it brings floods
The east coast of Australia welcomed the heaviest drenching in years on Friday, dousing some of the country’s most damaging and long-running wildfires and easing a drought that has crippled farming across two states.

Confidential banking records related to Hunter Biden in Senate hands: Report
The U.S. Treasury Department has started turning over confidential banking records related to Hunter Biden in response to requests from Senate investigative committees.

Nigerian Church Burned, at Least 32 Christians Killed in Three Separate Attacks on Plateau State Villages
New reports out of Nigeria indicate Muslim Fulani herdsmen have launched more murderous attacks against Christian villages.

Rising Gay Democratic Star Pete Buttigieg Says That Christianity ‘Must Move To A More Inclusive Vision’ To Accommodate The LGBTQP Community
Gay mayor Pete Buttigieg is on the warpath, and the main target in his sights in vice president Mike Pence, right behind that is the biblical model of Christianity. Buttigieg says that it’s time to more on from that old model, to something that is more ‘inclusive’ and ‘humane’. Why? Because the bible is against the LGBTQ+P for pedophile lifestyle, and Mayor Pete is not happy with that.

Normalization of Pedophilia: Psychopaths Try to Recreate Society in Their Own Image
The mainstream media spreads the idea that psychologists classify pedophilia as a sexual orientation and not a mental disorder, thereby creating room for debate about the possible acceptance of this ‘orientation’.

Proof That Democrats Rigged Iowa Caucus To Favor Buttigieg And Block Sanders, George Soros Financed Failed Voting App From Hillary Tech Guru
The dust from the failed Democratic Iowa Caucus is still floating down, trying to settle, but recent revelations are rendering that impossible. Yesterday we learned that end times villain George Soros gave millions of dollars to Shadow Inc., the company that made the voter app used by the Democrats to control caucus voting. Well, it controlled it alright, so much so that the entire system imploded sending the Democratic caucus into paroxysms of chaos and confusion. Evidentially, George Soros got what he paid for. Give the Devil his due, good job, George.

Tax the Rich: Pope Francis Calls for Global Wealth Redistribution
Tax cuts for the wealthy constitute a “structure of sin,” Pope Francis said Wednesday in a passionate address calling for international wealth redistribution.

Containment BREACHED: The nCoV coronavirus is out of control; mainstream health experts warn world to prepare for global spread
It’s now clear the coronavirus pandemic has broken containment and is self-replicating beyond control. As the corporate-controlled media still pretends the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t exist, it has already spread beyond any reasonable hope of containment, health experts are now warning. China cannot contain it. Instead, they lie about it, and the left-wing media follows suit, pretending that lying about a pandemic is somehow a treatment to stop it.

Here It Is: One Bank Finally Explains How The Fed’s Balance Sheet Expansion Pushes Stocks Higher
“Today’s content is about the mechanism the markets haven’t quite recognized yet.”