30 Jan 2020

Locust Swarm of ‘Biblical Proportions’ Plagues Eastern Africa
A swarm of locusts passed through the Middle East last year, eating their way through Somalia and Ethiopia on their way to East Africa. Migrating with the wind, the locusts can cover up to 150km in a single day. The problem came to a head last week when a “super-swarm” almost 600 square miles across was spotted last week on its way into Kenya, signaling its worst infestation of locusts in 70 years.

Mystic Rabbi Predicts Plague of Natural Disasters Throughout U.S will Prevent his Peace Deal from Succeeding
An Israeli mystic known for astounding predictions described Trump’s Deal of the Century even before Jared Kushner began working on it. But the rabbi’s prediction came with a warning: massive natural disasters would prevent the deal from being actualized. And the deal would mark an irreversible rise in anti-Semitism.

Palestinian “Expert”: “Israel is Building the Third Temple Under the Aqsa Mosque”
Official PA TV reporter: “There is construction work taking place under the Al-Aqsa Mosque to build the alleged Temple of Solomon…”

Netanyahu pledges Israel ‘will not contradict in any way’ Trump’s plan
Israeli prime minister reiterates his support for newly unveiled peace plan: “This is the opportunity of a lifetime for Israel, for the Palestinians and for peace.” Defense minister Bennett echoes Netanyahu: “Last night history knocked on the door.”

Silence speaks louder than words as Arab leaders signal PA has exhausted their patience
Arab leaders have more pressing domestic and international issues to attend to than the obstinacy of the Palestinian leadership, which has consistently rejected every peace plan ever presented to it.

US evacuees from China placed under 72-hour ‘hold’ at military base
Nearly 200 Americans airlifted from China in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak arrived on Wednesday at a US military base in California, where they will remain isolated for at least 72 hours of medical evaluation, public health officials said.

British Airways suspends all flights to China over coronavirus
British Airways has suspended all direct flights to and from mainland China, one of the biggest names in aviation to do so, as worries grow about the impact of a spreading coronavirus on global travel.

European Parliament ratifies Brexit deal.
Britain’s departure from the European Union set in law, to take effect at midnight on Friday.

WHO sets global risk level to ‘high’ as nearly 1 in 4 infected end up dead or in severe condition
The World Health Organization has changed the status of the novel coronavirus, raising its threat level to “high” amid increasing global transmission and mounting deaths.

Reporters Claim To Have Proof China Lying About Virus Death Toll As Total Cases Near 8,000; Another 12,000 Suspected
China’s NHC just released another up . China now admits to 7,771 cases across the country, Adding nearly 1,800 from 5,974 yesterday. The death toll has climbed to 170, and 170 patients have been cured. Some 31 cases were labeled “severe” and nearly 82,000 are under observation. What is perhaps most shocking is that the number of suspected cases soared by nearly 3,000 overnight from 9,239 to 12,167.

Trump signs NAFTA replacement into law
President Donald Trump signed his proposed replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement on Wednesday, clearing the way for expected approvals in Canada and Mexico and delivering a measure of trade certainty to automakers.

In the US, Liberty University’s Falwell throws support behind ‘Vexit’
Jerry Falwell Jr, president of Liberty University, has voiced his support for efforts to allow counties in Virginia unhappy with the state’s Democrat-controlled Legislature to join West Virginia.

‘Trump’s Peace Deal is Akin to Decree of King Cyrus Paving Path For Third Temple’ says Israeli Politician
While people on both the Arab and the Israeli side are still considering the possible implications of President Trump’ ‘Deal of the Century’ revealed on Tuesday, one insightful Israeli declared it to be “the declaration of Cyrus in our time.”

Netanyahu meets with Putin to discuss Trump’s peace plan
Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at the Kremlin and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday. “This visit symbolizes our ties getting even closer,” Netanyahu said, highlighting that Putin was the first international leader he met to discuss the release of the Trump administration’s peace plan after his meetings in Washington.

Israel braces for Temple Mount clashes after ‘Deal of Century’ released
Israeli security forces are bracing for possible clashes on the Temple Mount during Friday prayers, as tensions rise after the announcement of US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan on Tuesday. Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque in the past few weeks have been used to protest against Israeli actions at the site.

Coronavirus: Death toll rises as virus spreads to every Chinese region
The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 170, and a confirmed case in Tibet means it has reached every region in mainland China. Chinese health authorities said there were 7,711 confirmed cases in the country as of 29 January. Infections have also spread to at least 15 other countries.

US-Mexico border: ‘Longest ever’ smuggling tunnel discovered
US officials say they have discovered the longest smuggling tunnel ever found on the border with Mexico. Stretching for 4,309ft (1,313m), the tunnel had a lift, rail track, drainage and air ventilation systems, and high voltage electrical cables. The passageway connected an industrial site in the Mexican city of Tijuana to the San Diego area in California.

Kushner repeats call for Israel to wait on West Bank sovereignty
The chief architect of the newly unveiled U.S. plan for Middle East peace has reiterated an American warning against Israel rushing to annex the areas of the West Bank in which it has settlements. White House senior adviser Jared Kushner…said Washington wants Israel to wait until after its March 2 elections before making any moves towards annexation following the announcement of the Trump peace plan…

Gantz says will bring U.S. peace plan for Knesset approval next week
Blue & White chairman Benny Gantz announced…he will bring a peace plan for the Middle East proposed by U.S. President Donald Trump for Knesset approval next week. “In recent months, we met with U.S. President Donald Trump’s team, led by his adviser Jared Kushner, U.S. Ambassador David Friedman and Ambassador to the Middle East Avi Berkowitz, and discussed the U.S. government’s peace plan,” said Gantz…

CDC Diverts Flight of American Evacuees to Military Base in California as Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads
The CDC ordered a flight of up to 240 American evacuees from the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic region to be diverted to a military base in the United States, reports The Epoch Times.

Kazakhstan Struck By Snowpocalypse
Authorities in the Kazakh capital declared a state of emergency after a winter storm pummeled the city with strong winds and heavy snowfall. Transportation links to and from Nur-Sultan were cut on January 27, while all schools in the capital were closed.

In Shocking Development, Arab Nations Across Middle East Support Trump Peace Plan Tell Palestinians To Return To Negotiating Table With Israel
On Tuesday, I wrote an article where I said to “look for the wildcard” as President Trump prepared to roll out his long-awaited Peace Plan at the White House. Here we are a scant 48 hours later, and we have our wildcard, and boy, it’s a good one. Arab leaders across the Middle East in place like the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia today are urging the Palestinians to accept the Trump Peace Plan, and return to the negotiating table. Let that little nugget sink in for a moment, is that “come up hither” sounding faintly in the distance?

Pope Francis Summons Microsoft And IBM Heads To Rome To Sign ‘Call For Ethics’ Covenant Ensuring The Vatican Retains Seat At AI Technology Table
Throughout their 1,700 year history, the Roman Catholic Church has been about money, power and control. As political Rome began to fade from power, it declared Christianity to be the state religion, such a pagan notion, and re-branded itself as a papal power. For none thousand years, the Roman Catholic harlot, the counterfeit Christian church, amassed wealth on a level that is impossible to fathom by any standard. They have always been about the money, and today’s story shows you that.

Is AIDS US $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund?
Well over a hundred billion dollars has siphoned through the hands of individuals with scandalous histories, with over $90 billion from the U.S. Government (taxpayers) alone, via PEPFAR.

Facebook Teams with George Soros-Funded ‘Fact-Checker’ to Filter News Feed
Facebook is now partnering with another George Soros-funded “fact-checker” that will be employed to filter out posts from its News Feed that it deems to be “fake news.”

Pastor Rick Wiles From TruNews Makes The Ridiculous Statements That Wuhan Coronavirus Is A ‘Judgment From God’ And That ‘Jesus Believers Are Immune’
Laodicean pastor Rick Wiles likes to make truth-challenged inflammatory statements, so much so that he has landed on our end times radar this morning. For those of you who may not have heard of him, let’s get you up to speed. First off, Rick Wiles is a hardcore anti-semite and anti-zionist preacher who has claimed that the current attacks against President Trump are the result of a ‘Jew coup‘ to take him down. I find it ironic that his website is called TruNews because you won’t find much truth in what comes out of Rick Wiles mouth.

Mom Catches Pedophile Trying to Rape Child, Blows His Head Off With Shotgun
A notorious pedophile has been found dead by police after a mother blew his head off with a shotgun when he tried to rape her 12-year-old child.

Biden’s Sister Sent Millions of Joe’s Campaign Dollars to Her Own Firm
Valerie Biden Owens, the sister of former vice president Joe Biden (D), who served as the campaign manager for his past presidential campaigns, directed $2.5 million from “Citizens for Biden” and “Biden for President Inc.” to her own consulting firm during her brother’s 2008 presidential bid alone..

Mercola: New Thought Police ‘NewsGuard’ Is Owned By Big Pharma
The media is using a variety of tactics to restrict your access to the truth from websites like mine, including NewsGuard, a self-appointed internet watchdog that sells a browser plugin to rate websites on nine criteria of credibility and transparency. Before I delve further into NewsGuard and its underlying agenda, it’s important to look at who funds it.