29 Jan 2020

Alyssa Ahlgren: The Only Argument for Abortion
The question is no longer when does life begin. That science has been settled. When a human embryo is formed at conception, a completely separate set of DNA is created and life begins. An honest pro-abortion advocate will concede to the fact that life begins at conception. The question has always been and still remains, does that life have value? This is where the debate begins. Those who champion the hyperbolic slogan of “women’s choice” argue that a woman’s convenience and circumstance outweigh the life inside of her. The life that encompasses an entirely separate body, brain, autonomy, and DNA code. A life that is half of her. A life that is her child.

With Putin’s Proposed Changes, Russia Begins Its Transition to One-Party Rule
On January 15, 2020, in his State of the Nation address to the Russian political elite, Russian president Vladimir Putin proposed some major constitutional amendments, perhaps the most significant of which was a boost of power for the State Duma (Russia’s parliament). With these moves, Putin is carving out significant political space for himself to occupy after the expiration of his presidential term.

Many Planes Actually Made It Out Of Wuhan Yesterday And Today
Just like that, more than 1,000 people on three flights from China walked into Canada without medical screening. If the coronavirus happens to be incubating in any one of those passengers who arrived at Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 3 on Monday, they are now mingling with Canadian residents. Please note that Scientists Estimate 44,000 Virus Cases, Doubling Every 6 Days.

Number Of Coronavirus Cases Surpasses SARS As China Holds 60k Under ‘Observation’
Japan, Germany confirm human-to-human transmission. US, UK warn citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to China. 6,049 cases confirmed; 131 deaths.

Kushner: Palestinians have a perfect track record of blowing every opportunity
Jared Kushner on Tuesday admonished Palestinian Arabs not to blow their “big opportunity” to achieve peace with Israel. “It’s a big opportunity for the Palestinians and they have a perfect track record of blowing every opportunity they’ve had in their past, but perhaps maybe their leadership will read the details of it, stop posturing and do what’s best to try to make the Palestinians’ lives better,” he added.

‘Mr. President, Israel is blessed to have your friendship and your powerful leadership’
This is a historic day and it recalls another historic day. We remember May 14, 1948, because on that day President Truman became the first world leader to recognize the State of Israel after our first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion declared our independence. That day chartered a brilliant future.

Powerful earthquake strikes south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica
A powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck in the Caribbean Sea between Jamaica and eastern Cuba on Tuesday, shaking a vast area from Mexico to Florida and beyond, but there were no immediate reports of casualties or heavy damage.

Christian Killing Fields Ignored By Western Media
“An ongoing Islamic extremist project to exterminate Christians in sub-Saharan Africa is even more brutal and more consequential for the Church than it is in the Middle East, the place where Christians suffered ISIS ‘genocide’, as the U.S. government officially designated.”

‘Miracle Worker’ Rabbi Predicts: Trump’s ‘Peace’ Deal Won’t Succeed Because Messiah Will Come First
While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discusses President Trump’s plan for the Middle East, political pundits weigh in on what the ‘Deal of the Century’ actually entails. Two Israeli mystics have spoken, both predicting that the political program endorsed by the most powerful country in the world will never be actualized.

Israeli Woman on Temple Mount Calls for the Messiah to Arrive
Yaffa Musai, who works at an organization that prepares for the 3rd Temple, explains who is the Messiah according to Jewish tradition. What is the connection between the Messiah and the Holy of Holies? (video)

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, UAE welcome Trump peace plan
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, and the UAE on Tuesday issued statements welcoming the Trump administration’s peace plan. “The Kingdom reiterates its support for all efforts aimed at reaching a just and comprehensive resolution to the Palestinian cause,” said the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Indonesia’s Aceh unveils new female flogging squad
The masked woman nervously approaches her target, shuffles into position and then unleashes a flurry of lashes — proving herself as the newest member of the first female flogging squad in Indonesia’s Aceh province. The new recruit initially needed some coaxing to punish the offender — an unmarried woman caught in a hotel room with a man.

Coronavirus: Australian scientists first to recreate virus outside China
Scientists in Australia have become the first to recreate the new coronavirus outside of China in what they have called a “significant breakthrough”. The discovery will be shared with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the hope it may help efforts to diagnose and treat the virus. Scientists in China have also recreated the virus and shared its genome sequence, but not the virus itself.

Trump to sign North American trade pact at White House; key Democrats not invited
U.S. President Donald Trump will sign a new North American trade agreement on Wednesday in an outdoor ceremony at the White House to be attended by about 400 guests – but not the key Democrats who helped secure congressional passage of the deal. Guests invited to the South Lawn signing include lawmakers from around the country, workers, farmers, and CEOs, as well as officials from Mexico and Canada…

Hamas: ‘All options open’ following Trump ‘conspiracies’ with Israel
Palestinian terror group Hamas on Tuesday dismissed U.S. President Donald Trump’s long-awaited Middle East peace plan as “conspiracies” and warned “all options are open” in response. “We are certain that our Palestinian people will not let these conspiracies pass. So, all options are open,” said senior Hamas official Khalil al-Hayya.

Daesh tries to stage comeback amid rising US-Iran tensions
The Daesh group’s self-styled “caliphate” across parts of Iraq and Syria seemed largely defeated last year, with the loss of its territory, the killing of its founder in a US raid and an unprecedented crackdown on its social media propaganda machine. But tensions between the US and Iran and the resulting clash over the US military presence in the region provide a comeback opportunity for the extremist group…

Major M7.7 earthquake hits between Cuba and Jamaica, followed by M6.1 near Cayman Islands
A powerful earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.7 hit off the southern coast of Cuba at 19:10 UTC (14:10 LT) on January 28, 2020. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Heavy monsoon rains drench Queensland, causing widespread floods, Australia
A nearly stationary monsoonal low close to the Gulf of Carpentaria is driving very humid air toward Queensland, with heaviest rains in the state’s northeast and tropical coast. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued several flood warnings on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, as rains inundated streets and prompted school closures.

Madagascar declares national emergency as massive floods claim 31 lives and inundate more than 10 000 homes
The government of Madagascar has declared a national emergency on Monday, January 27, 2020, following days of intense downpour that triggered widespread flooding and devastations across the country. The severe weather has so far claimed 31 lives, displaced more than 16 000 people and affected nearly 107 000 since January 20.

DO THE MATH: Wuhan Region Urgently Adding 100,000 Hospital Beds as Official Chinese Government Claims Outbreak Only Affecting 4,000 People
As The Epoch Times is now reporting, China’s Hubei Province, which encompasses the Wuhan region known as “ground zero” for the coronavirus outbreak, is urgently adding 100,000 hospital beds even as the official infection numbers from the Chinese government are barely above 2,900.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation & Others Predicted Up To 65 Million Deaths Via Coronavirus – In Simulation Ran 3 Months Ago!
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted a pandemic exercise in late 2019 that simulated a global coronavirus outbreak.

FBI Arrests Top San Francisco Official Mohammed Nuru In Corruption Probe: ‘Bribery, Kickbacks, Side Deals’
The FBI just arrested a very well-connected and high ranking San Francisco employee for “corruption, bribery, side deals from one of San Francisco’s highest-ranking public employees.”

Kobe Bryant And Nike Created The Kobe System Brand That’s Filled With More Illuminati Symbolism And Satanic References Than You Can Imagine
Kobe Bryant was a man driven to success, you might also say he was a man possessed as well. I am not a huge basketball fan, so I only knew of him when seeing some game he played in when he was still active, or in a passing news byte of his time after

Study Shows Giza Pyramid Concentrates Energy Within its Chambers
… a group of physicists has discovered that the Great Pyramid can concentrate electromagnetic energy, leading scientists to believe they can use this ancient schema to create new nanoparticles for use in sensors and improved photovoltaic cells

With Netanyahu By His Side, President Trump Unveils His ‘Deal Of The Century’ Plan For Peace With Jerusalem As Undivided Capital Of Israel
Well, I have to admit, Trump’s Peace Plan is actually pretty good, all things considered. It was strong, it stands for Israel while at the same time acknowledging the Palestinian reality. It even retains all of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel. Amazingly, PM Netanyahu agreed to return to the negotiation table with the Palestinians and reopen peace talks with the Palestinians. That by itself is a huge step.

Palestinian Demonstrators In Ramallah Set Fires To Protest Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan Without Having Heard Any Of The Actual Details Of It
In typical Palestinian style, without ever actually hearing what the details of Trump’s peace plan is, they have already decided to reject it and set stuff on fire. That’s because they don’t want a peace plan, they want to steal Jerusalem and use it to create a Palestinian state.

Hong Kong and Russia limit travel from China to halt spread of coronavirus
Hong Kong will sever rail connections to the mainland, and Russia closed its border with China to halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Adam Schiff’s collusion with oligarch, Ukrainian arms dealer, exposed
What drives Adam Schiff’s never-ending Russia hysteria? When in doubt follow the money. Congressman Schiff’s well documented Putin obsession may have something to do with his billionaire, military complex, oligarch patron from Ukraine.

For First Time Ever, Drag Queens Will Be Featured In Super Bowl LIV Ad, Marking The Ongoing Relentless Push By Global Elites To Normalize Perversion
Bit by bit, the rising tide of end times darkness is wearing down the opposition in its quest to normalize that which is not normal, to promote the perverse to a culture that is increasingly unable to discern right from wrong.

Sen. Rick Scott: Boris, please don’t let communist China into your 5G networks
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is positioned to lead the United Kingdom through an exciting and transformative time. The challenges and risks associated with the U.K.’s exit from the European Union also present many opportunities, including the opportunity to build on the already strong economic relationship between the two countries.