26 Jan 2020

First Israelis permitted to limited visit in Saudi Arabia
Interior Minister Aryeh Deri…permitted a select number of Israelis to be the first with permission to visit Saudi Arabia. The visit is limited to nine days and…only…for religious worship purposes or for business meetings and funding…Travelers would still need permission from the Saudi authorities to gain entry to the country on top of initial permission from the State of Israel.

China coronavirus ‘spreads before symptoms show’
A new coronavirus that has spread to almost 2,000 people is infectious in its incubation period – before symptoms show – making it harder to contain, Chinese officials say. Some 56 people have died from the virus. Health minister Ma Xiaowei told reporters the ability of the virus to spread appeared to be strengthening.

Iraqi security forces raid Baghdad protest site
Iraqi security forces have moved against the main anti-government protest site in central Baghdad. They fired live ammunition and tear gas as they began removing tents and concrete barriers near Tahrir Square and a bridge across the Tigris river, eyewitnesses say. Several people are reported to have been injured in Saturday’s clashes.

Russia, Turkey emerge political frontrunners in Libya: Report
Russia and Turkey have formed an alliance to exploit insolvency of the West in the Libyan crisis to pose as sponsors of a future political solution in the North African country, according to a report by French newspaper Le Monde. Libya, a large oil producer, has been engulfed by chaos since 2011 when longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed in an uprising.

Israeli aircraft strike Gaza sites after balloon launches
Israeli aircraft struck several sites for Gaza militants late Saturday in response to incendiary balloons launched from the Palestinian enclave. The Israeli military said the sites belonged to Hamas, the Islamic group ruling the territory, and included weapons manufacturing and intelligence-gathering facilities. There were no reports of injuries from the airstrikes in southern Gaza Strip.

Turkey Moves Toward Passage Of Controversial “Marry Your Rapist” Law
Under this legislation, men accused of having sex with underaged girls could avoid punishment if they marry their victims…

Personal identification – People can now be identified at a distance by their heartbeat
..This system, dubbed Jetson, is able to measure, from up to 200 metres away, the minute vibrations induced in clothing by someone’s heartbeat. Since hearts differ in both shape and contraction pattern, the details of heartbeats differ, too. The effect of this on the fabric of garments produces what Ideal Innovations, a firm involved in the Jetson project, calls a “heartprint”—a pattern reckoned sufficiently distinctive to confirm someone’s identity.

More than 2,000 now infected with coronavirus; 56 dead in China
More than 2,000 people globally have been infected with a new coronavirus, the vast majority of them in China, where 56 people have died from the disease, according to figures released on Sunday.

Virginia Goes Full Libtard, Passes Transgender Educational Mandates for Children, Other Pro-LGBT Measures
Now that Virginia’s legislature is filled with Democrats, they are wasting no time in passing crazy bills that the people of Virginia will not likely support.

Oprah Winfrey And Stephen Colbert Take Turns Mocking God, Jesus And The Bible On The Late Show
The other night on the Stephen Colbert show, Colbert discussed with guest Oprah Winfrey the possibility of her running for president in 2020. Winfrey famously said not too long ago that if she were to run for president, she would need a ‘sign from God’.

Don’t buy the media hype over the new China virus
A CNN reporter broadcasts from Wuhan, China, on the recent viral outbreak. There is nobody near who could possibly infect him ­— unless the cameraman has Guinness Book of Records coughs and sneezes. So why does he insist on wearing a blue surgical mask while talking?

At least 22 killed and 1 030 injured after M6.8 earthquake in eastern Turkey
At least 22 people have been killed and 1 030 injured after a shallow M6.8 earthquake hit near the town of Sivrice in eastern Turkey’s Elazig province at 17:55 UTC (20:55 local time) on January 24, 2020.

CHRISLAM COVENANT: Is Trump Preparing To Combine His ‘Deal Of The Century’ Middle East Peace Plan With Pope Francis’ Abrahamic Faiths Initiative?
Suddenly, everything begins to makes sense. From one side, I have been watching Donald Trump over the past three and a half years, the man that God placed in power of the world’s strongest and most-prosperous nation, doing amazing things for the nation of Israel. The thing he wants most to do in Israel is his ‘Deal Of The Century‘ Middle East Peace Plan, headed up by his Jewish son in law, Jared Kushner.

US to evacuate citizens in Chinese city at center of coronavirus outbreak
The United States is organizing a charter flight to evacuate diplomats and citizens from the Chinese city where the recent coronavirus outbreak originated.

Coronavirus “Perfect Storm” Now Exists Thanks to Biosludge, Open Borders, Filthy Liberal Cities
The horrendously bad decisions of human beings who hold power in government, media and industry have brought the human race to a “perfect storm” of conditions that will strongly contribute to the spread and fatalities of the coronavirus pandemic now threatening the world.

A Pandemic Is Now Unavoidable!!! Tens of Millions at Risk
The grainy thumbnail document is from DHS and it is written in the tone that a pandemic is inevitable. The document is written for DHS agents in a manner so as to advise them how to minimize exposure. To re-emphasize, this document tells me that a pandemic is unavoidable in the United States.

DNA Tests at Border Reveal Many Cases of Deception by Illegal Immigrants|
Posing as a family used to be a surefire way for illegal immigrants to gain quick release into the United States. But measures at the border are slowly shutting down the illegal immigrants’ tactics and ferreting out fake families.