19 Jan 2020

Tropical Cyclone becomes ‘severe’ category 3, horrid conditions to ‘churn up’ Kiwi beaches
A ferocious tropical cyclone terrorising the Pacific is now a “severe” category 3 storm and could soon create horrid conditions for Kiwi beach-goers. Tropical Cyclone Tino has ripped across several Fijian islands and now is heading southeast, with central parts of Tonga in its sights. Two people are missing after the storm struck Fiji.

No immediate injuries reported after earthquake shakes Indonesia
The magnitude 6.0 quake was centred 141 kilometres west of Abepura city at a depth of 33.6 kilometres, the U.S. Geological Survey said. Rahmat Triyono, head of Indonesia’s earthquake and tsunami centre, said in a statement the inland earthquake did not have the potential to cause a tsunami…

Judge Smacks Down Transgender Pronouns, Says They’re a Courtesy, Not a Right for People Before the Court
In an advisory opinion Wednesday, as The Hill reported, Duncan said that it was “convention,” not “binding precedent,” for the courts to refer to a transgender-identifying litigant by their chosen gender pronouns. “No authority supports the proposition that we may require litigants, judges, court personnel, or anyone else to refer to gender-dysphoric litigants with pronouns matching their subjective gender identity,” Duncan’s opinion read.

Netanyahu to bring up Iran to leaders in town for Holocaust Forum
Iran’s nuclear ambitions will be on the agenda for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meetings with world leaders visiting Jerusalem this week for the Fifth World Holocaust Forum, he said at the opening of Sunday’s cabinet meeting. Netanyahu is expected to meet with US Vice President Mike Pence, Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron, among others…

IDF laying new infrastructure to detect sounds of Hezbollah digging
A year after Operation Northern Shield destroyed six cross-border attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah, the Israeli army has begun deploying new sensors along the border with Lebanon that are able to detect and identify any sounds of new digging by the terrorist group. IDF spokesman…said…the…acoustic and seismic data that will be used as a preventative measure…

Australia fires: Victoria braces for severe storms
Forecasters have warned of severe storms in Australia’s fire-hit state of Victoria, which could lead to flooding. Recent heavy rains have dampened many of the country’s bushfires, but also led to power cuts and road closures. The fires, which began in September, have claimed at least 28 lives, destroyed thousands of homes and scorched millions of acres of land.

Yemen war: At least 70 soldiers killed in missile attack
A missile attack on a military training camp in Yemen has killed at least 70 soldiers. Dozens of others were wounded in the strike in the central province of Marib on Saturday, officials say. The camp, about 170km (105 miles) east of the capital, Sanaa, targeted a mosque as people gathered for prayer, military sources told Reuters.

Virginia braces for enormous gun-rights rally Monday
The convoys and militias are coming, if social media posts are to be believed, headed to Virginia’s capital on Monday to take a stand for gun rights – or, in the words of some, to fan the flames of a civil war. “I’ll be rolling into town early. I can’t give you my exact time for security reasons,” said Christian Yingling, head of the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia…

The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It
…Hoan Ton-That’s greatest hits included an obscure iPhone game and an app that let people put Donald Trump’s distinctive yellow hair on their own photos. Then Mr. Ton-That…invented a tool that could end your ability to walk down the street anonymously, and provided it to hundreds of law enforcement agencies, ranging from local cops in Florida to the F.B.I. and the Department of Homeland Security.

Iran may review cooperation with IAEA if EU pressure mounts
Iran will review its cooperation with the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog should it face “unjust” measures, Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani said, after EU powers last week triggered a dispute mechanism under Tehran’s 2015 nuclear deal. The move by France, Britain and Germany amounts to formally accusing Iran of violating the terms of the deal and could lead eventually to reimposing U.N. sanctions…

Scores wounded as Lebanon’s anti-gov’t protests turn violent
Scores of people have been wounded in Beirut after security forces used tear gas and water cannon to disperse crowds of anti-government protesters trying to reach Martyrs’ Square, the hub of a months-long protest movement calling for changes to Lebanon’s political and financial systems. On Saturday, demonstrators set out…in a march towards the city centre under the slogan: “We won’t pay the price.”

Turkey, Russia and the Libyan conundrum
Since the outbreak of the Libyan revolution in 2011…international involvement in Libya has gradually escalated. Although some Western states took a step back in recent years, there has been growing intervention by other countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), France, Turkey, Russia and Egypt, which have all been looking to secure their own interests in the post-Gaddafi era.

Erdogan issues new terror warning to Europe over conflict in Libya
Europe will face a new terrorist threat unless it steps up its support for the beleaguered Libyan government in Tripoli, Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned on Saturday. The Turkish president spoke on the eve of a UN-sponsored summit of world leaders in Berlin aimed at resolving the conflict between Tripoli’s UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) and the Libya National Army (LNA)…

Iran says it is preparing for satellite launch
Iran said Sunday that two newly constructed satellites have passed pre-launch tests and will be transported to the nation’s space center for eventual launch, without elaborating. Telecommunications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi tweeted about the development, calling it an “important research step.”

False Flag? Fmr CIA Officer Suggests US Hacked Ukrainian Plane Transponder To Provoke Iran Shootdown
Philip Giraldi, a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the CIA, penned a piece in the American Herald Tribune speculating that the U.S. launched several cyber-attacks, one on an Iranian missile defense system, and another on the transponder of the doomed Ukrainian plane.

F-18 Fighters To Drop Live Bombs On Florida Swamp This Weekend
According to a statement published by the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, the US Navy is preparing to conduct live bombing raids with fighter jets at a training facility in the middle of Florida this weekend.

7-year-old children left psychologically terrorized after hearing Greta Thunberg speech… “I don’t want to die!”
Children have been coming home from school afraid for their future, afraid for their lives. Some kids now believe they have less than ten years to live because of something that has been pounded in their heads — a political dogma called climate change.

Did You Know That 2020 Socialist Candidate For President Bernie Sanders Supported Iran During The 444 Days Of The 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis?
ow far has America fallen in just 41 short years? We have fallen so far that the most popular Democratic candidate for president in 2020 is a hardcore Socialist Communist who sided with Iran and against America during the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis. That same man in 2020 displays an open hatred for Israel and is still siding with Iranagainst America. Of course, I can only be talking about Bernie Sanders. The terror-supporting nation of Iran never had a better friend than Bernie Sanders, now imagine him as president.

Worst locust plague in 60 years, roughly 360 000 ha (890 000 acres) of crops damaged in Rajasthan
At least 360 000 ha (890 000 acres) of crops have been affected in Rajasthan’s 10 districts in the midst of the state’s worst locust infestation in 60 years. The plague has been severe in Sriganganagar, with 75% of standing crops being damaged, as of January 18, 2020.

Virginia Governor Northam’s Intent To Bring In the UN Blocked by Trump
The Virginia Governor wants to bring in UN Peacekeeprs to enforce his gun confiscation policies and to actually begin the process of collecting Patriot guns. Gun confiscation is merely an avenue to violence which will allow the UN to roll out its troops on American soil, under the Kigali Principles.

Amazon Go Cashierless Stores Will Soon Allow Customers To Use Their Palms To Process Payment As World Moves Closer To Mark Of The Beast
We first told you back in 2018 about Amazon’s new cashierless stores called Amazon Go where you pay for your purchases using only your Amazon Go app. And at that time we warned you that using the app was only because technology had not sufficiently advanced, and what they really wanted to do was have you pay with your hand. Two years later here in 2020, and what do we see? Amazon Go and the coming palm payment. Is this the Mark of the Beast? Nope. So what is it? Training.

United States Commits To Fully Supporting The Chrislam Abrahamic Faiths Initiative As VP Mike Pence Prepares For Private Meeting With Pope Francis At Vatican Next Week
The woman in the main photo is U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Callista Gingrich, wife of former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. She, on behalf of the United States, is spearheading what is officially known as the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative. Bible believers, of course, have a different name for it. We call this Chrislam, and so it begins. And just as we also told that Chrislam would include Judaism alongside of Islam and Catholicism, that has now been taken care of as well. All systems go for Chrislam.