15 Jan 2020

Disney Introduces: ‘Demon’ who Trains Children to be Witches
A new Disney animated television series released by Disney Television Animation on Friday has many parents concerned that the House that Mickey Mouse Built has transitioned into giving children a bizarre pro-demon and witchcraft message. The Newsweek article noted that the writers’ room for the show was “full of books on witchcraft, witches and spells to take inspiration from.”

Bloomberg: I’m Spending $56 Billion to Bring Down Trump
Bloomberg said that he is willing to spend his entire fortune in his effort to defeat President Trump in the upcoming November election. Bloomberg’s net worth is estimated at $56 Billion.

2020: The Lowest Solar Activity In Over 200 Years
As we move further into 2020, solar activity dwindles. This year, solar activity will be marked as the lowest in over 200 years. The low in the sun’s 11-year cycle will also have at least some repercussions for the climate here on Earth. When solar activity gets really low, it can have the effect of a “mini ice age.” ust don’t tell Greta that climate change could be related to solar activity… and not Trump flying Air Force One to murder koala bears…

Gulags good way to ‘de-Nazify’ Trump supporters, says Bernie Sanders organizer
Soviet-style gulags would be a good way to carry out necessary “re-education” of Donald Trump supporters if Sen. Bernie Sanders becomes president, according to a field organizer for the self-declared socialist candidate. Gulags would be the best way to re-educate billionaires, according to Jurek.

Lebanon protests turn violent outside central bank
Lebanese security forces lobbed tear gas at protesters who responded with rocks outside the country’s central bank Tuesday, a violent turn after demonstrators returned to the streets following a weekslong lull.

The duplicity of Western progressives
But what a stark difference between the protesters in Iran and the radicals on campuses in the West. In the West, the radical avant-garde is characterized by a hatred of the West and Israel, whereas Iran’s avant-garde is characterized by a hatred of the ayatollahs. And while the Western avant-garde enters into coalitions of hate with jihadists and anti-Semites, the Iranian avant-garde abhors such dalliances.

Democrats are siding with a genocidal terror state
America is in a national security crisis situation with Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. And, what are the Democrats doing? They are goading the Iranians into attacking American troops so that the Democrats can gain a “Trump has blown up the world” talking point. In effect, the Democrats are actively colluding with terror-state Iran.

Stunning video: ‘We are ashamed of our stupid Supreme Leader!’
[repeated chanting] “We are ashamed of our stupid Supreme Leader!” (Video)

Pompeo: US commitment to Israel’s security is unwavering
“Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and I just spoke and underscored the importance of countering Iran’s malign influence and threats to the region,” Pompeo wrote on Twitter. “I am always grateful for Israel’s steadfast support in defeating terrorism. The bond between Israel and the United States is unbreakable.”

EU leaders finally throw down Iran gauntlet at worst time for Tehran
Iran is reeling from the loss of general Qasem Soleimani and the protests against its shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet. And now it is facing a potential “snapback” of sanctions, as the UK, France and Germany triggered a dispute mechanism that was part of the 2015 Iran deal. Now it has too much on its hands.

Syrian army claims Israel struck T4 Military Airbase‎ near Homs
A Syrian Army source reported that the Israeli Air Force carried out an airstrike on the T-4 Military Airbase near the city of Homs in western Syria, according to the Syrian state news agency SANA. The attack caused material damage and most of the missiles were shot down, according to the Syrian Army.

Selection bias and abortion propaganda from CNN
There aren’t many life events a woman is less likely to discuss with a stranger than abortion. There aren’t many issues where the major media’s bias is stronger and more uniform than abortion. Add those two factors together, and you get a factually misleading, seemingly agenda-driven piece from CNN asserting that almost no women feel regret five years after having an abortion.

Taal: Multiple new fissures reported, total evacuation within 14 km (8.6 miles), Philippines
Multiple new fissures (cracks) were observed around Taal volcano on January 14, 2020, two days after intense unrest began. Fissures, accompanied by intense seismicity activity, are an indication of an imminent explosive eruption, PHIVOLCS warns. The agency strongly reiterated total evacuation of Taal Volcano Island and areas at high risk to pyroclastic density currents and volcanic tsunami within a 14 km (8.6 miles) radius from the volcano. Areas around the volcano are advised to guard against the effects of heavy and prolonged ashfall. New eruption could force more than 200 000 additional people from their homes.

Extreme winter weather wreaks havoc across Pakistan, death toll jumps to 75
Severe winter weather affecting Pakistan over the past couple of days has claimed at least 75 lives and injured around 64 people, as of Tuesday, January 14, 2020, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) reports. The death toll is expected to increase as the powerful weather system continues to dump heavy rain and snow on parts of the country.

Syrian Army Says Israel Carried Out Airstrikes On Their T-4 Military Base Near The City Of Homs In Western Syria
Just yesterday we reported about unidentified airstrikes happening in Syria, and today, Syria is claiming that Israel has been bombing their military installations and that is probably quite accurate. Israel has to routinely bomb these facilities in Syria because they house Iranian forces and equipment, which is how Iran wages war with Israel by proxy through Syria. Israel has been forced into the unenviable position of have to consistently not only defend themselves from Muslim aggression, but to be ever vigilant and do preemptive strikes as well. As along as there as Israelis who remember the Six Day War, they stand a pretty good chance of not being taken by surprise.

‘Only God Knows’: Hero Who Saved Lives in Texas Church Attack Awarded State’s Highest Civilian Honor
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott gave the state’s highest civilian honor to 71-year-old Jack Wilson on Monday for shooting and killing an armed attacker during a church service in December.

US Navy Says That UFOs Spotted In 2004 And 2015 Represent A ‘Grave Threat’ To National Security And Has No Plans To Officially Release Them
2019 was the year that UFOs became real, with their existence even being officially acknowledged by the US Navyon multiple occasions. But in 2020, the Navy is saying that while it is true that they cannot explain what type of craft are in the videos, that releasing what they know about it would ‘gravely damage’ our national security. But you and I who believe the Bible know what’s going on, because we have already had the only ‘official briefing’ that matters.

NYT: Trump’s Economic Sanctions Have Destroyed Iran’s Will to Fight | Breitbart
The New York Times noted Monday that one reason the United States successfully stared down the Iranian regime last week was that President Donald Trump’s renewed economic sanctions have made the cost of war too high for Iran to bear.

California Homeless Crisis: Fecal Bacteria Detected in State’s Waterways
President Donald Trump, a self-described germophobe, has made no secret of his disgust with California’s growing homeless problem, which he has called a “disgrace” and “inappropriate” and equated to “living in hell.”

The USMCA Will Place the Average American Into Feudalism
In Part One, I detailed the history of trade agreements as a lead to help people understand what is coming with the USMCA. This is a combination of the TPP, the North American Union and NAFTA on steroids. The provision of this agreement will turn America into a corporate dictatorship.

Unknown Jet Aircraft Continue To Bomb Iranian Militias In Eastern Syria And Iraq Border Since Drone Strike Killed Qassem Soleimani Two Weeks Ago
No one is talking about the identity of the military that has been continuously bombing Iranian militias for the past two weeks, but common sense would tell you that it’s either the United States or Israel dropping the bombs. Whoever it is, they are doing a great job, and Iran is feeling the heat from all sides including their own people who are protesting them.