8 Jan 2020

Iraqi Militia Leader Threatens To Target American Citizens If They Re-Elect Trump
Jawad Al Telbawi, a commander of one of the factions within the PMF, says American civilians may be targeted if they return Donald Trump to the Oval Office. After threatening …. Trump as well as the U.S. military, Al Telbawi also demanded that American citizens “pressure” Trump to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq “before we send your soldiers back in coffins.” He also suggested American civilians could be the target of terror attacks.

“If I’m A Criminal, It’s Open Season”: Atlanta Police To Stop Chasing Criminals
In a country where the balance of power swings wildly between law enforcement and criminals, Atlanta has launching a program that as of this moment will let crime run rampant without and police officers in pursuit. Literally. Last week, Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields sent out an email to the entire police force notifying officers that the department will no longer chase suspects, in what is now called a “zero chase policy.” According to WSB-TV, Shields cited “the risk to the safety of the officers and the public for each chase”, and “knowing that the judicial system is largely unresponsive to the actions of the defendants.” “This is pretty drastic,”… “If I’m a criminal, it’s open season. It’s going to impact all the law-abiding citizens. It’s worrisome.”….expect a surge in crime because the alternative, a crackdown on crime, is now seen as racist and politically disadvantageous to those in charge of inner city slums.

Planned Parenthood Reports Record 345,672 Abortions – ‘Abortion Is Its Mission’
Planned Parenthood performed nearly 350,000 abortions during its most recent fiscal year – a record number that pro-life groups say underscores the organization’s tragic real mission.

Trump on war-crime charges: If Iran can kill our people, we can hit Iran cultural sites
Trump stood by his words. “They’re allowed to kill our people. They’re allowed to torture and maim our people. They’re allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people. And we’re not allowed to touch their cultural sites. It doesn’t work that way,” Trump told reporters, referring to Iran, according to NBC.

Nunes: Inspector general who started impeachment now under investigation
The intelligence community inspector general who already had been rebuked for his handling of the whistleblower complaint that triggered the Democrats’ impeachment of President Trump is under investigation, according to Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif.

Soleimani’s killing ignites Russia-vs.-Iran schism in Syria
The death of Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani, at the orders of President Trump last week, not only has cast a murky shadow on the future of Iraq’s leadership, but also has sent schisms through Syria’s leadership, multiple sources tell Fox News.

So sorry we eliminated your mass murderer
The world’s gone nuts – it’s official. There’s no crying in baseball, but there’s plenty of it for a madman general who got what’s coming. For starters, in a snit over Trump’s termination of Soleimani, Iraq wants all US troops out of there, and remind me, please, why we are still there. I forgot. I forgot which gang of Islamists we are protecting from another group of Islamists, and does anybody know which are the good guys and which are the bad guys?

Iran fires dozens of rockets towards US forces in Iraq
Pentagon: Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against US forces in Iraq. Iran says it is revenge for Soleimani’s death.

How What’s Happening in America, Iran and Israel are Linked To The End of Days
Rabbi Mendel Kessin, messianic era expert, scholar, and international speaker … outlined what he called “three basic areas” in the messianic advancement. The first arena is America under the leadership of President Trump. The second arena is Iran. …the third player on the messianic stage is, of course, Israel.

Was Soleimani Found Wearing the Ring of Haman?
Sod 1820, a Hebrew language website reporting on current events from a Jewish mystical perspective, noted the significance of a ring presented to a prominent Biblical figure: Haman. Haman was, like Soleimani, an evil underling in the Persian Empire, both dedicated to killing Jews. Like Haman’s evil actions resulted in the deaths of his ten sons, ten people were killed in the drone strike that eliminated Soleimani.

Repeating radio signal traced back to nearby galaxy
“What’s very interesting about this particular repeating FRB is that it is in the arm of a Milky Way-like spiral galaxy, and is the closest to Earth thus far localized,” says Kevin Bandura, co-author of the study. “The unique proximity and repetition of this FRB might allow for observation in other wavelengths and the potential for more detailed study to understand the nature of this type of FRB.”

Netanyahu: We stand by the United States
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed Israel’s commitment to stand with the U.S. following the Iranian missile attack on American bases in Iraq. “We stand in determination and strength”, said Netanyahu during a ceremony on Wednesday at The Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. “He who shall strike at us will face a strong blow.”

Khamenei: We must end the ‘corrupting presence’ of America in the region
Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, spoke Wednesday morning following the Iranian missile attack on Iraqi military bases where US forces are located. The attack comes in response to the assassination of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani.

DR Congo measles: More than 6,000 dead in world’s worst outbreak
The number of people killed by a measles epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo has passed 6,000, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said. The WHO says the epidemic is the world’s largest and fastest moving. Around 310,000 suspected measles cases have been reported since the start of 2019, the WHO says.

Russian president Vladimir Putin lands in Damascus on unannounced visit
Russian president Vladimir Putin has arrived in Damascus on a surprise visit to meet his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad. Mr Putin met Mr Assad at a Russian military base in the capital, where the two leaders discussed the military situation in the country, a Kremlin spokesperson said. Moscow has been a key backer of Mr Assad for years, formally entering Syria’s civil war on his side in 2015.

6.4 quake strikes Puerto Rico amid heavy seismic activity
Thousands of people fled their homes on Puerto Rico’s southwest coast on Tuesday after a 10-day string of earthquakes crescendoed in a powerful magnitude 6.4 temblor that crushed an elderly man, injured at least eight other people and sent buildings tumbling to the ground. Hours after the predawn quake cut power…a large swath of southern Puerto Rico was shaken by smaller quakes late into Tuesday afternoon.

“If I’m A Criminal, It’s Open Season”: Atlanta Police To Stop Chasing Criminals
“Please know that I realize this will not be a popular decision; and more disconcerting to me personally, is that this decision may drive crime up. I get it.”

Hezbollah Says They Will Attack Israel If United States Responds To Iran Missile Attack By The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps On Tuesday
No sooner than Iran launches over 36 ballistic missiles on US troop bases in Iraq than Hezbollah issues a statement saying that if the US responds in any way to Iran’s attack, then they will immediately launch a strike against Israel. Looks like no one in Washington or Israel is getting any sleep tonight. Like we always tell you, whenever conflict pops in the Middle East that involves Iran, look immediately to Israel because that’s where it’s all leading. Now we see Hezbollah leading the charge, time will tell how serious this thing really is.

Ukrainian Boeing 737 carrying 180 crashes in Tehran shortly after takeoff
Iranian state TV is reporting a Ukrainian airplane carrying 180 passengers and crew has crashed near an airport in the capital, Tehran.

Very strong and shallow M6.4 earthquake hits Puerto Rico — power outages, widespread damage reported
A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.4 (downgraded from M6.5) hit southern Puerto Rico at 08:24 UTC (04:24 local time) on January 7, 2020. The agency is reporting a depth of 6.7 km (4.1 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.5 at a depth of 10 km (6.5 miles). This is by far the strongest earthquake in an intense swarm shaking this area since December 29, 2019. To learn more about the swarm, visit Intense earthquake swarm shaking southern Puerto Rico.

Iran Fires Dozens Of Ballistic Missiles At US Troops As It Begins ‘Operation: ‘Martyr Soleimani’ And The 82nd Airborne deploys to the Middle East
Iran has officially begun ‘Operation: Martyr Soleimani’ which is their official retaliation for  the killing of General Qassam Soleimani over the weekend. It began just a few hours ago with the firing of ballistic missiles from Iran in a cross-border attack on US forces in Iraq. The United States is right now at this moment sending waves of troops to the Middle East, including the 82nd Airborne from Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

British Astronaut: Aliens Definitely Exist and They Could Be Living among Us on Earth, Says Britain’s First Astronaut
Helen Sharman, who visited the Soviet Mir space station in 1991, told the Observer newspaper on Sunday that “aliens exist, there’s no two ways about it.”

Chicago Public Schools IG Opened 458 Sexual Misconduct Cases in 2019
The office of the inspector general (OIG) of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) opened 458 cases in 2019 that involved alleged sexual misconduct of CPS staff against students.

Iraq base with US troops targeted in rocket attack: reports

Tehran has launched a missile attack on two Iraqi air bases housing US troops, a retaliatory attack for the killing of their top general, according to the Pentagon and Iran state TV.

Armies of Unidentified Drones are Appearing Over The Western U.S. After Nightfall
Since just before Christmas, armies of unidentified drones have been appearing each night in the skies above Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.  The drones are approximately 6 feet wide and they have red and white lights, but nobody knows where they are from or who owns them.  This is a story that is now receiving national attention, and the FBI, the FAA and the U.S. Air Force are all investigating this mystery.

CNN Settles $275M Lawsuit With ‘Punchable’ Teenager Nick Sandmann
Sandmann was viciously attacked by left-leaning news outlets…