29 Dec 2019

Netanyahu: Israel to sign major gas pipeline deal in Athens on Thursday
Israel will sign a historic deal that will allow for the construction of a sub sea pipeline to send Israeli gas from the Eastern Mediterranean to Europe, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting. The deal will be signed in Athens at a summit meeting between Netanyahu, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades.

Samoa lifts state of emergency over measles epidemic
Samoa has lifted a six-week state of emergency, which was put in place amid a measles epidemic that killed 81 people and infected more than 5,600. Just 200,000 people live on the South Pacific island nation, and vaccination rates are far lower than in neighbouring countries. Most of those killed in the outbreak were babies and young children.

Australia fires: Thousands told to evacuate in Victoria
Tens of thousands of residents and holidaymakers in the Australian state of Victoria have been told to evacuate amid worsening bushfire conditions. Temperatures of over 40C (104F), strong winds, thunderstorms and a change of wind direction meant Monday would be a day of extreme danger, officials said.

Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists exchange prisoners
Pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine have concluded a long-awaited prisoner exchange of 200 prisoners, the office of the Ukrainian president said. Ukraine’s government received 76 captives, with the pro-Russian separatists reportedly taking 124. Russian and Ukrainian authorities agreed to the swap – which is aimed at improving ties – at talks in December.

At Least 5 People Stabbed By Machete-Wielding Suspect At Monsey Synagogue, Suspect Arrested In NYC
At least five people have been stabbed in an attack at a synagogue in New York‘s Rockland County. That attacker is now reportedly in custody after fleeing the scene. CBS2’s Tony Aiello has confirmed a man entered Rabbi Rottenburg’s synagogue on Forshay Road in Monsey and stabbed several people just before 10 p.m. Saturday.

Protesters in Turkey denounce Russia over Idlib assault
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered near the Russian consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Saturday to protest the intensifying Russian and Syrian government attacks on Syria’s last rebel-held province of Idlib. The demonstrators…gathered close to the Russian consulate in downtown Istanbul to “show the world that Russia is complicit” in the killing of civilians in Syria’s northern Idlib region…

Iraq beefs up security around Ain Al-Asad base hosting US forces
An Iraqi general said Sunday that security has been beefed up around the Ain Al-Asad air base…that hosts US forces, following a series of attacks. Maj. Gen. Raad Mahmoud told The Associated Press that investigations were still underway to determine who was behind the unclaimed attacks on bases across Iraq, including one earlier this month in which five rockets landed inside Ain Al-Asad.

Texas megachurch votes to leave UMC over homosexuality debate
A United Methodist Church congregation in Texas with approximately 2,800 members has voted to leave the mainline denomination because of its debate over homosexuality.

Death Toll Rises In Wake of Philippines Typhoon: At Least 28 Dead
Typhoon Phanfone, which swept through the central Philippines on Christmas Eve, has killed at least 28 people, leaving large areas in shambles, with thousands losing their homes and livelihoods.

Sentinel-2 provides evidence of increasing eruptive activity at Mt. Shishaldin, Alaska
The eruption of Shishaldin Volcano that began in late July continues with low-level explosive activity near the summit and effusion of short lava flows, tha Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) reports.

Flood alerts in force as Tropical Cyclone “Sarai” strengthens to Category 2, Fiji
Tropical Cyclone “Sarai” strengthened into Category 2 on the Fiji Intensity Scale (Category 1 on the Saffir-Simpson scale) on December 28, 2019, and was positioned about 90 km (56 miles) SSE of Kadavu and 190 km (118 miles) S of Suva at 14:00 UTC today (03:00 LT, December 29).

Satan’s Organizational Structure for What Humanity Is Facing Including The Intentions of 250,000 UN Troops Based In Cuba
This article has several moving parts. First, in support of our investigation on the intentions of the Deep State in Virginia, I interviewed Paul Martin with regard to intel he possess about UN troops in Cuba and their potential involvement in Virginia. Secondly, this article is going to take a look beyond the organization structure of the Deep State that is managing most the artificial crises being visited upon America. If you have wondered how deep the threat runs against Americans, and for that matter, all of humanity, this article will introduce you to these concepts.

Iranians Are Converting from Islam to Christianity in Unprecedented Numbers
The Islamic nation of Iran is one of the most dangerous countries on Earth to be a Christian, yet the country has one of the fastest-growing Christian populations in the world.

Coudrey: Obama Was Paid $65 MILLION By Corporation Who Got $350,000,000 Contract To “Fundamentally Change” America
Lawrence David| It’s long been the contention at Patriot Crier that under the leadership of the Clintons and Barack Obama every possible U.S. asset was for sale.

Chinese national arrested after authorities said he was taking photos of Navy base
A Chinese man was arrested at a Navy base in Florida and charged with taking photos of the base’s facilities.

Radical Terror-Supporting Group CAIR Will Be Holding Kentucky’s First-Ever ‘Muslim Day’ To Promote Islam On January 22 In State Capitol Rotunda
It took Muslims in England over 30 years to establish a foothold in that nation, and with relentless and dogged determination they have slowly come to power. Just ask the Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, he will be happy to tell you how Islamists came to power in the land that gave the world the King James Bible. Or you could ask me, I will be happy to tell you as well.

Putting a Final End to the Denial of UN Troops On American Soil
According to some who cannot wipe the cognitive dissonance out of their eyes, there is no UN threat. We are 2 weeks away from full-out violence in Virginia according to Governor Northam’s announced intentions to use military force to seize guns. Many are holding him to original assertion that he plans to use UN troops in the effort.

U.N. Approves China-Backed Internet Convention, Alarming Rights Advocates
The United Nations on Friday approved a Russian-led bid that aims to create a new convention on cybercrime, alarming rights groups and Western powers that fear a bid to restrict online freedom.

BOMBSHELL: AIDS was developed as a bioweapon and administered through CDC-approved vaccine trials that targeted GAY men in the 1970s 
Did you know that, just prior to the HIV and AIDS epidemic that swept the American homosexual population during the early 1980s, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had conducted a hepatitis B vaccine experiment that’s believed to have triggered it?