28 Dec 2019

The Palestinian politician who turned terrorist
For years now, the Israeli defense establishment has been following Khalida Jarrar, a senior official in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Last week, she was named by the Shin Bet security service as the head of a large terror cell in the West Bank, responsible for, among other attacks, the murder of 17-year-old Rina Shnerb earlier this year.

US contractor killed, forces reported wounded in Iraq rocket attack
A US defense contractor was killed after rockets struck a base northwest of Kirkuk city in Iraq where anti-ISIS coalition personnel are located…The coalition said that “one U.S. civilian contractor was killed and several U.S. service members and Iraqi personnel were wounded in a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base in Kirkuk hosting Coalition troops, on Dec. 27 at 7:20 p.m. (Iraq time).

Russia deploys Avangard hypersonic missile system
Russia’s first regiment of Avangard hypersonic missiles has been put into service, the defence ministry says. The location was not given, although officials had earlier indicated they would be deployed in the Urals. President Vladimir Putin has said the nuclear-capable missiles can travel more than 20 times the speed of sound and put Russia ahead of other nations.

NYPD stepping up presence in Brooklyn after a series of possible anti-Semitic hate crimes this week
The New York Police Department will increase its presence in several Brooklyn neighborhoods after at least six possible anti-Semitic incidents this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted Friday morning. More police will be seen in Borough Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg, de Blasio said. Police will increase visits to houses of worship and “other critical areas in the community,” the mayor said.

China launches powerful rocket in boost for 2020 Mars mission
China Friday launched one of the world’s most powerful rockets in a major step forward for its planned mission to Mars in 2020. The heavy lift Long March 5 rocket carrying a test satellite payload blasted off from the Wenchang launch site on the southern island of Hainan at 8:45 pm (1245 GMT), a livestream from state broadcaster CCTV showed.

Hardline leader in Indian state defends “strict” action to quell protests
The chief minister of India’s Uttar Pradesh state has rebuffed accusations from rights groups of police abuses during protests against a new citizenship law, crediting his tough stand with restoring calm to the streets. The northern state has seen the most violent turmoil over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s citizenship law, which activists say is discriminatory towards the Muslim community…

Synchronized Israeli attacks on Jordan, King Abdullah
A series of anti-Jordanian articles appeared almost simultaneously in the Israeli media targeting Jordan and revealing deep Israeli anger and hatred for the Jordanian monarch. The articles appear to be based on a single source and they all reached the same conclusion. The independent daily Haaretz revealed that “Israel has big plans for Jordan, but they don’t include King Abdullah II.”

Islamic State says it beheaded Christian captives in Nigeria
Islamic State released a video purporting to show its militants beheading 10 Christian men in Nigeria, saying it was part of a campaign to avenge the deaths of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and its spokesman.

“White Man’s Burden”: The US Has Been Fighting “Forever Wars” Against Muslims For 120 Years
Despite over a century passing since the U.S. led a counterinsurgency war against the Islamic Moros in the southernmost island of the Philippines, its similarities with the Afghanistan war are incredibly noteworthy, to say the least…

Trump Calls on Americans to ‘Exemplify the Teachings of Christ’
President Trump called on Americans to come together, pointing to the example of Jesus Christ in a message released by the White House on Christmas Day. The president said, “While the challenges that face our country are great, the bonds that unite us as Americans are much stronger.”

Australia wildfires expected to worsen as another ‘extreme heat wave’ looms
Firefighters battling more than 70 wildfires in Australia’s most populous state are bracing for worse conditions as an “extreme heat wave” is set to hit over the weekend..

FBI Implicated In Destroying Evidence To Help Hillary Clinton
Now that the Mueller investigation is over, Republicans are going on the offensive. The American Center for Law and Justice led by Jay Sekulow has acquired copies of immunity agreements made by Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson in relation to the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Very Unusual Seismic Activity On West Coast Has Experts Extremely Concerned
The west coast never stops shaking, but lately the shaking has gone to an entirely new level, and this has many people deeply concerned about what may be coming.

21 sex orientation choices in next census
Adults will be able to choose between 21 sexual orientation options in the next Scottish census under plans to expand the categories.

Pope Francis Unveils Globalist New World Religion at Summit with United Nations Leader
Pope Francis’ war on traditional Catholicism has been ramping up recently, and he castigated Catholics who believe in tradition and refuse to warp Biblical scripture to appease a godless world for creating a “minefield of misunderstanding and hatred.”

Is China Engaging in Debt Trap Diplomacy? The pending Chinese acquisition of a stake in Tajikistan’s aluminum smelter, coupled with earlier tax concessions to Chinese companies that would substantially reduce the trickle down effect of investments for the troubled Tajik economy, suggest that China has yet to fully take into account frequent criticism of its commercial approach to Belt and Road-related projects.

In Stunning Technological Breakthrough, Researchers Successfully Teleport Data Between Two Quantum Computer Chips Without Electrical Or Physical Contact
Computer chips are advancing to the point where date is being transferred in particles of light suspended in space, opening up a door to advancements that will absolutely revolutionize every aspect of how we do business, transfer information and interact with our machines. We are not becoming cyborgs, we are cyborgs (your machine is always with you is it not?) who are deepening our dependence on the machines we have created. Ever see ‘The Matrix‘? You should watch it sometime.

Hobby Lobby Runs Full-Page ‘Christ the Lord’ Ads in Newspapers Around the Country – Skye Malmberg
Hobby Lobby ran full-page ads in newspapers across the nation during the week of Christmas that celebrated the birth of Jesus and recognized him as “Christ the Lord.”