13 Dec 2019

Congressman suggests military enforcement of new VA gun laws; Gov. promises ‘consequences’
A U.S. congressman suggested that the Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam could deploy the National Guard to enforce gun laws in counties that have declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries.”

When TIME Magazine Named Hitler ‘Man Of The Year’ 1938
In January 2nd 1939, TIME magazine announced the “Man of the Year” 1938. This man was no other than the infamous leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler.

Jewish prayer has returned to the Temple Mount – exclusive
Jewish worshipers are able to pray on the Temple Mount with what appears to be the tacit consent of police forces at the site, The Jerusalem Post observed during a visit there on Thursday. Despite the insistence by Israel Police that there has been no change in the decades-old policy, Jews now pray – in full view of the police – in an unobtrusive and inconspicuous manner. The final goal, however, is to rebuild the Temple.

Boris Johnson wins by landslide – exit polls
UK Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson is set to lead the country’s government again, exit polls suggested after the voting booths closed late Thursday night. He received a landslide of a majority in votes with 368 to the Labour Party leader’s Jeremy Corbyn’s 191. That’s an 86% lead.

Million Man March Planned at Israel’s Supreme Court
In light of what has been perceived to be a Judicial coup by many on Israel’s right, a Million-Man-March is being planned at the Supreme Court. Although no date has yet been set, the event’s organizer, Harel Noff, plans on holding it before elections for Israel’s 23rd Knesset. The planned event is a reaction to what many believe to be politically motivated investigations of Prime Minister Netanyahu. The massive protest is expected to gather at the footsteps of the High Court in Jerusalem.

Northern Ohio county experiences third earthquake in 5 days
Lake County in northern Ohio has experienced its third earthquake in five days. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a 2.0-magnitude quake was reported about 4 km WSW of Mentor-on-the-Lake Wednesday. It happened at 4:23 p.m.

Muslim Community Patrol: Sharia Law Coming To Community Near You
“Bullying” and “gangster-like” tactics have been reported by locals in New York areas where the Muslim Community Patrol & Services operates. These tactics are beginning to create a backlash against the self-described “civilian patrol organization” among local residents. The Muslim patrol gained international attention in the fall of 2018 after several of its patrol cars — which look like New York Police Department (NYPD) cars -were spotted in Brooklyn and Staten Island. A little digging shows that the Muslim Community Patrol has an underlying agenda: to enforce Islamic sharia law first in the Muslim community and then in American community at large.

BDS activists in Spain attack Israeli delegation of Arabs and Jews
A joint delegation comprised of Arab and Jewish residents of the West Bank…was attacked by members of the anti-Israel Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment Movement in Madrid on Tuesday. The delegation arrived in Madrid to meet with members of the Spanish parliament and discuss the European Union Court of Justice decision to label products from the settlements in the West Bank.

Trump says US and China ‘very close’ to trade deal
Wall Street share markets hit a record high on signs of an imminent pause in the trade war between the US and China. Business chiefs who met White House officials on Thursday hinted that a deal could come this week. It would avert another round of tariffs that the US was due to impose on China on Sunday.

UK general election 2019: Who won and what happens now?
It was billed as one of the most unpredictable elections in decades but after six weeks of hard campaigning by two historically unpopular party leaders it ended with a conclusive result. Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson won a sweeping victory, handing him a clear mandate to “get Brexit done”.

Americans’ Credit Card Debt Poised to Reach 10-Year High
Americans are projected to fall seriously behind on their credit card bills at the highest rate in a decade as banks push a record number of people to get plastic. The share of credit card borrowers who are at least 90 days past due on their accounts will probably tick up to 2.01% next year, the highest level since 2010, according to a forecast by TransUnion.

Pentagon tests long-banned ballistic missile over Pacific
The Pentagon on Thursday flight-tested a missile that had been banned under a treaty that the United States and Russia abandoned last summer. Some U.S. arms control advocates said the test risks an unnecessary arms race with Moscow. The prototype missile was configured to be armed with a non-nuclear warhead.

Cigna Uses AI to Check if Patients Are Taking Their Medications
Cigna Corp. plans to expand a system that uses artificial intelligence to identify gaps in treatment of chronic diseases, such as patients skipping their medications…. The product, called Health Connect 360, integrates data from a combination of sources and analytical tools, some developed at Cigna and others brought in as part of its…acquisition of pharmacy-benefit manager Express Scripts Holding Co…

Planes grounded, trees collapse as wild weather rips through Israel
An Israeli passenger plane on route from Rome had to make an emergency landing at an airport near the Dead Sea as strong gusts and thunderstorms hit most parts of the country. The El Al flight was on course to land at Ben Gurion Airport but entered the Israeli airspace just as the storm system hit the region, forcing the crew to touchdown at Ramon International Airport.

US Senate adopts resolution recognising ‘Armenian genocide’
The United States Senate on Friday unanimously adopted a resolution recognising the early 20th century killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as “genocide”… Turkey condemned the measure, saying it will not help improve relations with the US. The two NATO allies are already at loggerheads over several issues, including Ankara’s purchase of Russian missile defense systems and policy over Syria.

How The Followers Of The Roman Catholic Church Are Blinded To The Fact That Their Religion Is Really Old Testament Idol Worship
When I was a lost Roman Catholic, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to say a prayer to St. Jude when something seemed hopeless, or to St. Anthony when I lost something and couldn’t find it. Of course, as a good Catholic, the bulk of my prayers were to be directed to the ‘Virgin Mother‘ Mary who could seemingly solve any problem. It wasn’t until after I got saved in 1991 that I realized that all of that, with the beads, statues and candles, was nothing more than idol worship condemned in both Testaments as an abomination before God.

In A Stunning End Times Turn Of Events, Jewish Prayer Has Returned To The Temple Mount As Talk Of Rebuilding The Temple Ignites Controversy In Israel
In a stunning exclusive today, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that Jewish prayer has returned to the Temple Mount, something that has been banned by the Supreme Court of Israel since 1970. The New York Times back in 1976 said “Government regulations permit Jews to enter the Temple Mount but not to hold, prayer services, owing to the sensitivity of the area and the strong feeling it might arouse among Moslems.” Today that appears to have changed, and with that change comes talk of a Third Temple.

Vatican uses donations for poor to fight budget deficit, report says
As little as 10% of donations by Roman Catholics that are specifically advertised as helping the poor and suffering actually go toward charitable work, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Hallmark Channel Now Airing Lesbian Wedding Commercials
Last week, Reformation Charlotte reported that Hallmark — the famous Christmas romance movie channel — was “open” to producing and running LGBTQ movies. Bill Abbott, the CEO of Crown Media, Hallmark’s parent company, made the comments during an interview with Hollywood Reporter.

New Zealand has ordered more than 1,290 square feet of skin for volcano victims
New Zealand has ordered 1,292 square feet of skin to treat patients injured in Monday’s volcanic eruption on White Island, authorities said Wednesday.

Bomb cyclone spawns severe blizzard in Iceland, on course to hit Britain
A bomb cyclone accompanied by heavy snowfall and hurricane-force winds hit Iceland on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. The storm hit west of the country first, then it moved to the east on Wednesday, December 11. As a result of strong winds and snow, several cities faced power outages and roads were left paralyzed. It is set to batter Britain in the following days, according to Met Office.

Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise
Alarmist scientists have been caught red-handed tampering with raw data in order to exaggerate sea level rise.

Senate committee approves Turkey sanctions bill
A US Senate committee on Wednesday backed legislation to impose sanctions on Turkey after its offensive in Syria and its purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system.

San Fran Loses Another Convention Over Skyrocketing Costs, Human Excrement
The conference brought the city an estimated $64 million per year…

The Real Reason Why Feeding the Homeless Is Illegal
The Real Reason Why Feeding the Homeless Is Illegal

Methane Explosions with Nuclear Force Lie In Wait Off the West Coast
The list of dangers related to the Cascadian Subduction Zone continues to grow my grim with each passing day. This article deals with the methane danger facing the West Coast. The effects for Cascadia are not made readily available.

“Massive… Huge… Largest Ever”: Fed Will Flood Market With Gargantuan $500 Billion In Liquidity To Avoid Year-End Repo Crisis
This means that by mid-January, the Fed’s balance sheet will surpass its all time high of $4.5 trillion!