11 Dec 2019

‘I am Jesus Christ’ lets gamers play through being crucified and fight Satan
The controversial game allowing people to play through key moments from the Bible is due to be released on Steam for PC – but Christians have argued it is blasphemous.

Democrats have ‘committed an act of constitutional vandalism,’ political analyst notes
U.S. journalist and political analyst Geraldo Rivera believes the Democrats have “committed an act of constitutional vandalism,” by announcing articles for the impeachment against President Donald Trump, according to one of his tweets. He also agrees with the general opinion that the controversial impeachment promoted by the Democrats will turn against them.

Israeli minister Katz: ‘If necessary, Israel will take military action to keep Iran from acquiring nukes’
Israel will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and will take military action to prevent it from doing so should all other options fail, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Tuesday. His remarks came in response to an Iranian threat on Monday to “level Tel Aviv from Lebanon.”

The ‘Baby Muhammad’ Jihad Comes to America
If Muhammad cannot beat the infidels on the battlefield, he’ll outbreed them—literally: Last year it was reported that “Mohammed most popular name for newborn boys in the Netherlands for second year in a row.” Muhammad is apparently also the most popular name in England. In fact, Muhammad is one of the most popular names throughout Northwest Europe. And now, for the first time ever, Muhammad has made the list of top ten baby names in America.

Pentagon to halt training of all Saudi military personnel
The Pentagon announced on Tuesday it was halting operational training of all Saudi Arabian military personnel in the United States until further notice after a Saudi Air Force lieutenant shot and killed three people last week at a base in Florida. The decision will have far-reaching impacts on visiting Saudi personnel, including grounding more than 300 Saudi Arabian military aviation students as part of a “safety stand-down,”

British Labour Party who Might Win Elections on Thursday, Aligned With Angel of Darkness says Rabbi
“In a year awash with anti-Semitism on both sides of the Atlantic, no one has done more to mainstream anti-Semitism” in a democratic country than the U.K.’s Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership, the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote in a list of “2019 top ten worst anti-Semitic incidents.” The SWC listing was significant as it placed Corbyn above John Earnest, a white supremacist gunman accused of opening fire inside the Poway synagogue in California in April, killing one. “The left-wing does not want the world to be led by God,” Rabbi Glazerson said.

Cascadia Fault Could Trigger Earthquakes on San Andreas with ‘No Separation in Time,’ Scientists Claim
The Cascadia and San Andreas Faults may be linked, with earthquakes on one triggering events in the other “with minimal or no separation in time,” scientists have said. Chris Goldfinger and Joel Gutierrez, from Oregon State University, say their evidence showing a relationship between the two goes back almost 3,000 years.

A-G: families who receive ‘pay for slay’ payments forfeit state benefits
Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit told the National Labor Court…that it should support the state in rejecting a request for state economic support payments by an east Jerusalem family which receives “pay for slay” payments from the Palestinian Authority. The family requested economic support…but their request was rejected because they did not produce documentation regarding payments they had received from the PA.

Trump to issue executive order to fight antisemitism on college campuses
Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz praised US President Donald Trump…ahead of his expected issuance of an executive order…invoking Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to fight antisemitic rhetoric on college campuses. The new executive order would…label Judaism as a nationality in addition to a religion, so it would fall into the category of Title VI…

Assisted dying: Western Australia passes legislation
Western Australia has legalised voluntary assisted dying, becoming the second state in the country to do so. There were cheers and emotional scenes in the public gallery as MPs passed the historic legislation in the state’s lower house of parliament in Perth. Some MPs also hugged each other on the floor of the legislative assembly.

USMCA: Agreement reached on Nafta trade deal replacement
The US, Mexico and Canada have finalised a trade deal that will replace the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta). Representatives from the three countries signed the pact in Mexico. They met hours after Democrats in US Congress said they would support the deal after the White House agreed to strengthen the labour and environmental rules.

U.S. to hold largest Europe exercises in 25 years
The United States will send 20,000 troops to Europe next April and May in its biggest military exercises on European soil since the Cold War…. Days after a NATO summit in London at which U.S. President Donald Trump called low-spending European allies “delinquent”, U.S. Major General Barre Seguin said the exercises, centred on Germany, will be the largest of their kind in 25 years.

‘Social credit score’: China set to roll out ‘Orwellian’ mass surveillance tool
China is developing a new high-tech system of mass surveillance and coercion aimed suppressing political dissent among its 1.4 billion people, while forcing American and Western businesses to conform to the government’s communist policies… The system that critics call an Orwellian national-level control system has been dubbed the Social Credit System (SCS) and was set for launch in the coming year…

Iran building weapons storage tunnel in Syria, satellite images reveal
Iranian backed militias are constructing an underground tunnel believed to be used to smuggle arms and military equipment, images taken by intelligence satellites revealed Tuesday. An intelligence report published by ImageSat International (ISI) provided footage documenting larger scale excavation works along the Syria-Iraq border, apparently conducted by pro-Iranian militias in the area.

US intelligence agents helped UAE build secret surveillance unit
In the years after 9/11, former United States counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke warned Congress the country needed more expansive spying powers to prevent another catastrophe. Five years after leaving government, he shopped the same idea to an enthusiastic partner: an Arab monarchy with deep pockets.

Turkey hints it could bar US from using key air bases
Turkey’s foreign minister suggested…the United States could be barred from using two strategic air bases in retaliation to possible US sanctions against his country… Mevlut Cavusoglu comments came amid reports that US lawmakers had agreed on a defense bill that also includes calls to sanction Turkey over its decision to proceed with the purchase and deployment of Russian-made S-400 missile defense systems.

Iran’s threat to destroy Tel Aviv from Lebanon condemned
A statement by a senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has triggered a series of condemnations in Lebanon, after he claimed the country could be used for military strikes. Maj. Gen. Morteza Qorbani told Mizan News: “If the Zionist regime makes the smallest mistake toward Iran, we will reduce Tel Aviv to ashes from Lebanon,” according to Russia Today…

Israeli parliament starts dissolving itself for 3rd election
The Israeli parliament began voting to dissolve itself on Wednesday and pave the path to an unprecedented third election within a year. The preliminary vote passed without objections. Barring a nearly unfathomable about-face, three more measures are expected to pass and call a new election for March 2, 2020.

Nike Launches New Islamic ‘Victory Swim Collection’ Which Includes Burka-Style Full Coverage Suit As Well As A Swim Hijab For Muslims
Nike has announced the upcoming launch in February of its new and oddly entitled Victory Swim Collection featuring Islamic swimsuits and hijabs for Muslims, and that leads me to ask a question. What exactly does the word ‘victory‘ here refer to? Is it signifying a ‘victory’ of the Muslim swimmer over the water? Is it referring to a Muslim victory over America?

2019 Was A Year Of Global Unrest… And 2020 Is Likely To Be Worse
2020 is probably going to be bloodier than 2019. Here’s why…

China Is Moving to Control the World’s Mineral Resources: America Is Facing Death by a Thousand Cuts
…the Chinese are attempting to seize key natural resource elements across the planet, thus denying access of these resources to the United States in an attempt to level the military playing field. The crisis in Chile is an example of this looting of several countries natural resources by China.

Silicon Valley’s psychedelic wonder drug is almost here
A new startup called MindMed could have the key to providing the upsides of psychedelic drugs for both focus and addiction treatment—while cutting out the downsides of tripping.

Major floods hit the city of Pretoria, South Africa
Heavy rains caused widespread severe floods across parts of the city of Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa on Monday morning, December 9, 2019, engulfing roads and stranding residents. Pretoria is located 55 km (34 miles) north of Johannesburg. The same weather system affected other north-eastern provinces over the past week, resulting in heavy rain and flooding. It is expected to move out of the country on Wednesday, December 11.

Eruption warning, locals and tourists warned to stay away from Avachinsky volcano, Kamchatka
Russian Avachinsky volcano, located close to Kamchatka’s largest city – Petropavlovsk (population 180 000) is showing signs of increased unrest over the past couple of days, with notable incandescence, degassing and elevated seismicity.

9 dead, 1 400 left homeless as Tropical Cyclone “Belna” makes landfall in Madagascar
Tropical Cyclone “Belna” made a devastating landfall in northern Madagascar at 12:00 UTC on Monday, December 9, 2019, with maximum sustained winds of 149 km/h (90 mph) and bursts of rapid intensification prior to reaching the coast. At least nine were killed by floods, three others are missing, and more than 1 400 were left homeless from the first tropical storm of the season.

“It’s About To Get Very Bad” – Repo Market Legend Predicts Market Crash In Days
“FX swaps could end up as the orphaned asset class without an obvious backstop, and that may force banks in some parts of the world to the edge of the proverbial abyss.”