10 Dec 2019

Ring of Fire latest: Are 60,000 earthquakes a sign of a Big One brewing in the Pacific?
NEARLY 60,000 earthquakes have rocked the planet in the past year and more than 4,700 struck last month alone – but could these tremors be a sign of the Big One in the Pacific Ring of Fire?

Israel Threatens Iran With “Own Vietnam” In Syria, Hints At Major Pre-Emptive Strike
defense minister Naftali Bennett has warned the IDF is ready to give Iran its own ‘Vietnam’ in new remarks vowing the Islamic Republic will never get a firm foothold there. Addressing an Israeli conference on Sunday, Bennett further stated “it is no secret that Iran is trying to establish a ring of fire around our country, it is already based in Lebanon and is trying to establish itself in Syria, Gaza and more.”

Apple “Deeply Concerned” That Chinese-Born Staff Who Allegedly Stole Trade Secrets Will Try To Flee
Given the international brouhaha surrounding the ongoing Huawei CFO extradition hearings in Canada to face fraud charges in the US, reports from Reuters that Apple has “deep concerns” that two Chinese-born former employees accused of stealing trade secrets from the company will try to flee before their trials if their locations are not monitored – could well throw yet another cog in the gears of any imminent US-China trade deal.

U.S. Supreme Court leaves in place Kentucky abortion restriction
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday left in place a Kentucky restriction requiring doctors to show and describe ultrasound images to women seeking an abortion, turning away a challenge arguing that the measure violates the free speech rights of physicians.

Iran Accuses Israel of Nuclear Missile Test Aimed at Islamic Republic
The Israeli military conducted an unannounced missile test on Friday morning that was clearly visible from Tel Aviv. “The defense establishment conducted a launch test a few minutes ago of a rocket motor system from a base in the center of the country,” the Defense Ministry said. “The test was scheduled in advance and was carried out as planned.”

In Christmas Message Palestinian PM Calls Jesus a “Palestinian Guerrilla Fighting Occupation”
A recent article in WAFA, a Palestinian news site, described a bizarre pre-Christmas ceremony in which Jesus was described as a “Palestinian guerrilla fighter” and the Arab Christians were presented with the greatest holiday gift: the Intifada and its martyrs. “Christmas is a Palestinian national holiday, and Jesus was a Palestinian guerrilla fighter, standing against injustice, calling on the citizens living in Birzeit to support their town.

Is Now the Right Time for a US-Israel Mutual Defense Pact?
U.S President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promoted the idea of a Mutual Defense Treaty between their countries in September, with Netanyahu branding such a pact as being “historic” should it be achieved. The idea is now back in the headlines in Israel. Energy Minister and security cabinet minister Yuval Steinitz stated in recent days that the signing a defense pact is one the reasons why Netanyahu wants to remain as prime minister for the next six months.

6 Saudis detained in Pensacola attack, including 3 who filmed shooting
Six Saudi nationals have been detained in connection with the Friday shooting attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola, in Florida, after a Saudi military trainee was identified as the suspected shooter who killed three U.S. personnel. The Saudi nationals were detained Friday near the scene of the shooting attack, including three involved in filming the incident, according to the New York Times.

EU to debate Mideast policy as 2-state solution hopes fade
European Union foreign ministers will discuss…whether the 28-nation bloc should modify its Middle East policy amid growing concern that Israeli settlement activity and U.S. diplomatic moves are undermining hopes for a two-state solution. “If we want a two-state solution we need to help and encourage both parties to enter into a serious and credible negotiation…” …..Josep Borrell told reporters…

Mayor Moshe Lion gives green light to US embassy project
The Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion, has announced that the city’s municipality gave the green light to the project of building a permanent headquarters for the US embassy in Israel’s capital. Lion and deputy mayor Fleur Hassan Nahoum discussed the project’s details in a meeting with embassy personnel and US State representatives Addison Ted Davis and Thomas J. Quanzo on Monday.

Ukraine and Russia agree to implement ceasefire
Ukraine and Russia have agreed to implement a “full and comprehensive” ceasefire in eastern Ukraine by the end of 2019, after top-level talks. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky met face to face at a Paris summit on Monday. Mr Zelensky was downbeat, saying little had been achieved at the meeting and he had wanted to see more resolved.

Deficit spikes 12 percent in first two months of fiscal year: CBO
The U.S. government deficit rose by 12 percent in the first two months of the 2020 fiscal year, hitting $342 billion, according to new estimates from the Congressional Budget Office. The deficit is on track to surpass $1 trillion in the 2020 fiscal year, which began on October 1.

More Americans Delaying Medical Treatment Due to Cost
A record 25% of Americans say they or a family member put off treatment for a serious medical condition in the past year because of the cost, up from 19% a year ago and the highest in Gallup’s trend. Another 8% said they or a family member put off treatment for a less serious condition, bringing the total percentage of households delaying care due to costs to 33%, tying the high from 2014.

China Uses ‘Social Credit System’ to Control Domestic, Foreign Companies
A Bloomberg News report…described how Communist China uses its “social credit system” to control not just citizens but corporations – and not just domestic companies, but foreign companies seeking to do business in China as well. Nervous foreign businessmen are forking over thousands of dollars an hour for training in how to avoid being flagged as miscreants by the most pervasive surveillance system in history.

U.S. trade offensive takes out WTO as global arbiter
U.S. disruption of the global economic order reaches a major milestone on Tuesday as the World Trade Organization (WTO) loses its ability to intervene in trade wars, threatening the future of the Geneva-based body. Two years after starting to block appointments, the United States will finally paralyze the WTO’s Appellate Body…as two of three members exit and leave it unable to issue rulings.

Report: Russian fighter jets thwarted Israeli attack in Syria
Two Russian Su-35 fighter jets on Saturday thwarted an Israeli airstrike on the T-4 airbase in southern Syria, causing the Israeli craft to return to base… blog AVIA.PRO reported…The blog also reported that the Israeli attack had been planned against an advanced weapons shipment from Iran to the airbase, which included advanced air defense systems.

Elizabeth Warren says she’ll wear Planned Parenthood scarf to her inauguration
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has said she will show support for the nation’s largest abortion provider during her inauguration if she won the 2020 presidential election.

Samoa Bans Kids from Church as Measles Outbreak Kills 63……
hildren in Samoa have been temporarily banned from attending church services and other public gatherings, due to a growing measles outbreak that has claimed more than 60 lives and threatens to cancel Advent celebrations.

Twitter now ADMITS to shadow banning users after years of deceptive denials
It’s been quite the trip to watch the tech giants go from completely denying that they engage in any type of censorship whatsoever to actually enshrining censorship policies into their official terms of service.

Democrats are “summoning the DEMON of political violence,” and the next phase of their criminal coup will unleash blood in the streets
Democrats are “summoning the demon of political violence,” meaning they are taking active steps right now that will result in blood spilling onto the streets of America.

New Zealand volcano eruption leaves ‘no signs of life’ on island
Authorities scrambling to search for survivors after a volcanic island in New Zealand erupted said Monday that aerial searches have revealed “no signs of life” since the eruption.

Social Media Users, Christians Call New Controversial Video Game ‘I am Jesus Christ’ Blasphemous
A controversial new video game that allows players to become Jesus Christ is being called blasphemous by Christians and social media users.

White Island volcano erupts, killing at least 5 people and injuring 20, New Zealand
An impulsive, short-lived eruption occurred at New Zealand’s White Island volcano at 01:11 UTC (14:11 LT) on December 9, 2019. The Volcanic Alert Level was raised to 3 and Aviation Color Code to Orange. The eruption affected the crater floor where up to 50 tourists were located at the time.

Shock as EU adopts law to mark out products made by “illegal” Jews
For anyone who missed the news, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that food and wine produced by Jewish Israelis beyond the Green Line must be explicitly marked.

Hundreds Iranians dead, thousands injured as the regime slaughters protesters – Media is silent to avoid damaguing the image of Iran’s Islamic regime
According to reports by Iranian human rights activist Masih Alinejad Hundreds of people were shot dead during protests in Iran, thousands of protesters arrested and tortured in Revolutionary Guards prisons, but the media is silent as Iranians have no Internet access.