1 Dec 2019

Russia and China complete first road bridge between the countries
The bridge will connect the city of Blagoveshchensk on the Russia side to Heihe in northeastern China. It is intended to increase the volume of freight traffic including agricultural products between the two countries. Vasily Orlov, governor of the Amur region said: “We are forming a new international transport corridor. It will allow us to fully reach our transit potential.”

Naftali Bennett approves new Jewish neighborhood in Hebron
Defense Minister Naftali Bennett approved on Monday the planning of a new Jewish neighborhood in the wholesale market complex in Hebron. The market buildings will be demolished as part of the construction of the new neighborhood. New stores will be built in their place, though the rights of the Palestinians to the properties on the ground floors will remain theirs.

Iranian media focuses on Naftali Bennett: ‘Zionist minister of war’
Iranian media is concerned and fascinated by Israel’s new Defense Minister Naftali Bennett. In almost daily articles both Tasnim and Fars News, as well as other popular Iranian media, have focused on Bennett’s statements about Syria, the bodies of terrorists and social media. Bennett is called the “Zionist minister of war,” in Tehran.

China due to introduce face scans for mobile users
People in China are now required to have their faces scanned when registering new mobile phone services, as the authorities seek to verify the identities of the country’s hundreds of millions of internet users. The regulation, announced in September, was due to come into effect on Sunday. The government says it wants to “protect the legitimate rights and interest of citizens in cyberspace”.

Three Unusual Tornadoes Confirmed in Arizona Friday
Three tornadoes developed in the Phoenix, Arizona, area early Friday as a powerful storm system moved through the West. This was the third time since 1950 that three tornadoes were observed on the same day in Maricopa County. This is also the latest in the year that multiple tornadoes have occurred in Maricopa County, according to the National Weather Service.

U.S. Supreme Court weighs challenge to New York gun transport limits
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear its first major gun rights case in nearly a decade on Monday in a challenge backed by the National Rifle Association over a now-amended New York City handgun regulation that had prevented licensed owners from taking their handguns outside the city.

New U.S. ambassador to UN to visit Israel
The newly appointed U.S. ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft, is expected to arrive for an official visit to Israel in January. Arrangements are being made for the ambassador to meet with state and defense officials in Israel. Craft is expected to visit the Western Wall and the northern and southern border regions, where she will be briefed about the activities of Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria.

Palestinian throwing firebombs in West Bank killed by Israeli fire
The Palestinian Health Ministry said a teenager had been shot dead by IDF forces after he apparently threw firebombs at Israeli vehicles near in the southern part of the West Bank on Saturday. The ministry identified the youth as Badawi Masalmeh, 18, adding that Israeli soldiers took his body.

Saudi Arabia takes over G20 presidency from Japan
Saudi Arabia became the first Arab nation on Sunday to take over the G20 presidency as it seeks to bounce back onto the world stage following global uproar over its human rights record. The oil-rich kingdom has promoted a liberalisation drive including granting greater rights to women but faced strong criticism over a crackdown on dissent and the killing last year of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Ohio State vs. Michigan Announcer Tells Story of Player Almost Being Aborted, Leftists Lose Their Ever Loving Minds
Rivalry week in college football is still underway, with cross state foes taking on each other across the country. Earlier today, one of the marquee match-ups involved Ohio State playing Michigan. While the game wasn’t very competitive, something one of the TV announcers said has leftists up in arms.

Major Breaking Story- The UN-CHICOM-Cartel-CIA Takedown of America
…There is a plan for the Chinese and the rogue elements of the CIA to bring down the United States through spin-off events coming to America as a result of several entities which will result in a Mexican Civil War spilling over the border. The CHICOMS and the rogue elements of the CIA are behind the strategy.

Climate protesters block stores, disrupt Black Friday shopping
Protesters around the world disrupted Black Friday shopping in order to draw attention to climate change days before the United Nations met to discuss the issue in Madrid.

Students stage global strikes to pressure U.N. climate summit
Thousands of people in Asia and Europe joined rallies demanding more action on climate change on Friday, aiming to force political leaders to come up with urgent solutions at a United Nations conference next week.

Alarmists Propose Rebranding ‘Climate Change’ for Greater Shock Value
Climate change alarmists are pushing for a change in vocabulary to scare people into taking global warming more seriously, starting with terms like “global meltdown” and “climate collapse.”

Snowmageddons in USA, Canada, Japan, China and Europe in videos
While a record-breaking bombogenesis has brought record amounts of snow in the Sierras and the Rockies this week, weather specialists say a powerful atmospheric river is set to dump much more starting on Sunday.

Typhoon “Kammuri” (Tisoy) forecast to make landfall over Bicol Region, Philippines
Typhoon “Kammuri,” known as Tisoy in the Philippines, maintains its strength while moving westward toward the Philippines. Landfall is expected over Bicol Region late December 2 into 3, 2019 (local time). Kammuri is the 28th named storm of the 2019 Pacific typhoon season. Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal no. 1 (TCWS) is in effect for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

San Francisco ties century-old record for coldest November day as North Bay freezes, California
San Francisco registered 8.8 °C (48 °F) on Thursday, November 28, 2019, and tied with November 27, 1896, for the coldest November day on record. Meanwhile, North Bay dealt with below-freezing temperatures overnight, with Novato Airport hitting -5 °C (23 °F).

London Bridge Attack Comes as Knife Crime Up 80 Percent
The London Bridge attack on November 29, 2019, comes as knife crime is increased 80 percent in England and Wales.

Kentucky minister says ‘Christians must take back rainbow’
LGBT Twitter users offered tongue-in-cheek praise to an evangelical minister from Kentucky on Thursday who is urging followers to ‘take back the rainbow’ from the gay pride movement since he claims it was originally meant to symbolize Noah’s Ark.