28 Nov 2019

Fears Mediterranean cities could be devastated by a massive tsunami wave triggered by Balkans earthquakes
Seismologists believe destructive earthquakes are imminent after shocking tremors rocked Bosnia and Albania yesterday, with urban centres like Athens as well as the Greek islands in the firing line.

Council Of Islamic Ideology: ‘Existence Of Women Is Un-Islamic’
The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) concluded their 192nd meeting with the ruling that women are un-Islamic and that their mere existence contradicted Sharia and the will of Allah.

Second earthquake in 2 days hits Albania
Albania suspends search and rescue operations due to new 5.6 magnitude quake.

Margin Call Chaos: Hong Kong Stock Plummets 75% In Minutes
China First Capital Group, an investment holding company, saw its equity trading on the Hong Kong exchange placed in a trading halt on Wednesday after it crashed 78% in minutes,

California DMV Rakes In $50 Million Per Year Selling Personal Information
The California DMV has been selling the personal information of registered drivers to the tune of $50 million per year, according to a DMV document obtained by Motherboard.

Hawaiian observatory captures closeup of interstellar comet
a team of astronomers at Yale University has captured new imagery of the interstellar comet 2l/Borisov. In addition to securing a closeup portrait of the comet, Yale scientists …created an image juxtaposing the comet with planet Earth. While Earth itself is much larger than the comet’s body, it’s tail would dwarf Earth if the two objects were placed side by side. “It’s humbling to realize how small Earth is next to this visitor from another solar system,” van Dokkum said in a news release.

Franklin Graham sees ‘demonic’ power in ferocity of opposition to Trump
Evangelist Franklin Graham suggested the resistance President Donald Trump has faced since taking office could be “demonic” in origin. Graham, who prayed at Trump’s inaugural ceremony in January 2017, responded, “I believe that Donald Trump believes in God. He believes in Jesus Christ.”

Iraqi anti-government protesters burn down Iranian consulate
Anti-government protesters burned down the Iranian consulate building in southern Iraq on Wednesday, while six protesters were killed by security forces who fired live rounds amid ongoing violence, Iraqi officials said.

Trump approves legislation backing Hong Kong protesters
U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed into law congressional legislation backing protesters in Hong Kong despite angry objections from Beijing, with which he is seeking a deal to end a damaging trade war.

Turkey not backing down in NATO defense plans dispute
Reuters reported on Tuesday that Turkey was refusing to back the plan for the Baltics and Poland unless it got more political support for its fight against Kurdish YPG militia in northern Syria. Turkey wants NATO to formally recognize the YPG militia, the main component of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as terrorists and is infuriated that its allies have given the militia support.

Greece earthquake: Holiday island of Crete rocked by 6.0 magnitude tremor
Buildings have been evacuated after a “nasty” earthquake rocked Crete this morning. The magnitude 6.0 tremor was recorded at a depth of around 34 miles (56km) below the Greek island. One source described it as “deep” and “felt in many many parts of the country”.

Iran, Russia, China to Hold Joint Wargames in ‘Message to the World’
Iran, China, and Russia will hold in the coming weeks their first-ever joint war drills, which leaders say are meant to send a “message to the world” about increased military cooperation between the rogue countries. The commander of Iran’s navy, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, said Wednesday that the Islamic Republic will team up with Moscow and Beijing within the next month to hold the mass war drills.

IDF demolishes houses of terrorists who killed Dvir Sorek
The Israel Defense Forces demolished the houses of the terrorists who killed 18-year-old Dvir Sorek, on Thursday morning…Defense Minister Naftali Bennett released a statement after the demolition was confirmed saying, “Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be no more terror, but we must charge a heavy price to anyone who raises his hand against Israel’s citizens.”

Khamenei: Iran’s quashing of protests ‘hard blow’ to Zionism
After Iran was rocked by anti-government protests throughout the country, the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei expressed his “deep respect and admiration to the great Iranian nation” for quashing “the enemy’s movement with its magnificent display,” during a meeting with thousands of members of Iran’s Basij paramilitary force on Wednesday.

Hong Kong protests: China warns US over Human Rights and Democracy Act
China has warned the US it could take “firm counter-measures” if Washington continues to show support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. The warning came after US President Donald Trump signed the Human Rights and Democracy Act into law. The act mandates an annual review, to check if Hong Kong has enough autonomy to justify special status with the US.

Why Australia is expecting a long and dangerous summer
Already ravaged by bushfires and drought, Australia is about to enter its hottest season amid forecasts that bring more concern. The official outlook by the Bureau of Meteorology, released on Thursday, shows the nation’s summer is likely to be dry and see above-average heat. It is expected to fuel conditions which have caused blazes across the nation.

Albania earthquake: Rescue effort intensifies amid fresh tremors
Rescuers from several countries are scrambling to find survivors of the earthquake which hit Albania, killing 30 people and injuring hundreds more. Using sniffer dogs, they are sifting through rubble, 36 hours after the magnitude-6.4 tremor. Whole families have perished – and thousands are staying out in the open as powerful aftershocks hit.

Apple changes Crimea map to meet Russian demands
Apple has complied with Russian demands to show the annexed Crimean peninsula as part of Russian territory on its apps. Russian forces annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014, drawing international condemnation. The region, which has a Russian-speaking majority, is now shown as Russian territory on Apple Maps and its Weather app, when viewed from Russia.

Mexico rejects US intervention after Trump outlines drug cartel plan
Mexico’s president has rejected any US intervention in his country, after President Donald Trump said US forces were willing to “go in and clear out” drug cartels. “Co-operation, yes; intervention, no,” Andrés Manuel López Obrador said in response to Mr Trump’s comments. The US president announced in a Tuesday interview he would legally designate Mexican drug gangs as terrorist groups.

Iraq unrest: 13 killed in fresh wave of protests
At least 13 people have been killed in Iraq in a fresh wave of protests in the southern city of Nasiriya. Security forces opened fire and used tear gas on Thursday to clear two bridges blocked by protesters. Another 70 people were injured. Iraqis have been taking to the streets to demand more jobs, an end to corruption, and better public services.

US abortions hit record low since Roe v Wade: Rates fell 24% in 10 years, CDC report reveals
Abortion rates continue fall in the US, decreasing by nearly a quarter in less than a decade, new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data reveal. In 2016, a total of 623,471 abortions were performed in the US, declining two percent from the previous year. The report authors dubbed the number, rate and ratio of abortions to live births ‘historic lows.’

Gang of five men attack Jewish teens walking on Brooklyn street
A gang of five men assaulted two Jewish teens walking down the street in Brooklyn, knocking a yarmulke off one of their heads, police said Wednesday. The group approached a 14-year-old boy dressed in traditional Orthodox garb on the corner of Eastern Parkway and Albany Avenue in Crown Heights on Nov. 11, smacking him with a blow to the head, officials said.

INCOMING! Mysterious interstellar object pictured coming towards us from deep space – and will make ‘close approach’ next month
A MYSTERIOUS object hurtling towards our Solar System from deep space has been photographed by scientists. The incoming comet is like nothing scientists have seen before and is believed to have come from another star system. That makes the visitor, known as 2I/Borisov, only the second interstellar object ever spotted in our Solar System.

Storms snarl U.S. Thanksgiving travel, stranding cars and planes
Scores of vehicles got stuck on Interstate 5 after a “bomb cyclone” – a supercharged winter storm caused by a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure – dumped up to four feet (1.2 meters) of snow in mountainous areas of the Pacific Northwest. “We’ve been white knuckling it for the last four hours and sliding around the road,” said Lisa Chadwick after she stopped in Bend, Oregon, driving north from San Francisco.

North Korea test fires missiles month before deadline for U.S. to respond on talks
Breaking a month-long lull in missile tests, North Korea fired two short range missiles into the sea off its east coast on Thursday in what appeared to be the latest try out of its new multiple rocket launchers, South Korea’s military said. The test-firing came as the clock ticks down on the year-end deadline that Pyongyang had given the United Stated to restart stalled denuclearization talks.

Libya, Turkey sign deals on security and maritime jurisdictions
Turkey and Libya on Wednesday signed two agreements on security and military cooperation and restriction of marine jurisdictions, Turkish authorities said. Memorandums of understanding were signed after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a closed meeting with the internationally-recognised government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj in Istanbul…

What is behind the Russia-Hamas rapprochement?
In recent weeks there has been a considerable increase in the number of…exchanges between the Russian government and Hamas. But could this deepening relationship help the latter break the isolation imposed on it by the United States and its allies? In July, Hamas’ Deputy Leader Mousa Abu Marzouk headed a delegation which visited Moscow and met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Envoy to the Middle East…