26 Nov 2019

Trudeau’s U.N. Ambassador Boasted About Voting for North Korean-Sponsored Resolution Against Israel
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s U.N. ambassador Marc-André Blanchard bragged on Saturday about voting on a North Korea-sponsored resolution against Israel last week, stating in a tweet that: “Canada found its voice”.

Biden Says Graham Is ‘About To Go Down,’ Claims He’ll Regret Ukraine Investigation ‘His Whole Life’
“Biden: Lindsey Graham will “regret his whole life”! This reminds me of Biden’s decree to the media to silence me on September 29th. Now a threat to a US Senator. This is getting to be more and more like my old mafia cases. They sure do sound like crooks,” Giuliani tweeted.

Russian State-Owned Bank Sends Code to Customers: ‘Kill Jews’
Last week, a former Moscow-based consultant exposed a code with the message ‘Kill Jews’ in its text reports Jewish.ru.

Is this the end of Mashiach ben Yosef?
Why Netanyahu? When Avichai Mandebilt declared his intention to indict the Prime Minister, he essentially paved the way for the leftist super-structure, Israel’s Deep State to begin the process of finally wresting control of the country from the street it lost it to when Begin surprised the parochial classes and Laborites in 1977.

Scientists Admit: Snakes Once had Legs as Described in Book of Genesis
Paleontologists in Argentina reached for their Bibles after finding fossils of snakes with hind legs. The report published in the journal, Science Advances, estimates the fossils found in the Rio Negro Province, Patagonia in 2013. The fossil is believed to be 95 million years old. The new discovery was appropriately named najash rionegrina. The term najash is based on the Hebrew word נחש (nachash, snake).

The world’s first human composting facility will let us recycle ourselves
But the first renderings of new after-death center Recompose (don’t call it a “funeral home”) reveal another option for the afterlife of our bodies here on earth: composting. The flagship facility, expected to open in Seattle in spring 2021, is designed to reconnect human death rituals with nature and to offer a more sustainable alternative to conventional burial options.

Iran Threatens ‘Crushing Blow’ to U.S, Israel for ‘Interference’ in Uprisings, Threatens ‘Crushing Blow’
Iranian Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri warned regional countries on Saturday that if it could be proved that they had stoked recent protests in the country, then consequences would ensue. “Some countries of the region must know that if clues are found that they have been involved in provoking riots inside Iran, then their goose is cooked …

US General Hints at War With Iran As US Troops Mass on Border
The U.S. has been beefing up its military presence surrounding Iran while at the same time strengthening channels of communication with Israeli military brass. Several experts have expressed their belief that all this is justified and a regional conflict pitting several countries against Iran is “probable.” Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the commander of U.S. Central Command, recently warned that Iran has set a precedent for aggression.

Israeli military says rocket launched from Gaza
The Israeli military says a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip at southern Israel less than two weeks after a cease-fire halted hostilities with Palestinian militants. The army said Monday that it had identified a rocket launch from the Gaza Strip toward Israel. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

UK urges China to give UN access to Xinjiang region
The UK has called on China to allow UN observers “immediate and unfettered access” to the Xinjiang region. It follows a data leak that revealed how hundreds of thousands of Muslims were mistreated in high security camps. The official documents, seen by BBC Panorama, show how inmates are locked up, indoctrinated and punished.

Albania: Powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Tirana
A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has hit Albania, bringing down buildings and leaving people trapped under rubble. At least six people have died. One man died after jumping from a window in panic, a defence ministry spokeswoman confirmed. The quake hit 34 km (21 miles) northwest of the capital, Tirana, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Georgia police use water cannons on protesters in Tbilisi
Riot police used water cannons on anti-government protesters outside Georgia’s parliament building in the capital, Tbilisi. Thousands of people demonstrated on Monday evening calling for reform to the country’s electoral system. Several activists and a politician were arrested early on Tuesday, opposition leader Giorgi Vashadze said.

Mada Masr: Egypt independent news outlet’s office ‘raided’
The office of Egypt’s last major independent media outlet has been raided by plainclothes security officers, its editors say. On Facebook, Mada Masr said laptops and phones were confiscated and three staff members briefly arrested. Despite being blocked in Egypt since 2017, the website is accessible in the country via virtual private networks.

Lassa fever ‘at risk’ Britons sent home from Sierra Leone
Three British nationals have been brought back to the UK from Sierra Leone for medical assessment after coming into close contact with two people diagnosed with Lassa fever. One of the two infected Dutch nationals – both doctors…has died from the virus. Health officials say the move is a precautionary measure – Public Health England has also notified another 15 British nationals who may be at risk.

Corporate Executives Try to Assess Potential Impact of Tax Change Proposals
Corporate tax chiefs are trying to assess the potential implications of a proposal for a new global tax system for consumer-facing businesses…The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development…was scheduled to…discuss a proposal that would set a standard tax rate for a company’s global operations and allow individual governments to tax profits above that based on sales…

Russia hopes to agree new S-400 missile deal with Turkey next year
Russia hopes to seal a deal to supply Turkey with more S-400 missile systems in the first half of next year… Such a move could further sour ties between Turkey and the United States, which has suspended Ankara from the F-35 stealth fighter jet programme, in which it was a producer and buyer, to punish it for buying S-400 batteries earlier this year.

Second night of clashes in Lebanon amid anti-gov’t protests
Clashes have erupted between protesters calling for an overhaul of the political system and supporters of the main Shia groups Hezbollah and Amal amid reports of gunfire in some parts of Lebanon… For the second consecutive day, security forces intervened in a bid to break up confrontations late on Monday between the groups’ supporters and demonstrators protesting against Lebanon’s political elite.

Red Cross: Yemen faces new outbreak of dengue fever
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has reported a new outbreak of dengue fever in Yemen, with thousands of cases and several dozen deaths. Robert Mardini, head of the ICRC’s delegation at the UN, said…the poorest nation in the Arab world was facing “a very dire humanitarian situation”, amid an escalation in dengue cases, tens of thousands of cholera cases as well as a flare-up of malaria.

Erdogan: Turkey-Qatar military base serves regional ‘stability’
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday the construction of a new Turkish military base has been completed in Qatar and it will be named after the famous Muslim commander Khalid bin Walid. Erdogan arrived in Doha earlier in the day to attend the fifth meeting of the Turkey-Qatar High Strategic Committee.

It’s Official: The United States Is Now A Banana Republic
And it has not Russia, nor China, nor any other enemy, foreign or domestic, to blame… except for one: the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States.

Communist Chinese Controlled Drug Cartel Infiltration Into US Cities Will Turn America Into the Next Bolivia and Venezuela
The bulk of infiltration of America by subversive forces, headed by the cartels, and backed by Communist China, really gained their foothold under the Obama administration.

Coming to Washington: “Composting” dead humans creates bio-goo that gets flushed down sewage pipes, turned into biosludge, then deposited on crops
 Washington state is on the verge of legalizing the “composting” of human remains, which advocates say will create a new source of “organic fertilizer” for food crops. But this so-called “organic fertilizer” is actually a toxic and just plain disgusting bio-goo that will easily make its way into sewage systems, only to be “recycled” and turned into toxic biosludge.

BDS and Antifa Bigots Shout “Back to the Ovens” at Toronto’s York U
“Go back to the ovens, go back to Europe!” That was what Jewish students, pro-Israel activists, and Jewish community members heard in Vari Hall.

IRGC commander threatens to ‘destroy’ Israel
General Hossein Salami, the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, on Monday threatened that Iran would “destroy” the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia if they cross its “red lines”.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development In Talks At Paris Forum Discussing A Global Tax System Possible Prophetic Harbinger
For many of you, a story about a global tax is pretty dry stuff, something you wouldn’t really much care about. But to prophecy watchers and students of the Bible, this is fascinating and nothing short of an end times harbinger of prophetic fulfillment.

Prepare now: Historic, unprecedented storm for southwest Oregon and northwest California
A dangerous storm, possibly historically strong low, is heading towards southwest Oregon and northwest California Tuesday and Wednesday, November 26 and 27, 2019, in the run up to Thanksgiving.

At least six dead as severe weather wreaks havoc across parts of Europe
Six fatalities, power disruptions, and widespread devastations have been reported over the past weekend, November 23, 2019 and 24, as severe storms lashed parts of Europe. In France and Italy, four people died and one person was missing after torrential rain caused flooding and landslide. In Greece, thunderstorms and strong winds caused a boat to sink, killing two people.

Emmanuel Macron Grants Asylum To ISIS leader who Slaughtered 1,700 soldiers
The Islamic State (ISIS) leader, who posed as a refugee was granted political asylum in France by Emmanuel Macron, was responsible for the 2014 slaughter of some 1,700 soldiers near the northern Iraq town.

Biden Bluntly Backpedals On ‘Potaway Drug’ Marijuana After Vowing To Keep It Illegal
We suggest reading slowly…