24 Nov 2019

Israeli PM holds tense Cabinet meeting as indictment looms
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is leading a noticeably tense Cabinet meeting. It’s his first since Israel’s attorney general announced Netanyahu will be indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Netanyahu didn’t mention the looming indictment…Instead, he’s projecting an attitude of business as usual, discussing Iranian belligerency, threats from Gaza and domestic affairs.

Hong Kong elections: Record numbers vote in district council polls
Voters have turned out in record numbers to cast their ballots in Hong Kong’s district council elections. By lunchtime, the number of voters had already surpassed the final total in the 2015 elections. The election is seen as a test of support for Hong Kong’s embattled Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

Colombia protests: Troops stay on streets as unrest continues
Colombia’s President Iván Duque has said security forces will remain on the streets to maintain order, as protests continued for a third day. The anti-government demonstrations erupted on Thursday, when more than 250,000 marched in a national strike. They started peacefully but clashes between protesters and police have since broken out, and there have been reports of vandalism and looting.

Iraq protests: Security forces open fire on protesters
Iraqi security forces have opened fire on protesters in southern Iraq, killing at least five people, amid ongoing anti-government demonstrations. At least two people died and some 50 others were injured near the Gulf port city of Basra on Sunday. Late on Saturday, at least three protesters were killed and more than 40 others injured in Nasiriya.

China surveillance tech seeks to go global
Chinese firms are omnipresent at a Paris homeland security trade show, capitalising on their vast experience in developing surveillance systems for Beijing to conquer the global market despite concerns the technology has been used to violate human rights. With 89 out of 1,100 companies demonstrating their wares…China is the best represented of the 53 nations present save for host nation France.

U.S. Commander Warns of Iranian Attack in Middle East
The deployment of 14,000 additional American troops to the Persian Gulf region since the spring has probably not dissuaded Iran from planning a major attack on the scale of the recent missile and drone assault on Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, the commander of American forces in the Middle East says.

Libyan force imposes ‘no-fly zone’ amid fight for Tripoli
One of the armed groups fighting for control of Libya’s capital says it is imposing a “no-fly zone” there. The self-styled Libyan National Army’s announcement comes after two unmanned drone aircraft — one American and one Italian — were lost near the capital last week. The LNA has said it shot down the Italian drone, while the US military hasn’t given a reason for its drone’s loss.

Hezbollah MPs step up attacks on US over Lebanon ‘meddling’
Hezbollah and its allies in the Lebanese government…widened their attacks on the US over alleged meddling in the country’s political future…Muhammad Fneish, Hezbollah’s minister in the caretaker government, referred to “foreign interference in our affairs” and said: “We want to form a sovereign government that is distant from US desires and foreign accounts.”

Pence works to reassure Kurdish allies in surprise Iraq trip
Vice President Mike Pence worked to reassure the United States’ Kurdish allies in an unannounced trip to Iraq on Saturday, the highest-level American trip since President Donald Trump ordered a pullback of U.S. forces in Syria two months ago. Flying in a C-17 military cargo aircraft, Pence landed in Irbil, capital of Iraq’s semiautonomous Kurdish region, to meet with Iraqi Kurdistan President Nechirvan Barzani.

Over 500 000 people affected by floods in Somalia
The Federal Government of Somalia and the humanitarian community have launched a Flood Response Plan on November 23, 2019, calling for a 72.5 million dollar fund to aid flood victims in the country, with the number of affected people reaching 536 000. At least 17 people have died in the floods. Livestock has also been badly impacted, resulting in massive loss.

France Begins Shutting Down Mosques and Schools in Crackdown on ‘Political Islam’
The French government has started shutting down mosques, schools, and other Islamic establishments in a major nationwide crackdown on “political Islam” in France.

‘Demonic power’: Franklin Graham claims supernatural element behind attacks on Trump
The Rev. Franklin Graham claimed the political turmoil fracturing the country in the wake of impeachment proceedings into President Trump likely has a supernatural origin.

Pope cites French epic poem to “prove” Christianity is as violent as Islam
“Pope Francis trotted out a scene from the 11th-century French epic poem La Chanson de Roland this week to prove Christians have tried to convert Muslims by the sword, just as Muslims have done to Christians.”

Keith Getty: Modern worship mov’t is ‘utterly dangerous,’ causing ‘de-Christianizing of God’s people’
In an interview with The Christian Post, Getty said many modern worship songs focus on emotionalism rather than sound doctrine and Scriptural truths. This, he said, leads to a generation ill-equipped to understand or defend the Christian faith.

Chick-fil-A Put an Obama and Hillary Supporter in Charge, but Dumped Christians
Chick-fil-A’s announcement that it was dumping the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which have come under attack by gay activist groups, caught Christian fans of the fast food chain by surprise. It shouldn’t have if they had been paying attention to CFA’s corporate structure.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund Says Abortion Is ‘Moral’ and ‘Health Care’
The Planned Parenthood Action Fund, a nonprofit advocacy group, tweeted this week that abortion is “moral” and is “health care.”…the tweet also sparked opinions from pro-life advocates. “Abortion is ‘healthcare’ like the death penalty is ‘just helping someone get a good night’s sleep’,” one person said in response to the tweet.

House panel approves bill legalizing marijuana at the federal level
The House Judiciary Committee approved a bill Wednesday that legalizes marijuana on the federal level, removing it from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act.

Death toll rises to 24 as heavy rains trigger landslides in Kenya
The death toll has increased to 24 after a rain-induced landslide on November 22, 2019, in West Pokot county, Kenya. Villages have also been flooded, and at least one bridge was damaged. The severe weather is being influenced by the very strong, positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) predicted to affect parts of Africa particularly Eastern regions from October to December.

Republicans & Democrats Agree: Give Vast Snooping Powers To The US Government
Even in our polarized political paradigm, there is one thing both republicans and democrats can agree on: The federal government should have vast snooping powers and conduct mass surveillance on everyone.