22 Nov 2019

Walmart Now Selling ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’
For parents looking to introduce their kids to devil worship, Walmart and Amazon are now selling a new children’s book entitled: ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’. In the ‘about‘ section, the publishers try to turn the act of summoning demons into a kid-friendly activity saying: “summoning demons has never been so much fun”. The site categorizes the book as a “playful guide” to conjure demons to communicate with “the spirit”.

Pope: Jews Living in Judea, Israel: Bad for ‘Regional Stability’
After the Trump administration reversed US policy regarding Israeli settlements deeming them legal under international law, the Pope made a vague statement opposing the decision. A statement released by the Vatican’s Press Office on Wednesday said that calling Jewish cities and towns in Judea-Samaria ‘legal’, “further undermine the Israeli-Palestinian peace process”.

Iran Expert: “This is a Full rebellion, Not a Fuel Protest,”
While most mainstream media outlets are calling the mass uprisings in Iran mere ‘protests’, Alireza Nader, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) told Foreign Policy that Tehran is acting to censor their brutal suppression of the protestors from reaching the cloud saying: ” “The regime wants an internet blackout so they can massacre their way out of this.”

Trump Scores Major Tax-Return Win in California Supreme Court
Even in California, the law can still limit liberals. The California Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously struck down a law passed by a rabid Democratic legislature and signed by a radical governor that would have kept President Donald Trump off the state’s ballot in 2020 unless he releases five years of tax returns,

One Day After Trump Stood with Israel, Impeachment Allegations Turn Against Democrats
On Tuesday, Novermber 20, President Donald Trump’s defense secretary Mike Pompeo came out changing a long-standing US attitude regarding Jewish towns in the Judea-Samaria region of Israel, also known as ‘settlements’. Pompeo, who represents the Trump administration deemed them as legal under international law. But something else happened the following day. On Wednesday, the impeachment hearings against Trump began to fall apart at the seams. Furthermore, the tables turned against Democrat 2020 candidate Joe Biden, who also denounced Trump’s new policy regarding settlements. Coincedence?…Or divine intervention?

Putin: Scientists Killed In “Mystery” Radiological Blast Were Developing “Unparalleled” Weapon
Three months after a major and still somewhat mysterious rocket explosion in Russia’s far north which caused radiation levels to spike at least sixteen times above normal, President Putin confirmed in statements Thursday that his military is developing a weapon that has “no equal in the world,” according to Interfax news agency. “The very fact of possessing such unique technologies is today the most important reliable guarantee of peace on the planet,” Putin is reported to have said while meeting with the families of those killed, Interfax reports further.

Scientists: Dishonest Or Afraid?
The absolute worst case of professional incompetence and dishonesty is in the area of climate science. Tony Heller has exposed some of the egregious dishonesty of mainstream environmentalists in a video he’s titled “My Gift To Climate Alarmists.” Ottmar Edenhofer, lead author of the IPCC’s fourth summary report released in 2007, speaking in 2010 advised: “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.”

Amid Impeachment Circus, Dems Sneak PATRIOT Act Renewal Past The American People
House Democrats have voted to keep funding the PATRIOT Act in a flurry of partisan hypocrisy. The surveillance legislation that should have every person fearing for their rights and privacy was recently shoehorned through the House, folded into a resolution to keep the federal government funded for three more months. The spending bill was pushed through with not a single Republican vote.

Netanyahu calls decision to indict him an ‘attempted coup’
Enraged PM goes on the offensive, slamming AG and police investigators, who he claims were ‘after him’; 2 other defendants, Elovich and Mozes, also issue statements expressing their disappointment over what they see as unfair charges.

Attempt to overthrow Netanyahu in Likud begins
Likud leadership candidate Gideon Sa’ar further challenged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday saying that he – unlike Netanyahu – could build a coalition. Sa’ar called for setting a Likud leadership primary date, which he lamented was overdue many years and said it is required by the Likud’s constitution.

Putin vows to perfect mystery rocket after engine blast
Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to press on with the development of a nuclear-powered rocket believed to have been at the centre of a deadly accident. Five engineers and two others died when a rocket engine exploded at a test range on the White Sea on 8 August. Defence experts think it was part of a nuclear-powered cruise missile.

President Putin says five men killed in huge explosion in northern Russia that caused sudden radiation spike died trying to create a weapon that ‘has no equal in the world’
Russian President Vladimir Putin has told widows of the five scientists who died in a nuclear explosion earlier this year that their husbands were working on ‘the most advanced and unmatched technical’ weaponry. Putin’s comments came during a ceremony of state decorations at the Kremlin today where he awarded the deceased employees of Russia’s state nuclear company with the Order of Courage, posthumously.

US to Europe: Fix Open Skies Treaty or we quit
NATO allies worried U.S. President Donald Trump will abandon the Open Skies Treaty have been told the administration views the arms control agreement as a danger to U.S. national security, and that unless those nations can assuage such concerns, the U.S. will likely pull out, Defense News has learned.

One in Four Europeans Holds Anti-Semitic Views, Survey Shows
Nearly one in four, 24.6%, of Europeans holds strongly anti-Semitic views, according to a poll by a Jewish anti-hate organization released Thursday. Among European Muslims in Western Europe, the incidence of such views was almost three times higher than in the general population, as defined by the Anti-Defamation League’s study.

U.S. warships sail in disputed South China Sea, angering China
U.S. Navy warships twice sailed near islands claimed by China in the South China Sea in the past few days, the U.S. military told Reuters on Thursday, at a time of heightened tension between the world’s two largest economies. The busy waterway is one of a number of flashpoints in the U.S.-China relationship, which include a trade war, U.S. sanctions, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

EU should recognize Palestinian state, says Luxembourg
The EU should recognize a Palestinian state after the US expressed support for Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said. Monday’s announcement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo abandoned the position that settlements in Israeli-occupied territory were “inconsistent with international law,” reversing a stand taken under President Jimmy Carter in 1978.

New census data: About 1 million same-sex households in US
The Census Bureau estimates about 1 million same-sex married and unmarried couples are living together nationwide, according to new figures released Tuesday.

Why Aren’t Christians Speaking Out Against Growing Trend of ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’?
“[God] created them male and female” (Gen. 5:2a). The Bible says there are only two genders, male and female, and they are God-given and unchangeable. A biologically created male’s DNA will always be male. “He will never have a uterus, and no amount of cosmetic surgery, fake hormones or media propaganda is going to be able to change these facts.”

Humans put into suspended animation for first time
Doctors have put humans into a state of suspended animation for the first time in a groundbreaking trial that aims to buy more time for surgeons to save seriously injured patients.

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Has Killed Hundreds, Possibly Thousands of Deer in Iowa
Deer in central Iowa are battling a disease called Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) which has already killed at least 1,800 whitetails this year alone, and has officials seriously concerned.

Pope: Jews Living in Judea, Israel: Bad for ‘Regional Stability’
After the Trump administration reversed US policy regarding Israeli settlements deeming them legal under international law, the Pope made a vague statement opposing the decision.

Eruption of underwater volcano near Mayotte continues, may badly affect Lake Dziani on Petite Terre
Eruption at a developing submarine volcano east of Mayotte continues and may contaminate Petite Terre’s Lake Dziani. The underwater volcano is the reason behind the seismo-volcanic crisis affecting the small island in the Indian Ocean since May 2018​. The crisis started with earthquakeswarm that continued for months causing anxiety among locals until May 2019 when a new developing volcano was confirmed.

Farmers fear 80 percent crop loss after severe hailstorm in Canterbury, New Zealand
Two severe weather events battered New Zealand’s Canterbury region over the past 3 days – a severehailstorm in Timaru on November 20, 2019, and a destructive tornado that ripped through Christchurch on November 18.  After the catastrophic events, farmers found themselves salvaging spared crops, with fears that as much as 80% was lost.

BOMBSHELL: Israel’s Attorney General Announced Today That Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Will Stand Trial For Bribery, Fraud And Breach Of Trust
Whether or not Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is guilty or innocent of the things he is now being charged with, I have no idea. But I do know this, we are living in the end times and Israel and Jerusalem are still the places around which the timeclock of Bible prophecy revolves.

Your Favorite Hollywood And Rap Music Stars Openly Promote Satanism And The Occult With A Newfound Boldness As Darkness Rises In America
Back in June we did an article entitled ‘The Goal Of Hollywood And The Entire Entertainment Industry Is To Normalize Satanism And That Mission Is Now Nearly Complete‘, and I urge you to read it and watch the videos if you have not done so already. All the recent and passionate discussions about Kanye West have rekindled the larger discussion about satanism and the occult that is present with nearly every Hollywood actor, actress and song star.

Giuliani Explains “Massive Pay-For-Play” Soros-Ukraine Scheme Facilitated By US Diplomats
Rudy Giuliani claims that US diplomats have been acting to further the interests of billionaire George Soros in Ukraine in what he described as a “massive pay-for-play” scheme which included falsifying evidence against President Trump.

Unmasking Wikipedia’s Antisemitic, Pro-Jihad Editors
I gave up on Wikipedia years ago – hard left, antisemitic etc. Don’t get me started on how wrong my page is. Any timr anyone goes in to fix it – it witches back to their libel within seconds. I am glad this group is taking the smear merchants and slanderers on.