20 Nov 2019

‘Historic Day for Israel’: President Trump Stands up to UN with a U-Turn on Settlements
“After President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and recognized our sovereignty over the Golan Heights, now the American administration put an end to the lie that settlements are illegal. I thank President Trump and I thank Secretary of State Pompeo.” -PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Pope heads to Asia in search of Buddhist ties and nuclear arms ban
Pope Francis departed Rome on Tuesday for Thailand and Japan, majority Buddhist countries where the Jesuit pontiff is to plead for interreligious dialogue and nuclear disarmament.

China says only it can rule on Hong Kong constitution
China insisted Tuesday it held the sole authority to rule on constitutional matters in Hong Kong, as it condemned a decision by the city’s high court to overturn a ban on face masks worn by pro-democracy protesters. The statement could further fan the flames in Hong Kong after months of violent protests over concerns that Beijing is chipping away at the autonomy of the financial hub.

Isil leaders with ‘vast amounts of cash’ planning comeback in Turkey, Iraq spy chief claims
Senior Islamic State members with access to “huge” amounts of money are in Turkey and plotting a comeback, an Iraqi spy chief has warned. Lieutenant General Saad al-Allaq, head of Iraq’s Military Intelligence, claimed in an interview with CNN that Iraq has given Ankara dossiers on nine alleged leaders of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), including top financiers for the terror group. The general said senior Isil figures known as “emirs” have access to vast reserves of cash and were forming new cells in Turkey.

Israel and Hamas appear inching to Gaza agreement
Analysis: The two sides have in the past 24 hours appeared to make mutual gestures regarding an arrangement to maintain calm in the troubled Strip, including ongoing halt in the often violent Friday protests along the border fence.

IDF attacks dozens of terror targets in Syria
In response to the rockets fired by an Iranian force from Syrian territory at Israel, IDF fighter jets struck dozens of military targets of the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian Armed Forces, including surface-to-air missiles, headquarters, weapons warehouses and military bases, overnight Tuesday. During the IDF strike, a Syrian air defense missile was fired, despite clear warnings to refrain from such fire. Consequently, a number of Syrian aerial defense batteries were destroyed.

Judge bars ICE from courthouse, ICE threatens judge with arrest
Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Martha Walters on Thursday mandated that civil arrests in state courthouses are no longer allowed, unless the arresting agency has a judicial arrest warrant. ICE spokeswoman Tanya Roman said her agency “will continue to carry out its mission to uphold public safety and enforce immigration law, and consider carefully whether to refer those who obstruct our lawful enforcement efforts for criminal prosecution.” Law Enforcement Today said “it means that anyone who obstructs federal law enforcement could be charged with crimes.” It’s “ironic that elected officials want to see policies in place to keep ICE out of courthouses, while caring little for laws enacted by Congress to keep criminal aliens out of our country.”

FBI Investigating “Criminal Enterprise” In Connection With Arrested Epstein Guards
The FBI is treating Epstein’s death as a criminal matter, according to Bloomberg. “Federal prosecutors unsealed charges against two guards at the U.S. jail in lower Manhattan who were supposed to keep watch on financier Jeffrey Epstein.” “The two guards are charged in New York with falsifying documents and conspiracy to defraud the U.S.”

11 killed as Israel strikes over 20 Iranian, Syrian regime targets
Israel warned Iran from carrying out further attacks against the Jewish State after Israeli Air Force fighter jets carried out a wave of retaliatory air strikes against dozens of military targets belonging to the Iranian Quds Force (IRGC) and the Syrian army on Tuesday night in Syria.

Liberman set to decide – Will Israel go to new elections or not?
Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman is expected to make a dramatic announcement at 1 p.m. in which he will reveal whether he will support the formation of a narrow government or a third election. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz met late Tuesday in an effort to persuade Liberman that the other side is to blame for the failure to form an unity government.

Netanyahu approves Jordan Valley annexation bill after U.S. changes policy
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his approval on Tuesday to advance a bill that would have Israel apply sovereignty to the Jordan Valley, after the US State Department reversed its stance of viewing Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria as illegal. Netanyahu called US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s decision “historic” during a visit the day after the announcement to the Gush Etzion region.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Images from inside as siege nears end
A four-day siege of Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University (PolyU) is nearing an end, although dozens of protesters remain inside. Around 800 to 900 protesters have already left the campus, hundreds of whom were under 18, police said. The campus – which turned into a fiery battleground during the past week – is surrounded by police who are arresting for rioting any adults trying to leave.

Iran will seek new fighter jets, tanks as 2020 embargo lifts
Iran will likely buy new advanced fighter jets and tanks next year when a U.N. Security Council arms embargo is scheduled to be lifted, a senior U.S. intelligence official said Tuesday as the Defense Intelligence Agency released a new assessment of Iran’s military capabilities.

Russia baulks at Turkish idea of new Syrian military operation
Russia said on Tuesday it was bewildered by a Turkish pledge to conduct a new military operation in northern Syria if the area was not cleared of people Ankara calls “terrorists”, warning any such move would damage efforts to stabilise the region. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday his country would launch a new offensive in northeast Syria if it was not cleared of the Kurdish YPG militia.

US Navy carrier transits Strait of Hormuz after deployment
A US aircraft carrier ordered by the White House to rapidly deploy to the Mideast over a perceived threat from Iran has transited the Strait of Hormuz for the first time since its deployment. The US Navy says the USS Abraham Lincoln transited the strait on Tuesday, making its way to the Arabian Gulf.

Israel to host largest event ever focused on anti-Semitism
Israeli officials say dozens of world leaders will attend what’s expected to be the largest-ever gathering focused on combatting anti-Semitism in January in Jerusalem. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said on Wednesday that the fifth World Holocaust Forum — “Remembering the Holocaust, Fighting Antisemitism” — will coincide with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.

Plague linked to Black Death found in China after hunter eats rabbit
A case of bubonic plague, the disease linked to the Black Death, was reported Sunday in China.

Deadly drug-resistant superbug fungus found in Georgia
A deadly superbug fungus continues to spread around the world and has now been reported in 14 states, including Georgia.

Heavy snowfall hits parts of Austria and Italy, large avalanche engulfs Martell Valley
Extreme weather, including strong winds, heavy rain and snow are affecting parts of central Europe, including Austria, Switzerland and Italy over the past couple of days, causing floods, landslides and notable avalanches. Similar weather, with widespread heavy rain and snow, extreme in places, is expected to continue affecting the continent at least over the next 2 weeks.

300 000 affected by worst floods in 7 years in Borno and Adamawa, Nigeria
Nigeria’s northeastern states Borno and Adamawa are facing the worst floods in seven years which have destroyed homes, livelihoods, and affected about 300 000 people so far.

China ‘Mega Dump’ Full Of Trash 25 Years Ahead Of Schedule

“The Jiangcungou landfill in Xi’an city was built in 1994 and was designed to last until 2044.”

At least 5 000 displaced as slow-moving Typhoon “Kalmaegi” (Ramon) intensifies, Philippines
Tropical Storm “Kalmaegi” (Ramon) intensified into a typhoon and continues bringing heavy rain and floods to Luzon, Philippines on November 19, 2019. At least 5 000 people have already evacuated their homes, while several municipalities in Cagayan remain under Signal #3.

After Chick-Fil-A Stops Donations To Salvation Army, Gay Activists GLAAD Says Actions Are ‘Not Enough’ And Calls For Complete Disavowal Of Company’s Christian Values
Back on November 7th, Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy posted a very cryptic and now seemingly prophetic post to his LinkedIn accounted entitled “The Art of Change“, and I hope you will click the link to read it for yourself. In that post, he says things like “In business, change is inevitable.” and “I give up control so that others can flourish in their roles.”

Seclusion and isolation rooms misused in Illinois schools
The spaces have gentle names: The reflection room. The cool-down room. The calming room. The quiet room. But shut inside them, in public schools across the state, children as young as 5 wail for their parents, scream in anger and beg to be let out.

China Threatens Retaliation After Senate Passes Bill Supporting Hong Kong Protests; Stocks, Yuan Tumble
“The president’s made it clear it’ll be very hard for us to do a deal with China if there’s any violence or if that matter is not treated properly and humanely.”

16-year-old girl arrested in plot to attack black church
That’s after police announced they arrested a 16-year-old girl who allegedly planned to visit the predominantly black church that night and kill those inside.

AMAZON mulls face-scanning doorbells
Amazon has considered adding facial recognition technology to its Ring doorbell cameras, according to a letter to a U.S. senator defending its video-sharing partnerships with police.