17 Nov 2019

Netanyahu: Israel has not changed Gaza policy, will strike enemies
The IDF has not changed its policy of targeted assassinations and will strike at its enemies, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the cabinet at its weekly meeting, as the shaky cease fire understanding between Israel and Gaza headed into its fourth day. “I want to clarify again: Israel has not obligated itself to anything,” Netanyahu said. “Our security policy has not changed, not even slightly.

Pompeo: Iran behind Islamic Jihad rocket attacks against Israel
Iran is behind the latest round of Israeli-Gaza violence, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted on Saturday, as the fragile ceasefire understanding held for its third day in spite of sporadic rocket fire. “Iran uses its terrorist proxy Palestinian Islamic Jihad to strike our great ally Israel. Iran does not want peace in the region. It does not want the Palestinian people to prosper.

Yellow vest protests: More than 100 arrested as violence returns to Paris
Police in Paris arrested more than 100 people as protests to mark the first anniversary of the anti-government yellow vest movement turned violent. Yellow vest (gilets jaunes) rallies took place nationwide on Saturday, a year after they first erupted. Tear gas and water cannon were used by police in Paris, where thousands of protesters thronged the streets.

Czech anti-government protesters mark anniversary of revolution
At least 200,000 people have protested against the Czech government in the capital, Prague. Demonstrators are calling for Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign over allegations of fraud. It is alleged Mr Babis used European Union subsidies for his private business – something he denies.

America’s workers continue to struggle despite ‘strong’ jobs reports
For years, pundits and policymakers have claimed that America’s workers are doing better than ever. They point to low consumer prices, low unemployment, the availability of cheap credit and even a booming stock market. And they dismiss concerns about wage stagnation — since Americans are buying more flat-screen TVs and cellphones than ever.

U.S., South Korea Shelve Military Exercise in Bid to Break Nuclear Deadlock With North
The U.S. and South Korea postponed a major air exercise that was set to begin Monday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said, in a bid to appease North Korea and break gridlocked disarmament talks between Washington and Pyongyang. At a press briefing…Mr. Esper said the postponement was “an act of good will…and advancement of peace”—though he denied it was “a concession” to North Korea.

Inside Churchome: Justin Bieber’s VIP and Sex Joke-Filled Celebrity Megachurch
I’m sitting in the fourth row of the Saban Theatre in tony Beverly Hills, California. It’s Wednesday night at the L.A. chapter of Churchome, the Seattle-based church led by Pastor Judah Smith. The 2,000-capacity venue is packed to the gills, with the majority in their early 20s—girls in braids and crop tops, guys in ripped jeans and earrings.

Russia begins moving captured Ukrainian ships before possible handover
Russia began moving three captured Ukrainian navy ships on Sunday after a Russian newspaper reported Moscow would return them to Ukraine ahead of a four-way summit on eastern Ukraine next month… The reporter in Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, saw tug boats pulling the three vessels through the Kerch Strait toward the Black Sea where they could potentially travel onwards toward Ukraine.

CAIR’s Goal: 30 Islamists Elected To Congress
The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) recently held its 25th Annual Gala in Washington, D.C, in which CAIR’s executive director announced a goal of pushing more Islamists into Congress. As the Investigative Project on Terrorism reports, CAIR’s executive director Nihad Awad shares the “formula” he believes will secure Islamists greater political power: “A strong CAIR equals a strong community. A strong community will produce a strong and confident and successful Muslim …

Chinese killer robots sold to Middle East will leave ‘every human dead’
China is selling its most advanced “fully autonomous” military drones with fears that it could lead to a bloodbath in the Middle East. The Asian superpower is reportedly selling AI-enhanced combat drones to the region, with potentially disastrous consequences. Prof Toby Walsh, of the University of NSW, in Australia, said: “They would be impossible to defend yourself against.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch Admits Having No Knowledge of Trump Criminal Activity
“Do you have any information regarding the President of the United States accepting any bribes?” asked Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) of former Ambassador Yovanovitch. “No,” replied Yovanovitch. “Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all?” asked Rep. Stewart. “No,” answered Yovanovitch. The former ambassador to Ukraine admitted this on Friday during the second day of the public impeachment hearings.

Physics experiment with ultrafast laser pulses produces a previously unseen phase of matter
Adding energy to any material, such as by heating it, almost always makes its structure less orderly. Ice, for example, with its crystalline structure, melts to become liquid water, with no order at all. But in new experiments by physicists at MIT and elsewhere, the opposite happens: When a pattern called a charge density wave in a certain material is hit with a fast laser pulse, a whole new charge density wave is created—a highly ordered state, instead of the expected disorder. The surprising finding could help to reveal unseen properties in materials of all kinds.

New Legislation Will Throw People In Jail For Disrespecting Cops
Telling people what words they can and can’t say or which fingers they can raise, to ‘protect’ a cop’s feelings is chilling. Freedom of speech does not come with terms and conditions…

Democrats hold on to Louisiana governor’s seat despite Trump
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has stunned Republicans again, narrowly winning a second term Saturday as the Deep South’s only Democratic governor and handing Donald Trump another gubernatorial loss this year.

Germany Mandates Measles Vaccine for Children — Parents Who Don’t Comply Can Be Fined More Than $2,500
Parents in Germany will now be legally required to vaccinate their school-age children against measles — or risk paying hefty fines.

Pope compares politicians who rage against gays to Hitler
Pope Francis said on Friday politicians who rage against homosexuals, gypsies and Jews remind him of Hitler.

Lighting strikes kill 26 in Pakistan’s Sindh province
Karachi : As many as 26 people, including women and children, were killed in Pakistan’s Sindh province due to lightning following heavy rains.

Flooded Venice battles new tidal surge
Flooded Venice has been hit by a new high tide of 154cm (5ft), giving residents no respite from a crisis costing Italy millions of euros.

Pew: Democrats Viewed as Much More ‘Unfriendly’ to Religion than GOP
More than twice as many Americans view the Democrat Party as “unfriendly” toward religion than the Republican Party, with fewer than one in five U.S. adults saying the Democrats are “friendly” toward religion, the Pew Research Center reported Friday.

Hollywood Actor Will Ferrell Has Made A Career Of Mocking Jesus Christ And The Bible, Presenting Sexually-Themed Abuse Of Children For Sport And Promoting Satanism
…Today we will show you the predatory and pedophilic nature of Hollywood in general, as well uncover for you the satanic and ritual abuse themes in the ‘comedy’ of one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Will Ferrell. As it turns out, it’s not all fun and games, there is an agenda and a message, and we will decode and show that to you today.

Watch As Star Of The Roman Catholic ‘Passion Of The Christ’ Jim Caviezel Calls On Pope Francis To Affirm Mary To Be The Co-Redemptrix Of All Humanity
Heresy is heresy, and having a silver tongue and an acting degree with which to speak it does in no way lessen the heretical nature of what is being said.

Exposing The Brennan Dossier: All About A Prime Mover Of Russiagate
The Barr-Durham probe is set to determine, among other things, whether Brennan’s actions and faulty information amounted to incompetence or something considerably worse…