14 Nov 2019

Thanks to Rockets: Police Inadvertently Order Jews to Fulfill Isaiah’s Prophecy on Temple Mount
Israeli police told religious Jews who visit the Temple that in case of sirens, they should essentially drop to the ground and serve God in the manner Jews served God in the Temple. “That sounds like good advice to me,” Yaakov Hayman, chairman of the United Temple Movements, told Breaking Israel News. “If Israel is under attack, go to the Temple and serve God in the manner he told us to.”

US sends warship through Taiwan Strait ahead of Esper’s visit to Japan
The U.S. Navy has sent a warship through the Taiwan Strait for the first time since September, in a move that may anger China. The Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture-based guided-missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville “conducted a routine Taiwan Strait transit on Tuesday,” the Navy said in a statement. “The ship’s routine transit demonstrates the U.S. commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” it said, adding that the Nnavy would “continue to operate anywhere international law allows.”

AG William Barr Says Release Of FISA Report Is ‘Imminent’
Multiple news outlets reported Tuesday that Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general, has invited witnesses interviewed in connection with the investigation to review portions of the forthcoming report. The step is routine in investigations conducted by inspectors general, and typically signals that the release of the report is near. Horowitz told lawmakers in June that his investigators had interviewed more than 100 witnesses and reviewed more than 1 million documents during the investigation,…

Hong Kong protesters launch fire-dipped arrows at police in latest university clashes
Protesters in Hong Kong have added to their arsenal javelins and bows and arrows, in addition to bricks and petrol bombs as they clash with police armed with tear gas, water cannon, and live bullets, in violent standoffs now spilling into university campuses. Some of the sharpest clashes have taken place at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where police say protesters shot arrows dipped in gasoline and lit on fire, even using electric saws to target officers.

CONFIRMED: Kanye West And His Sunday Service Will Be Performing This Weekend With Joel Osteen At His Lukewarm Laodicean Lakewood Church
The pairing together of Joel Osteen with Kanye West is a match made directly on the altars of the end times Laodicean Church. Just imagine it. 47,000 people giving Kanye West the adulation and attention he so desperately craves, and 47,000 people throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the collection plate giving Joel Osteen the wealth he covets more than anything else. And the gospel? Don’t be silly, it won’t be anywhere in sight.

IDF: Islamic Jihad is regrouping after severe blows
The Islamic Jihad terror organization in Gaza is regrouping, having fired more that 250 rockets at Israeli population centers as of Wednesday morning, an IDF spokesman said. The military spokesperson said the group was reorganizing its forces after it sustained severe hits from the IDF, and was expected to fire more rockets.

Cairo, UN working to halt IDF-Islamic Jihad violence as rockets fly
Southern Israel came under heavy rocket fire from Palestinian Islamic Jihad on Wednesday night, amid reports that the UN and Egypt may have secured an understanding that could restore calm after two days of intense fighting. Four Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip said in a statement on Wednesday evening that they will continue the fight against Israel “until the liberation of all Palestine.”

Rocket Attacks in Israel: Injury Update
Since yesterday at 05:00 and as of 10:30 today, MDA EMTs and Paramedics have treated 51 people, all of whom we’re lightly wounded. Amongst the wounded were 2 men ages 30 and 55 who were injured by shrapnel in the Beer Tuvia Regional Council, another 24 who were injured on their way to the shelters and 25 with stress symptoms.

Rockets fired hours after Israel, Islamic Jihad announce ceasefire
Five rockets were fired towards southern Israel shortly after a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad went into effect after two days of heavy fighting, the IDF announced on Thursday morning. According to the military, two of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Superbugs On The Rise? New CDC Report Finds Threat Has Increased From Previous Report In 2013
A new report has revealed that drug-resistant “superbugs” are deadlier than originally thought. The new antibiotic resistance threats report comes from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and highlights the increased threat of these drug-resistant infections. According to the report, nearly 2.8 million people suffer infections from these “superbugs” every year.

Stocks dip as China slowdown deepens, German economy weak
World stocks nudged down on Thursday as Chinese economic data slowed in October and Germany only narrowly avoided a recession in the third quarter, adding to worries about the global growth fallout from the U.S.-China trade war. MSCI’S All-Country World index, which tracks shares in 47 countries, was down 0.14% after start of trading in Europe.

Tenuous truce in Gaza as Islamic Jihad, Israel differ on terms
Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad and Israel declared a halt to hostilities across the Gaza Strip border on Thursday but a lasting ceasefire appeared tenuous as they differed on terms. Islamic Jihad said an Egyptian-mediated truce went into effect at 0330 GMT, about 48 hours after Israel triggered the exchange of fire by killing the Iranian-backed faction’s top Gaza commander in an air strike…

Saudi backpedals on video labelling feminism ‘extremist’
Saudi authorities distanced themselves from an official video that sparked controversy after it branded feminism, homosexuality, and atheism as “extremist” ideas. Saudi Arabia’s state security agency posted the animated video on Twitter last weekend at a time when de facto ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is seeking to open up the austere kingdom to foreign tourists and overhaul its ultra-conservative image.

Fears Of Pneumonic Plague Outbreak After 2 Diagnosed In China – Hospital On Lockdown
Black Death appears in Beijing: “I couldn’t guess what pathogen caused this pneumonia. I only knew it was rare.”

Weather forecast: Arctic blast, snow hits 200M from Chicago to Florida
Thousands of flights were canceled or delayed, some areas struggled under more than a foot of snow and more than 200 million people faced a freezing forecast Tuesday as a historic Arctic air mass swept across much of the nation.

Islamic Malaysia says its army is on standby waiting for the signal to invade Jerusalem and take it from the Jews
The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) are always ready for the signal and directives from the top leadership and head of state on the issue of Jerusalem.

Open miracle on Israeli highway stuns the world, as deadly rocket attack averted –
One of the most amazing vidoes in Israeli history is rock solid proof that G-d is always watching over the Land of Israel and His Beloved Jewish people!

State of emergency declared as highest tide in 50 years submerges 85 percent of Venice, Italy
A state of emergency has been declared in Venice after chaotic high tides ripped through the city, submerging almost 85% of land on Tuesday evening, November 12, 2019. The water level has reached up to 1.87 m (6.1 feet) which is the highest in 50 years and the second-highest on record, according to the city’s forecast office. Two fatalities have been reported. Another surge of “aqua alta” or high waters is expected to cause further devastation on Wednesday, November 13.

Widespread Arctic blast across the US breaks century-old records, over 240 million people affected
Arctic blast continues affecting parts of the US, dumping heavy snow and breaking century-old temperature records. The harsh weather conditions have affected 240 million people – five people have died so far, some schools have postponed classes, establishments have remained closed, and over 1 000 flights have been canceled. Multiple road accidents have also been reported.

Operation Triple Beam Results in 327 Felony Arrests in Central and Northern New Mexico
A large-scale, 90-day law enforcement operation, known as “Operation Triple Beam Albuquerque,” concluded on Oct. 31, 2019, with the arrests of 327 alleged fugitives from throughout Bernalillo County and the Albuquerque, New Mexico metropolitan area.

BREAKING: Pedophile Ring with Over 500 Young Victims Discovered
A “pedophile ring” believed to be responsible for the abuse of over 500 boys in Afghanistan has been discovered, according to The Guardian.

Average Americans Reporting Large Amounts of Chinese/UN Troops On US Soil
America is being overrun with foreign enemies who have taken up residence on American soil.

Dramatic cold spell sweeping across half the USA is already causing catastrophic food crop failures
Once upon a time so-called “preppers” — people who believe they should be prepared for any and all possible scenarios including the great apocalypse — were deemed ‘crazies,’ though mostly by city folks who believe, falsely, that grocery stores magically have endless supplies of food.

Chinese Think Tank Becomes First Official Body To Predict 2020 GDP Will Drop Below 6%
A Beijing-based think tank has become the first Chinese economic research institute linked to the government to predict that China’s economic growth rate will slow below 6.0% next year.

Uighur researchers say China running more camps than known
Uighur activists said Tuesday they have documented nearly 500 camps and prisons run by China to detain members of the ethnic group, alleging that Beijing could be holding far more than the commonly cited figure of one million people.