10 Nov 2019

Japan’s Sakurajima volcano erupts in 5.5-km plume of ash: Report
Japan’s Sakurajima volcano shot smoke and ash kilometres into the sky on Friday in its biggest eruption in more than three years, Kyodo News reported. The volcano, on the southernmost main island of Kyushu, spewed ash 5.5 km high, …

5 separate earthquakes hit Ventura County in SoCal within 3 hours
VENTURA, Calif. — An apparent earthquake swarm rattled the Ventura area Friday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Five different quakes hit the area between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. The largest temblor – a 3.6 magnitude about 4 miles west of Ventura – struck around 5:29 a.m.

IDF declares Jordan Valley sites as ‘closed military zone’ as Israeli lease expires
Israeli military on Sunday declared two sites in the Jordan Valley, leased by Israel as part of the 1994 peace treaty, as “closed military zone,” with just hours to go until the land reverts to Hashemite kingdom’s control. In October of last year, Jordan’s King Abdullah notified Israel they would not renew the deal over Naharayim, a spit of land where the Jordan and Yarmuk rivers meet…

Cyclone Bulbul makes landfall amid India and Bangladesh evacuations
More than two million people in India and Bangladesh have been evacuated as Cyclone Bulbul hits the Bay of Bengal. The storm made landfall at midnight local time (18:30 GMT) on Saturday, near Sagar Island in Indian West Bengal, and is expected to unleash surges as high as 7ft (2m). Two people have already been killed by the cyclone, local media report.

Bolivian police join protests against President Morales
Police have joined protests in several Bolivian cities over the disputed re-election of President Evo Morales. Mr Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, accuses opponents of trying to depose him. But the country’s defence minister said there were no plans to send the military to quell the police “mutiny”.

Iran oil: New field with 53bn barrels found – Rouhani
A new oil field that would increase Iran’s proven reserves by about a third has been discovered, President Hassan Rouhani has said. The field, in the south-western province of Khuzestan and about 2,400 sq km (926 sq miles) in area, contains 53 billion barrels of crude, he said. Iran has been struggling to sell oil abroad because of tough US sanctions.

This Red Alert Is Now Flashing on the Bond Trader’s Radar Screen
A bond-market warning light that glowed green for years is suddenly flashing red. The bad news for bondholders is that the last time this happened, it was accompanied by the biggest sell-off since the aftermath of the global financial crisis. That indicator is the term premium, which, for both Treasuries and German bunds, has snapped back from last quarter’s record lows.

Republicans attempt to move impeachment inquiry away from Trump
House Republicans on Saturday pressed ahead with their efforts to move the impeachment inquiry away from President Trump, calling on Democrats to add witnesses to the probe including former vice president Joe Biden’s son and the whistleblower whose initial complaint kicked off the investigation.

Violence spills across Hong Kong New Territories on 24th weekend of unrest
Hong Kong police fired tear gas to break up rallies as black-clad activists blocked roads and trashed shopping malls across the New Territories on Sunday on the 24th straight weekend of anti-government protests. Pro-democracy protesters vandalized a train station in the central new town of Sha Tin and smashed up a restaurant perceived as being pro-Beijing…

Iran starts key step in building second nuclear power plant: TV
Iran started pouring concrete on Sunday at its second nuclear power plant, a key step in building the facility with Russian help in the southern port of Bushehr, state television reported. “Nuclear power provides reliable electricity… and each power plant saves us 11 million barrels of oil or $660 million per year,” Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said in a televised ceremony.

UK weather: Expect more flooding because of climate change, warns Johnson, as hundreds of homes evacuated
Boris Johnson has warned of even more flooding in future because of climate change after the UK was deluged with a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours in some areas.

Bangladesh evacuates 100,000 as Cyclone Bulbul approaches
Bangladesh authorities have evacuated around 100,000 people from the country’s low-lying coastal villages and islands with Cyclone Bulbul set to slam into the country later on Saturday, officials said.

Next week’s Arctic blast will be so cold, forecasters expect it to break 170 records across US
This week’s cold snap is only an appetizer compared with the main Arctic blast that’s coming next week, meteorologists said. That freeze could be one for the record books.

Liberals Swoon As The Reproving Gaze Of Climate Change Bully Greta Thunberg Now Stares Down From San Francisco Skyline In Massive Mural
San Francisco Liberals now have a new patron saint, and it’s none other than climate change bully Greta Thunberg. Painted in the style of the iconic Socialist Workers posters from the 1920’s and ’30’s, Greta Thunberg casts her chilly, disapproving gaze down from towering heights on the mere mortals below, using her eyes to carry out her shrill commands.

Tropical Cyclone “Matmo” (Bulbul) makes landfall over Indo-Bangladesh coast
Authorities have ordered evacuation for around 500 000 people from the low-lying coastal villages and islands of Bangladesh in preparation for Tropical Cyclone “Matmo,” renamed Bulbul by the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

3 fatalities confirmed, 5 missing as unprecedented bushfires burn in New South Wales and Queensland, Australia
Devastating bushfires are burning in New South Wales and Queensland, Australia since November 4, 2019. Authorities have reported more than 150 properties destroyed, 3 fatalities, 5 people missing, and 40 others injured, as of November 9. Out of the 74 fires burning, 43 are still uncontained while 3 are at the emergency level. Locals are describing the scenes as apocalyptic.

Nearly 400 children rescued and 348 adults arrested in Canadian child pornography bust
Nearly 400 children have been rescued and 348 adults arrested following an expansive and “extraordinary” international child pornography investigation, Canadian police announced Thursday.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party Singing “HEY JEWS” and “JEWS, JEWS, JEWS” at Political Rally
Jeremy Corbyn has said he is investigating allegations that a member of his shadow cabinet sang ‘Hey Jews’ to the tune of the beatles song ‘Hey Jude’.

Gospel Pimp And End Times Heretic Paula White Says The White House Is ‘Holy Ground’ Because She Stands On It, Asks God To Bless Her ‘Church Businesses’ Before Correcting Herself
Gospel pimp Paula White has finally gotten what she has desired for so long, money and power. Having been recently “promoted” from merely being President Trump’s spiritual advisor, let that thought sink in for a moment, she is now an official member of the Trump administration the adviser to the faith and opportunity initiative.

Ex-Planned Parenthood Trainer: Sex Ed Book Seeks ‘to Groom Children’
A former Title X family planning training manager and volunteer educator for Planned Parenthood says the abortion vendor’s new graphic sex ed book is intended “to groom children” for early sexual experiences.

California Approves $3.2 Billion Bond For High Speed Train To Nowhere
“If you’re driving from Los Angeles to Victorville, by the time you get there, you’re pretty much halfway to Vegas.”