7 Nov 2019

Under Watchful Eye of Vatican: Canaanite Idol ‘Moloch’ Put on Display in Rome
The pagan Canaanite idol who required child sacrifice was displayed at the entrance of the Colosseum in Rome as part of a secular historical exhibition reports LifeSiteNews. The statue’s presence comes just over a week following a video that emerged in what appears to be Pope Francis blessing a Pachama Goddess statue. It is well known that the Vatican is currently hoarding Israel’s stolen treasures from the second Temple.

Major Rabbis Unite in Decisive Call For All Jews To Return From Exile: “It’s Time”
In a rare consensus, an impressive array of some of the most prominent rabbis of this generation came together in a declaration saying that there are no longer any valid excuses: Jews must act on the Torah commandment to move to Israel.

South Korean National Assembly introduces resolution to declare end of Korean War
Sponsored by Rep. Kim Kyung-hyup of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea, the motion calls on the two Koreas, US and China to declare a formal end of the Korean War and to start discussing signing a peace treaty. “Now, beyond the denuclearization talks between US and North Korea, we need to see that the declaration will help to usher in peace on the Korean Peninsula,” said Kim, the head of the parliament’s Special Committee on Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation.

Nationalist Rabbis: We No Longer Have Faith in Israel’s Judges
In their letter, the rabbis noted that the barrage of leaks from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s files to the press has convinced people that there is no attempt to pursue justice, but that there is an ongoing campaign of political persecution against the prime minister.

Mexican cartel massacre: Suspect with 2 hostages, assault rifles, bulletproof SUV arrested in border town
A suspect was arrested near the Arizona border with Mexico in connection with the deaths of nine U.S. citizens – six children and three women …the suspect was found in the town of Agua Prieta, right across the border from Douglas, Arizona. The suspect was holding two hostages who were bound and gagged inside a vehicle. Investigators found four assault rifles and a bulletproof SUV.

45 Population Control Quotes That Show The Elite Are Quite Eager To Reduce The Number Of People On The Planet
At one time, the elite at least attempted to conceal their boundless enthusiasm for population control from the general public, but now they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. On Tuesday, an alarming new study that advocates global population control as one of the solutions to the “climate emergency” that we are facing was published in the journal BioScience. This document has already been signed by 11,258 scientists from 153 different countries, and it openly calls for a reduction in the human population of our planet. This has always been the endgame for the climate change cult, but now a big push is being made to make the public believe that there is a “scientific consensus” that this is necessary.

Israel inches closer to 3rd election – How did we get here?
With Israel facing the possibility of a third election in less than 12 months following a six-month stalemate between Likud and the Blue and White Party, it might be wise for us to pause and try and understand how did we get here? Why is this war of political attrition continuing and who are the main players?

Iranian students: It feels good to ‘punch America in the mouth’
On the 40th anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iranian schoolgirls demonstrated saying “Death to America! Death to Israel!” According to a video translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). On November 4, 1979, several hundred students gathered outside the United States Embassy in Tehran, intent on occupying the premises and seizing its staff as hostages.

Why China’s rise exposes Australian vulnerabilities
Australia and China continue to trade accusations and placations in an escalating row with far-reaching consequences. But amid criticisms of Beijing, Australia has long failed to properly scrutinise itself, writes China-Australia expert Kerry Brown. Mao Zedong, founder of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), reportedly called Australia the “lonely continent”.

Europe migrant crisis: French police clear Paris ring road camps
French police have evacuated about 1,600 migrants from two camps in northern Paris, in one of the biggest clearance operations in years. Some 600 police officers escorted the migrants to coaches to take them to reception centres in the Paris area. The move comes a day after the government unveiled a series of measures to curb immigration.

Iran cancels accreditation of IAEA nuclear inspector
Iran has cancelled the accreditation of an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspector who was prevented from entering a nuclear facility last week. The Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) said screening equipment sounded an alarm when the woman tried to enter the Natanz uranium enrichment facility. Officials feared she was carrying “suspicious material”, it added.

North Korea Threatens to Upend Nuclear Talks Due to U.S. ‘Reckless Military Frenzy’
North Korea threatened Wednesday to walk away from upcoming talks with the U.S. if it doesn’t further curtail planned military exercises with South Korea in December. In a statement…Kwon Jong Gun with North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said upcoming air force exercises between the allies amounts “to a declaration of confrontation with the DPRK,” using the country’s preferred acronym for itself.

This Is How the U.S. Military’s Massive Facial Recognition System Works
)ver the last 15 years, the United States military has developed a new addition to its arsenal. The weapon is deployed around the world, largely invisible, and grows more powerful by the day. That weapon is a vast database, packed with millions of images of faces, irises, fingerprints, and DNA data — a biometric dragnet of anyone who has come in contact with the U.S. military abroad.

UNRWA chief resigns due to corruption probe
The report paints a picture of a small number of mostly foreign senior leaders centralizing power and influence while disregarding UN checks and balances. Krahenbuhl himself is alleged to have been romantically involved with a colleague who was appointed in 2015 to a newly created role of senior advisor to the commissioner-general after an “extreme fast-track” process, the report says.

Super typhoon Halong among strongest storms ever seen on Earth
Tuesday, November 5th 2019, 6:45 pm – Halong is one of strongest storms on record in any ocean basin on Earth since the Dvorak technique entered use in the 1970s

Trump Has TEMPORARILY Saved America From Total Destruction
President Trump has lived to his reputation as the master of the art of the deal. He has lessened the threat posed on our southern borders by a so-called Red Dawn force. Domestically, the President continues to negate the communist agenda set forth by Obama and the Democratic Party.

The Pope Sides With Muslims Over Israel’s Claim to Jerusalem
Never one to miss an opportunity to take a side against the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Pope has once again weighed in on a political hot button topic. Just one day after President Trump boldly declared the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, the Pope jumped into the debate to say he was “worried” about Trump’s plan:

Brutal tornado captured ripping through a factory in Kalamata, Greece
A short but devastating tornado struck a factory in Kalamata, southern Peloponnese, Greece around 13:05 LT on November 4, 2019. The destruction was caught by security cameras.

Somali Wins Municipal Election in Maine After Obama, Bush Flooded US with More Than 100,000 Somali ‘Refugees’
Lewiston, the second largest city in Maine which is home to thousands of African migrants after 8 years of Barack Obama’s reckless refugee policy, elected a Somali to its city council. 23-year-old hijab-clad (Sharia compliant), Somali-born Safiya Khalid defeated another Democrat Tuesday night and won a seat on the Lewiston City Council.

Colorado voters shut down Democratic effort to keep taxpayer refunds
Colorado voters made it clear Tuesday that they want their refunds, defeating a Democrat-backed measure that would have allowed the state to keep the taxpayer rebates.

“Papers, Please”: Government Creates Internal Passports – Effective No Later Than October 2020
So you were worried about a national ID card, but forgot that basically you have that in a Social Security card, albeit a little outdated?  Well, not to fear, Big Brother is here and beginning next year, the feds are going to be requiring you to have your papers ready to board a plane or enter a Federal government facility.

Police: Satan-Worshiping Schoolgirls Plotted to Kill 15 Students, Drink Their Blood
Two middle school students in Florida were arrested Tuesday after they concocted a “plot to kill students” via a variety of weapons, including a pizza cutter, police said.