31 Oct 2019

The Mask is Off: Lebanon is Hezbollah
There has been no state of Lebanon for some time now. The entity to the north of Israel is nothing but a mask covering up the bitter reality: Lebanon belongs to Hezbollah. It is ruled by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, whose agenda is dictated by Tehran. Hezbollah’s army is stronger than the official Lebanese army, and the country’s economy is designed to serve Nasrallah’s goals.

Rabbi: Secret War Being Waged Against Christians and Jews in America
I am issuing a very serious warning about a problem with deep consequences,… It is a warning about the earliest stages of what could become a cataract of disasters if not resisted now.

US Prompts Israel to form Committee to Monitor Chinese Investments
“We want to make sure that Israeli citizens don’t have their private information stolen by the Chinese Communist Party. Using China as an interconnector, as a backbone for a network, puts at risk that network,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told JNS in a wide-ranging interview in August. “It makes a likelihood that we will not deem that network trusted, and the United States has a policy of not permitting American information to flow across networks that aren’t trusted.”

Judge strikes down Pittsburgh’s ‘assault weapons’ ban, ‘red flag’ gun confiscation rule that defied state law
The ordinances restricted the possession of “assault weapons” and prohibited possession of high-capacity magazines in public places in the city limits, and also a “red flag” ordinance that permitted courts to confiscate weapons from a person deemed a danger to themselves or the public. Allegheny County Common Pleas Senior Judge Joseph M. James called the ordinances “void and unenforceable,”

Famed pathologist Michael Baden says Jeffrey Epstein’s death was homicide
Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden was hired by the pedophile’s brother, Mark Epstein, to observe his autopsy after he was found hanged in his Manhattan lockup in August. “I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide,” Baden insisted on Fox News Wednesday. “The brother is concerned that if [Epstein] was murdered, then other people who have information might be at risk,” Baden insisted, suggesting powerful players may have been involved in the death.

Russia preparing new ballistic missiles — including ‘Satan-2’
The Moscow Times reported Wednesday Russia is also planning at least five tests next year for its new liquid-fueled Sarmat, or Satan-2, nuclear missile — which is equipped with multiple hypersonic warheads to evade defense systems.

Pentagon releases video of raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
The Pentagon on Wednesday released video footage of the raid that led to the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., commander of U.S. Central Command, gave a play-by-play of the special operations forces raid on an ISIS compound in northern Syria last Saturday that ended with Baghdadi killing himself with an explosive vest.

Third election looking likely with coalition talks at a deadlock
A unity government looked highly unlikely as of Wednesday night, with both the Likud and Blue and White saying negotiations are at an impasse with no chance of a breakthrough. The parties’ negotiating teams are expected to meet on Thursday morning, despite their skepticism. While the parties have said publicly that they want a unity government, behind closed doors, sources in the negotiations do not see a path to a coalition.

U.S. releases Baghdadi raid video, warns of likely retribution attack
The Pentagon on Wednesday released its first images from last weekend’s commando raid in Syria that led to the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and warned the militant group may attempt to stage a “retribution attack.” The declassified, grainy, black-and-white aerial videos from Saturday’s raid showed U.S. special operations forces closing in on the compound and U.S. aircraft firing on militants nearby. The most dramatic video showed a massive, black plume of smoke rising from the ground after U.S. military bombs leveled Baghdadi’s compound.

Ilhan Omar Refuses to Recognize Muslim Mass Murder of Christians
Ilhan Omar appears to be adding credibility to the theory that the Minnesota representative is Erdogan’s agent in Washington. After all, why would an alleged champion of “full human rights” refuse to recognize one of the history’s most gruesome acts of ethnic cleansing – the Armenian Genocide?

Jewish Pilgrims Arrested on Temple Mount After Prostrating, Screaming “God is our Lord”
A group of five Jewish Israeli pilgrims entered the Temple Mount and decided to prostrate themselves and scream “Adon-i Hu Haelo-h-im” (God is the Lord) opposite the Holy of Holies. Once that happened, the police swooped in and escorted them off of the Mount and detained them. Although praying in public spaces such as the Temple Mount is permitted according to Israeli law, the police still detain Jews who do so at their own discretion.

North Korea fires two “ballistic missiles” into Sea of Japan
North Korea has fired two unidentified “projectiles” into the sea, the South Korean military says. According to Japan’s Defence Ministry, the objects “appeared to be ballistic missiles”. If confirmed as a missile test, it would be the North’s 12th such launch this year. Earlier this month, North Korea test-fired a new type of missile which is thought could also be launched from a submarine.

Israel braces for European decision to mark goods from settlements
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg is expected to rule on November 12 on whether to mark exports of goods, produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the Golan Heights, to European Union countries. This decision will be made following a petition filed by Psagot Winery to the Administrative Court of France against the 2015 EU directive to mark products…with a special label.

Attacks and celebration as Lebanon PM resigns
Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri has announced his resignation after 13 days of protests over political corruption and economic turmoil. His televised address came soon after violence broke out on the streets, when supporters of two Shia groups attacked protest camps and roadblocks in Beirut.

Russia test-fires missile from new nuclear-powered submarine
Russia has successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile from its latest nuclear-powered submarine, the country’s defence ministry says. Footage captured overnight shows the release of the so-called Bulava missile from an underwater position in the White Sea, the ministry said. It was fired from Russia’s new Prince Vladimir submarine and was reported to have travelled thousands of kilometres.

Chile cancels climate and Apec summits amid mass protests
Chile has pulled out of hosting two major international summits, including a UN climate change conference, as anti-government protests continue. President Sebastián Piñera said the decision had caused him “pain” but his government needed “to prioritise re-establishing public order”. The COP25 climate summit was scheduled for 2 to 13 December, while the Apec trade forum was next month.

Despite terror ties, SJP ‘antisemitic force’ active at Harvard, Columbia
The National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) is an “antisemitic force on campus,” according to a new 96-page report about the organization. The document, published by the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP)…tracks the history of the organization and highlights how NJSP “promotes antisemitic rhetoric” and is “associated to violence and terror ideologically and politically.”

Denver weather: City could set its coldest October temperature on record this week
…Denver could come close to, if not potentially set its coldest October temperature on record this week as two waves of Arctic air blast through the region. Denver’s current coldest October temperature on record is a -2 degree reading back on Oct. 29, 1917.

Cyclone Kyarr Is Breaking All Sorts of Records in Indian Ocean
The northern hemisphere’s quietest tropical cyclone basin is currently going off. Cyclone Kyarr formed on Thursday and quickly spun up in the Indian Ocean into the most powerful storm on the planet. While the storm won’t have a huge impact on land, it’s already making its present felt in the record books in what’s been a weird and bad year in general for tropical cyclones, a classification that includes tropical storms, hurricanes, and typhoons as well.

Extremely dangerous fire weather conditions for California, 26 million people under red flag warning
Critical and extremely critical fire weather conditions continue across parts of California through Thursday, October 31, 2019, especially for southern California. At least 10 fires are burning across the state on October 30, with more than 26 million people under red flag warning. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) cut off power to about 1 million customers in Northern California earlier this week in an attempt to prevent wildfires.

Universities now demanding total obedience to transgenderism lunacy for businesses before they are allowed to operate on campus… intellectual DIVERSITY is outlawed
After it was announced that Chick-fil-A is planning to open a restaurant location on the campus of Purdue University in Indiana, leftists on campus went absolutely irate because the nation’s most popular fast-food chain is known for its family values, including its support for traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Adding to America’s Growing List of Enemies, Prime Minister Trudeau Has Joined Forces with The CHICOMS and Terrorists
Not only is Prime Minister Trudeau destroying his own country and its heritage, he is actively trying to do the same to the United States. There are some pertinent questions to consider.

Church Vandalized with ‘Satanic Symbols’ After Pastor Opposed Drag Queen Story Hour
A church in Southern California was vandalized with spray-painted satanic symbols and vulgar phrases early Sunday, after its pastor openly opposed a Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) event, according to reports.

A Predator on the Prowl: China Targets US with ‘Massive Deception Operation’ for Global Domination
The United States’ approach to China since the Communist regime in Beijing began the period of reform and opening in the 1980s was based on a promise that trade and engagement with China would result in a peaceful, democratic state.

900 Abortion Clinics Have Lost Taxpayer Funding Thanks to President Trump
Think a president can’t make much of a difference when it comes to abortion? Think again. A new report indicates President Donald Trump has been responsible for de-funding almost 900 facilities that either perform or promote killing babies in abortions.

Turkey claims arrests of over 100 people tied to ISIS
Turkish authorities claim that over 100 people linked to the Islamic State have been apprehended in sweeping raids across the country.
>Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia Located in Portland, Oregon, the lobby of Hotel Lucia is somewhat nightmare-inducing: Depictions of children in pain and bondage combined with pictures of celebrities and politicians. What exactly is going on there?