29 Oct 2019

Deep-State Opens New Front Against Netanyahu: Confiscates his Staffer’s Cell Phones
A complaint was filed against Prime Minister Netanyahu’s advisers after several people protested outside the home of a state witness named Shlomo Filber, who is due to testify against the Prime Minister. In response, the state prosecutor, who is going after Netanyahu for a slew of what many are calling trumped up charges, has ordered the cell phones of his advisers to be confiscated… He added that the police are “threatening my immediate environment, and thereby stopping me from reacting to the onslaught of criminal leaks against me that has been going on incessantly. Why isn’t this being investigated?”

Deadly M6.6 Earthquake Hits 14km E of Bual, Philippines
A powerful earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.6 hit near Bual, Philippines at 01:04 UTC on Oct 29. The agency is reporting a depth of 15.3 km (9.5 miles). And at two people are known to have died.

Cyclone Kyarr, the Strongest Storm on Earth, Is Breaking All Sorts of Records
Cyclone Kyarr formed on Thursday and quickly spun up in the Indian Ocean into the most powerful storm on the planet. While the storm won’t have a huge impact on land, it’s already making its present felt in the record books in what’s been a weird and bad year in general for tropical cyclones, a classification that includes tropical storms, hurricanes, and typhoons as well. It’s currently packing winds of around 150 mph, …

“Diablo Winds” Are Ferociously Whipping “Out Of Control” Wildfires Across Vast Stretches Of Northern California
Why does this keep happening to California year after year? It was being reported that on Sunday morning there were sustained winds exceeding 90 mph in northern California with “gusts that topped 100 mph”. It was the strongest wind event in several years, and it came at an extremely unfortunate time.

Netanyahu, His Books, and the Biblical Commandment for Kings of Israel
One set of books was a selection of teachings from Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitch Chabad leader who died in 1994. Netanyahu had a personal connection with the rabbi who was the spiritual leader to millions of Orthodox Jews.

Saudi Arabia, U.S. to cooperate on security of global energy supply
Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman and U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry met in Riyadh on Monday and will work together to ensure the security of global energy supply, Saudi state news agency SPA reported.

Hamas one of largest obstacles to Palestinian peace, U.S. tells UNSC
The US Ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft, chastised the UN for its biased approach to Israel, noting, that it’s stance was “unfairly negative and one-sided.”

A result of Trump’s pullout: Turkey unmasked
Strategic practical businessman Donald Trump cuts through all the fog of US military-to-Turkish military alliance inertia, and gives Turkey’s Caliph Erdogan all the rope he needs to hang himself, and expose Turkey for what Turkey has become: That is the principal and closest enemy of NATO.

Netanyahu says Iran seeking means to attack Israel from Yemen
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran on Monday of seeking the means to launch precision-guided missiles at Israel from Yemen, a signal that the war-torn Gulf Arab country could come under pre-emptive Israeli attack.

Hubble Spots a Ghoulish ‘Face’ in the Depths of Space
A ghostly countenance is glaring back at us through 704 million light-years of interstellar space, in what’s actually a galactic collision of epic proportions. With galaxies for eyes and rings of gas and dust for its face, the Arp-Madore system presents a truly haunting visage. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope captured this striking image back in June,…

America Has Officially Gone Insane
The sanity test was spectacularly failed recently when former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lashed out at her party member Tulsi Gabbard, inferring she was a “Russian asset”. The Hawaii congresswoman, who is vying for a run at the presidency in next year’s elections, was defended by some fellow Democratic politicians. But many Clinton aides and media pundits doubled down on Clinton’s smear campaign, reiterating that Gabbard was “working for the Kremlin”.

Israeli embassies on alert, air defenses adjusted in face of Iran threat
Israel’s Air Force has adjusted its air defenses and several Israeli embassies around the world have raised their alert level in light of increased tensions from Iran. According to reports…a series of adjustments were made to IAF air defense systems in light of the fear that Iran might try to carry out an attack using cruise missiles or suicide drones similar to the October attack against Saudi Arabia.

Netanyahu: Iran turning Yemen into launching pad for missiles attacks on Israel
Iran is deploying precision weapons to Yemen “in order to strike Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday. Netanyahu, speaking alongside visiting US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, said that Iran is seeking to develop precision guided missiles that can strike within 5-10 meters of any target in the Middle East.

Saudi woos back heavyweights despite Khashoggi murder
Saudi Arabia has attracted high-profile business and political figures to its “Davos in the Desert” event, including some who stayed away last year over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The event, under way in Riyadh, features US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who pulled out last time. Others who have changed their minds since then include the bosses of Credit Suisse, Blackstone and BlackRock.

Pope declares Vatican’s Secret Archive not so secret anymore
Pope Francis has declared that the Vatican Secret Archive isn’t so secret after all. Francis on Monday officially changed the name of the Holy See archive to remove what he said were the “negative” connotations of having “secret” in its name. From now on, the vast trove of documents, manuscripts and papyrus of popes past will be officially known as the “Vatican Apostolic Archive.”

1 In 3 Millennials See Communism As Favorable, Survey Finds
A growing number of Millennials show support for communism and socialism, a survey from the Victims of Communism found. The survey…found that 70% of Millennials are likely to vote socialist and that one in three Millennials perceive communism as “favorable.” The survey…polled 2,100 people in the United States who were 16 and older with a margin of error of +/- 2.4%.

New Swedish FM : BDS is not Antisemitic
Newly appointed Swedish foreign minister Ann Linde told the Swedish parliament she does not consider the Boycott Divest Sanctions (BDS) movement Antisemitic. Linde said she does not support boycotts but considers the BDS a legitimate, political, non-violent tool, in the struggle for human rights, freedom of expression and an end to occupation.

Iraq declares curfew amid ongoing mass anti-government protests
Authorities in Iraq have declared a curfew in the capital, Baghdad, where mass anti-government demonstrations continue for a fourth day. The renewed protests came weeks after an earlier wave of rallies broke out as a result of widespread anger at high-level corruption, mass unemployment and poor public services.

Google Has Scrubbed Their Search Engine Of All Opposing Views On Chemtrails, Showing Only Results That Promote Official Gov’t Narrative
I live here in America’s oldest city of Saint Augustine, in the perpetually-sunny state of Florida. Multiple times per week, for the past 9 years, I have watched with amused fascination as airplanes fly in a weaving pattern, criss-crossing each other while their planes emit a dense, white trail. This trail, from here on referred to as a chemtrail, is not the same as the normal contrail that is produced when planes fly. A ‘condensed vapor trail’, or contrail, is thinner and dissipates within seconds after the plane has passed.

Mexico is about to legalize marijuana, with huge implications for the USA
Marijuana use – in all its forms – was banned in the United States and many other countries for decades. Governments resolutely refused to recognize its myriad health benefits, and for many years anyone pushing for the legalization of marijuana was viewed as promoting drug abuse.

Hurricane “Pablo” – the farthest east an Atlantic named storm has first become a hurricane
urricane “Pablo” became the sixth Atlantic hurricane on Sunday morning, October 27, 2019. It strengthened into a hurricane at 15:00 UTC at 42.8°​ north latitude, making it the strongest one to form this far north in the Atlantic and this late in the calendar since 1894. Pablo broke the record previously held by a storm that first reached farther north in 1971. Meteorologist Philip Klotzbach also confirmed that since Pablo formed at 18.3° west – it broke another record of the farthest east hurricane set by Vince in 2005, which was 18.9°​ west.

7 dead, 11 injured as floods sweep through Saudi Arabia
Seven people have been killed while 11 others were injured after heavy rainfall triggered flooding in the northeastern part of Saudi Arabia on October 27, 2019. The rains have been occurring since October 25.

Ex-Bill Clinton Advisor: Hillary Thinks ‘God Put Her on Earth’ to Be President
Former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris says he believes Hillary Clinton is preparing to run for president again in 2020, saying the twice-failed presidential candidate thinks “God put her on the Earth” to be POTUS.

“Diablo Winds” Are Ferociously Whipping “Out Of Control” Wildfires Across Vast Stretches Of Northern California
Why does this keep happening to California year after year?  As you read this article, enormous wildfires are ravaging large portions of northern California, and Governor Gavin Newsom has already declared a statewide emergency.  An extreme wind event that began on Saturday evening is pushing the fires along at a staggering rate, and when the winds are howling this ferociously it is exceedingly difficult for firefighters to keep the fires from spreading.

876 abortion clinics lost taxpayer funding – thank you, President Trump
The Title X Family Planning Program, aka Public Law 91-572 or “Population Research and Voluntary Family Planning Programs”, was enacted under President Richard Nixon in 1970 as part of the Public Health Service Act.

NYC Exports Homeless Without Telling Receiving Cities
New York City is spreading its homeless crisis across the nation by quietly sending homeless people to other cities in the U.S., all without giving the receiving cities a heads up.

Dearborn Public Schools Spark Protest by Adopting All Halal Meat Policy
The Dearborn Public Schools website states it matter-of-factly: “Dearborn Public Schools ensures all meats served in our schools are certified Halal.”  Now one courageous mother is fighting back, challenging Dearborn public school officials to explain why they have done this and to provide options for students who object to halal food.

Biosludge spread on food crops will soon contain dead human tissue as Washington legalizes “human composting”
The state of Washington is the first in the union to start “composting” dead human bodies as crop “fertilizer,” bringing to real life the fictitious scenario depicted in the famous dystopian film Soylent Green.

CPS Worker Defies Gag Order, Exposes Violent Child Sex Ring in State Foster System
A woman who previously worked for the Arizona DCS has broken her gag order and is speaking out about a horrifying child sex trafficking ring in which children are raped and tortured.