27 Oct 2019

Don’t be surprised, Donald Trump will recognize a sovereign Kurdish state
I believe that the president has a plan to recognize Kurdish sovereignty and statehood. Many have called him “Cyrus,” after the Mede, Cyrus the Great. The Kurdish people are descendants of the ancient Medes. The wise men who brought gifts to honor the birth of Jesus were also Medes. I believe the president has a gift for them. President Trump loves to say “Merry Christmas,” so don’t be surprised if he announces a Christmas gift for the Kurds.

Kadavu Earthquake: Disaster Assessment Team Ready For Kadavu
Parts of Kadavu were visibly affected by lanslides. Nabukelevu is a potentially active volcan, as it last erupted in about 1660.

Turkey rejects German security zone plan as ‘unrealistic’
German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer’s recently proposed an internationally controlled security zone in north Syria under the United Nations umbrella to protect fleeing civilians and de-escalate the situation with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) fighters in the war-torn country. “We find this proposal not very realistic,” Cavusoglu said.

China passes cryptography law as gears up for digital currency
China’s largely rubber stamp parliament has passed a new law on cryptography as the country gears up to launch its own digital currency, state media reported late on Saturday. China’s central bank set up a research team in 2014 to explore launching its own digital currency to cut the costs of circulating traditional paper money and boost policymakers’ control of money supply.

Russia decries US decision to secure oil fields in eastern Syria
Russia’s Defence Ministry has criticised the United States’ decision to send armoured vehicles and combat troops into eastern Syria to protect oil fields, calling it “banditry”. US defence chief Mark Esper has said the move is aimed at keeping the fields from potentially falling into the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) armed group.

Syria army reaches border area, deploys around Turkish zone
Syrian troops reached a key area near Turkey’s border on Saturday after sending further reinforcements to the region, in what a war monitor said was its largest deployment there in years. Syrian regime forces entered the provincial borders of the town of Ras Al-Ain, state news agency SANA said.

Medicane “Scott” makes landfall over Egypt, heavy rain spreading through the region
Medicane “Scott” made landfall southeast of Port Said, northeastern Egypt early October 26, 2019, with maximum sustained winds of 72 km/h (45 mph) and gusts to 80 km/h (50 mph). The storm had minimum central pressure of 1 006 hPa and was moving SE at 10 km/h (6 mph) prior to landfall.

United States: A raid targeting ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and killing him

UN Flies EU-funded Planeloads of Somalis, Syrians to Germany, Romania
The UN Migration Agency/International Organization for Migration (IOM) has hailed the arrival of its “first” planeload of 154 Somali migrants to Germany, along with dozens of Syrians transported to Romania using European Union funds.

Party of Progress Lets Its Mask Slip
Things have come to a pretty pass when the most “moderate” Democratic presidential candidate wants to make history by bringing along a “first gentleman” instead of a first lady.

“I’m Very Proud Of The Enemies I Have”: Soros Predicts Victory For Globalists In 2020
Progressive billionaire George Soros believes that the global surge in nationalism – from Brexit to Trump – is an aberration, and that globalism will make a resurgence after the 2020 US election.

Hillsong Pastor Nathan Finochio Says Christians Parents Should Let Kids Celebrate Halloween Because It’s Not Fair That The ‘World Has More Fun’
Hillsong Church pastor Nathan Finochio has a message for Christian parents across America – let your kids celebrate the Devil’s holiday of Halloween because if you don’t you will teach them that the world has more fun than they do. I kid you not, but buckle up snowflakes, because it gets a lot worse than that.

NCAA Big Sky Conference Names Biological Male Transgender Runner Jonathan ‘June’ Eastwood ‘Female Athlete Of The Week’ At University Of Montana
Perhaps the biggest scam in the modern-day history or organized sports, on any level, is this patently absurd notion that you can ‘identify’ as another gender, and then be treated as if you really were what you identified as. We are seeing scores of mediocre male athletes who ‘switch genders‘ to compete with women as a woman. And woe be to the person who dares to say that it’s not a woman, you will find yourself in the hate speech prison faster than you can blink. So where does all this insanity lead us? To the last days.

Breaking News…About Obama Seeking Asylum
…Obama Seeking Asylum in Canada if an indictment is delivered. A phony source was revealed but a credible source confirmed the claim. This goes to show you that the Deep State hides the obvious in plain site so it is criticized and not taken seriously.

Not Just San Francisco! Miami, FL Overtaken by Feces in the Streets Caused by Mass Homelessness
 The homeless population of Miami, Florida, which is located in a “red state,” has grown to such a degree that the city now rivals San Francisco for having the most piles of human feces smeared across its sidewalks.

GoFundMe EXPOSED for taking money from Big Pharma to de-platform vaccine skeptics
It was recently announced that the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has begun purging all users from its site who attempt to raise money for causes that in any way call into question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. And as to be expected, this censorship push is being driven by Big Pharma, which has effectively slithered its tentacles into GoFundMe’s leadership structure.