26 Oct 2019

Anti-Zionism’s shift from extremist fringe to mainstream discourse
Following the shock of the Holocaust, openly antisemitic expression was silenced, or at least muted, for a few decades. Today, in most Western societies…antisemitism is the hatred that dare not speaks its name. Among the most lethal new, covert forms of…“alibi antisemitism” is anti-Zionism, in which the perpetrators disguise their true feelings behind the fig leaf of a respectable, even humanitarian ideology.

Japan floods: Death toll reaches 10 after heavy rain and landslides
Heavy rain in eastern and northeastern Japan has led to the deaths of 10 people. Chiba and Fukushima prefectures have been affected by torrential rain and landslides, with a months worth of rain falling in half a day in some areas.

Brexit: EU agrees to Brexit delay, but no date yet
EU ambassadors have agreed to delay Brexit, but will not make a decision on a new deadline date until next week. The European Commission said work on this would “continue in the coming days”. The talks came after Chancellor Sajid Javid admitted the government’s deadline to deliver Brexit next Thursday “can’t be met”.

Iraq protests: 40 dead as mass unrest descends into violence
At least 40 people have died in Iraq during a fresh wave of anti-government protests that descended into violence. Two of the dead were reportedly hit by tear gas canisters fired by security forces in the capital Baghdad. Reports say half of the victims were killed while trying to storm the offices of militia groups and the government.

California wildfires: Millions warned of possible power cut
Millions of Californians face having their power cut as firefighters continue to battle a surge in wildfires in the state. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) said it may have to turn off power in 36 counties amid forecasts of a “historic wind event”, which it said could damage facilities and cause new fires. The warning came as wildfires forced some 50,000 people from their homes.

‘All of them’: Lebanon protesters dig in after Nasrallah’s speech
Demonstrators in the Lebanese capital say their demands are “clear” and they will keep protesting until the government falls, disregarding a speech by Hezbollah’s leader who warned that the protest movement risked pushing Lebanon into “chaos” and “God forbid” civil war…Hassan Nasrallah said a government resignation would create a power vacuum which could lead the country into civil unrest “similar to what’s happening in the region”.

Secret synagogue in Dubai prays for Persian Gulf revival
In an unmarked villa, nestled amid homes in an upscale Dubai neighborhood, a congregation prays in the first fully functioning synagogue in the Arabian Peninsula in decades. Though its members keep its precise location secret, the synagogue’s existence and the tacit approval it has received from this Islamic sheikhdom represent a slow rebirth of a burgeoning Jewish community in the Persian Gulf…

Bern One Down: Sanders introduces plan to legalize marijuana nationwide during first 100 days in office
Bernie Sanders says legalize it, don’t criticize it. The independent senator and 2020 presidential primary contender announced on Thursday his plan to legalize marijuana by executive order within the first 100 days of his administration should he win the White House.

Haunted House McKamey Manor employee details what’s really inside
A haunted tour experience that spans two states and lasts up to 10 hours requires its participants to clear a background check, pass a doctor’s physical and mental exams, and sign a 40-page waiver.

China’s ‘Pig Ebola’ Epidemic Leads to Increased Demand for Dog Meat
China’s devastating outbreak of African swine fever, nicknamed “Pig Ebola” by outside observers, has compelled the destruction of millions of pigs and created a shortage of pork severe enough to put dog and rabbit meat back on the menu in rural areas.

Brazil deploys 5,000 troops as fury mounts at inaction over worst oil spill in country’s history
Brazil has deployed 5,000 troops to its beaches amid mounting fury at the government’s inaction over the worst oil spill in the country’s history.

False Teacher Joel Osteen Invites Kanye West To Attend Sunday Service at Lakewood Church in Houston Same Day His ‘Jesus Is King’ Album Drops
President Trump has ratcheted up his claim that the Obama White House spied on his 2016 campaign, charging in a new book that it was a “treasonous” act by the former Democratic president.

ICT: 2019 Dallas tornadoes the costliest tornado event in Texas history, USA
A tornado outbreak that hit Dallas on October 20, 2019, is now the costliest tornado event in the history of Texas and the 11th weather disaster in the USA in 2019 whose damage topped 1 billion dollars.

Severe storms hit parts of southern Europe, fatalities reported in France, Spain and Italy
Severe storms swept through parts of southern Europe, including France, Italy, and Spain over the past few days, bringing very heavy to record rain. After two days of heavy rainfall, travel warnings have been issued in Spain and France while Italy remained under alert. Several flood-related casualties have also been reported.

George Soros Is Thrilled By The Civil War In Washington, Confidentially Predicts That 2020 Will Bring A Return To Globalism With Elizabeth Warren As The Democratic Nominee
When you read this article today championing end times evildoer George Soros, just remember a few things about its source, the recently-deceased ‘Gray Lady’ of the fake news New York Times. George Soros has recently invested millionsinto the NYT, and right after he did that, the news rag began publishing some very complimentary stories about him. In fact, one might call it a veritable whitewashing of this very dirty individual.

Palestinian Advocacy Group Touring US Has Ties To Terrorist Organization
Palestinian advocacy group wrapping up a 10-day speaking tour across the U.S. has ties to a Palestinian terrorist organization, according to research by the Israeli government and NGO Monitor.