24 Oct 2019

Turns Out That ‘Damning’ Taylor Testimony About Trump Quid-Pro-Quo Was 100% Hearsay
On Wednesday, though, The New York Times published a piece that throws the entire testimony into question and actually supports one of Trump’s fundamental arguments about this impeachment nonsense. “Mr. Taylor neither described any direct conversation with Mr. Trump himself nor made any reference to documents or recordings that would explicitly implicate the president. Instead, he provided a road map for investigators by quoting others around Mr. Trump describing his actions and statements,” the piece reads. …it turns out the only thing they’re basing the nation-rending narrative on is hearsay.

Thirst turns to anger as Australia’s mighty river runs dry
Reduced to a string of stagnant mustard-colored pools, fouled in places with pesticide runoff and stinking with the rotting carcasses of cattle and fish, the Darling River is running dry. The parched earth of Australia’s longest waterway, if tributaries are included, is in the grip of the continent’s most severe drought in a century. The past two years have been the driest in the catchment area of the Darling, which flows 2,844 km (1,767 miles) over the outback to the sea, and adjoining Murray river since records began in 1900. Drought is weighing on economic growth, and the dire conditions have prompted Australia, a major wheat exporter, to import the grain for the first time in 12 years. Last summer was the hottest on record, and in Menindee, where temperatures regularly top 38 Celsius (100 Fahrenheit),

Border wall construction advances in South Texas
The U.S. Border Patrol said workers were installing steel rebar at a site south of Donna, a small city in South Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. The rebar will reinforce concrete panels that will in turn be topped with 18-foot (5.5-meter) steel bollards.

Ed Snowden: US Government “Could Have Prevented 9/11”
when you look back at the 9/11 report and when you look back at the history of what actually happened, what we can prove. Not on what we can speculate on, but what are at least are the commonly agreed facts… it’s very clear to me, as someone who worked in the intelligence community… that these attacks could have been prevented.” He goes on to explain that the government’s excuse for not preventing the attacks was essentially due to the fact that the various intelligence agencies were unable to effectively share information, coordinate investigations, and work together. Snowden is implying that 9/11 was essentially allowed to happen so that the mass surveillance state, which is insanely profitable to certain people, could be created. And it has since been created.

Republicans storm ‘Soviet-style’ impeachment meeting
Complaining of a “Soviet-style process,” more than a dozen House Republicans stormed a closed-door meeting Wednesday where Democratic lawmakers were questioning a Defense Department official in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Admits To Helping Pete Buttigieg with Campaign Hires
Mark Zuckerberg admitted Monday that he played a role in hiring members of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s campaign, but said the gesture did not amount to an endorsement of the South Bend, Indiana, mayor.

Lindsey Graham Reverses Course on Trump’s Syria Move, ‘Increasingly Optimistic’ It Could Work
GOP Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina appears to have made a 180-degree turn and now supports President Donald Trump’s handling of the invasion of Syria by Turkey. “I am increasingly optimistic that we can have some historic solutions in Syria that have eluded us for years, if we play our cards right,”

6.0-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Near Shores of Samoa – USGS
a 6.0-magnitude tremor struck off Samoa Tuesday morning. The epicentre of the quake is located at a depth of 89 kilometres (55 miles), about 169 km (105 miles) southwest of the capital city of Apia. There are no official reports on casualties at the moment, and the authorities haven’t issued a tsunami alert.

British police find 39 bodies in a truck container
Police in southeastern England said 39 people were found dead Wednesday inside a truck container believed to have come from Bulgaria. The truck, which is said to have entered Britain via the Welsh port of Holyhead on Saturday, was found by ambulance workers at Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays, a town just by the River Thames around 25 miles (40 kms) east of central London.

Israel reportedly preparing for Iran missile strike
Local media says Jerusalem preemptively bolstering defenses should Iran retaliate to ongoing series of attacks on its proxies attributed to IDF; sources says military will focus on deterring harder to detect, low-flying cruise missiles and drone strikes

U. Arizona paid $2M to Chinese Communist Party for propaganda center on campus
The University of Arizona paid more than $2 million to launch and maintain a Confucius Institute, a Chinese-founded organization, an investigation by Judicial Watch reveals. The tax-payer funded university, which has an enrollment of about 44,000, is just one of more than 100 campuses around the county to erect the Chinese Ministry of Education-controlled institutions.

Gantz receives mandate from Rivlin to form government
Blue and White leader Benny Gantz formally accepted the mandate to form a government on Wednesday at the President’s Residence. He will have 28 days starting Wednesday night at midnight. If he cannot build a coalition, there will be three weeks in which any MK can obtain the support of a majority in the Knesset, and if not, Israel will automatically go to its third election in less than a year.

Muslim Convert to Judaism Gets Tortured by Palestinian Authority
The man who can’t be identified out of concern for his safety, would receive a permit to enter Jerusalem where he studied at the Machon Meir Yeshiva (seminary) in Jerusalem while working at a supermarket there. The yeshiva is known for its nationalistic leanings and runs a very successful conversion program. The torture that he endured at the hands of the Palestinian Authority left his limbs “badly burned”.

A First Since the Temple: Levites Sing Psalms at Footsteps of Temple Mount
For the first time in modern history, approximately 800 men from the tribe of Levi joined together on the stairs in front of the Hulda Gates in the Davidson Center adjacent to the southern wall of the Temple Mount to sing the three songs the Levites sang in the Temple. The Levites sang three of the fifteen psalms that were traditionally sung on the steps inside the Temple including Psalm 121 and 126. The Levites were accompanied by musicians also from the tribe of Levi.

Trump lifts sanctions on Turkey, says cease-fire permanent
President Donald Trump said Wednesday he will lift sanctions on Turkey after the NATO ally agreed to permanently stop fighting Kurdish forces in Syria and he defended his decision to withdraw American troops, saying the U.S. should not be the world’s policeman. “Other nations must step up and do their fair share. Today’s breakthrough is a critical step in that direction.”

Security forces start to evacuate outpost near Yitzhar after clashes
Security forces including border police and the Civil Administration entered the Kumi Ori outpost near Yitzhar to evacuate it on Thursday after violent clashes between soldiers and Jewish settlers in the area recently, according to Channel 13. The buildings being evacuated are not used for housing.

Gantz receives mandate from Rivlin to form government
Blue and White leader Benny Gantz formally accepted the mandate to form a government on Wednesday at the President’s Residence. He will have 28 days starting Wednesday night at midnight. If he cannot build a coalition, there will be three weeks in which any MK can obtain the support of a majority in the Knesset, and if not, Israel will automatically go to its third election in less than a year.

Turkey Syria offensive: Trump lifts Turkey sanctions after deal
The US is lifting sanctions imposed on Turkey nine days ago over its offensive against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, President Donald Trump says. His decision came after Russia agreed with Turkey to deploy troops to extend a ceasefire along the Syrian border. Turkey’s assault began after Mr Trump’s unexpected move to withdraw US troops from northern Syria earlier this month.

Chinese ship leaves Vietnam’s waters after disputed South China Sea surveys
A Chinese oil survey vessel that has been embroiled in a tense standoff with Vietnamese vessels in the South China Sea left Vietnamese-controlled waters on Thursday after more than three months, marine data showed. The Chinese vessel, the Haiyang Dizhi 8, was speeding away from Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone towards China on Thursday under the escort of at least two Chinese ships…

UN expert calls for ban on settlement products
The U.N. independent expert on human rights in the Palestinian territories called…for an international ban on all products made in Israeli settlements….Michael Lynk told the General Assembly…that the…community should…issue “a clarion call to the United Nations” to complete and release a database “on businesses engaged in activities related to the illegal settlements.”

Israel reportedly preparing for Iran missile strike
Israel is preemptively bolstering its defenses over fears that Iran may retaliate against an ongoing series of attacks on its proxies in Syria and Iraq that have been attributed to Israel… Citing unnamed sources, the report claimed Israel was focusing its defense capabilities on harder to detect, low-flying cruise missiles and drone strikes – unlike high-arcing ballistic missiles that are easier to intercept.

Davos in the Desert: Kushner, Mnuchin & others to attend from US
United States Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and presidential adviser Jared Kushner will lead Washington’s delegation to an annual financial conference in Saudi Arabia, government sources told the Reuters news agency on Tuesday. The conference comes one year after US-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, prompting a global outcry.

Lebanon protests enter second week
Protests in Lebanon entered a second week on Thursday with demonstrators blocking main roads in Beirut and other parts of the country, AFP correspondents and Lebanese media reported. Sparked on October 17 by a proposed tax on calls made through messaging apps, the protests have morphed into a cross-sectarian street mobilization against a political system seen as corrupt and broken.

Byzantine church to mystery martyr unearthed near Jerusalem
Israeli archaeologists have revealed an elaborately decorated Byzantine church dedicated to an anonymous martyr that was recently uncovered near Jerusalem. The Israel Antiquities Authority showcased some of the finds from the nearly 1,500-year-old structure on Wednesday after three years of excavations. The findings will be exhibited at Jerusalem’s Bible Lands Museum.

Thirst turns to anger as Australia’s mighty river runs dry
 Reduced to a string of stagnant mustard-colored pools, fouled in places with pesticide runoff and stinking with the rotting carcasses of cattle and fish, the Darling River is running dry.

America Does Not Know How Close It Is to Being Ruled DIRECTLY by Satan
It has been well-publicized that a group of witches are meeting on October 25th to cast spells on President Trump and conservative supporters of the President. This is a highly significant event, because it shows who and what is on the verge of taking over America.

Elizabeth Warren Says That As President She Will ‘Withhold Aid To Israel’ Unless They Agree To Give Up Jerusalem To Create A Two-State Solution With Palestine
As the Democratic Party grows increasingly more anti-semitic, occasional frontrunner Elizabeth Warren has just thrown some ‘red meat’ to her anti-Israel base.

Deadly flash floods and landslides in Italy following 250 mm (10 inches) of rain in 12 hours
Up to 250 mm (10 inches) of rain fell on parts of Italy in just 12 hours on October 22, 2019, leading to flash floods and landslides in Lombardy, Piedmont, and Liguria. At least 2 people have been killed.

Torrential rains spawn devastating floods in Karnataka, India
Heavy rains over the past days have caused deadly floods in the Indian state of Karnataka. 12 people were reportedly killed, at least 5 444 homes were damaged, and thousands of residents were displaced, as of October 23, 2019.

Severe flash floods, tornado hit Spain, leaving 6 dead or missing
Severe flash floods hit parts of northeastern Spain on October 23, 2019, leaving at least 2 people dead and 4 others missing. Adding to the devastating weather was a tornado that touched down in Ibiza, causing damage and injuring civilians. Thousands of residents were left without electricity.

NASA: Ozone Hole Is Now The Smallest On Record
NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, says that Earth’s ozone hole is now the smallest it’s been since it’s discovery. Abnormally warm weather patterns in the upper atmosphere over Antarctica dramatically limited ozone depletion in September and October 2019, resulting in the smallest ozone hole since 1982, NASA and NOAA scientists reported.

Vaccines now being used to harvest biometric identities of everyone; Big Brother merges with Big Pharma
It’s all happening, just as we predicted. Big Pharma is officially partnering with the tech industry to pair “immunization” with digital biometrics, meaning humans will soon be microchipped, tracked, and ultimately controlled through a global identification matrix.

In Bid To Create A One World Monetary System, Facebook Launching New Cryptocurrency ‘Libra’ That Was Originally Called ‘GlobalCoin’
…today we bring you the story of Facebook’s new cryptocurrency named ‘Libra’ which is set to launch globally on June 18th. And what was the original name of ‘Libra’? You guessed it, ‘GlobalCoin‘.

The Next Big Seller Are Chinese Firms, Looking To Offload Western Companies
“Some Chinese companies made overseas acquisitions at the top of the cycle and ended up overpaying for assets that did not make a lot of strategic sense. They are now finding it challenging to offload those businesses at fair values.”