23 Oct 2019

Prominent Rabbi Identifies Destructive Storm on Sukkoth as Beginning of Gog and Magog
Nine days ago, during the first evening of the intermediary days of the holiday, Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, was enjoying the holiday meal in his father’s sukkah when a thunderstorm shook the fragile structure. After a few moments of meditation, his father said, “This is the beginning of Gog and Magog.” It should be noted that Rabbi Yosef Berger’s father is Rabbi Shalom Berger, the revered spiritual leader of thousands of Hassidic Jews belinging to the Mishkoltz sect of Judaism. Rabbi Shalom reminded his son that the War of Gog and Magog will include the forces of nature as well as soldiers of flesh and blood.

Russia’s Arctic War Games Up the Ante on Unsettled North Pole Claims Tensions
Nuclear-capable missiles streaking across Arctic skies last week not only showcased Russia’s nuclear deterrent but also signaled to geostrategic rivals that Moscow’s bid to control vast swathes of Arctic turf is underpinned by a formidable arsenal. Code-named “Thunder 2019” and directed personally by Russian President Vladimir Putin from the Defense Ministry’s headquarters, the drills involved five submarines, 15 surface warships, 105 aircraft, 12,000 troops, and 213 missile launchers. “There is no friendship between nations here,” Sykulski said of the growing tension around competing claims in the Arctic. “There’s just an absolute race, no longer just civil and technological, but an actual arms race in the Arctic.”

Pew pushes polling propaganda
Pollsters are at it again, pushing sketchy polls – not to reflect public opinion, but to shape it. This is called propaganda, a popular tool for dictators who want to control the information flow from an all-powerful government to their subjects, the people. What once passed for journalism is now mostly propaganda, an effort by major media organizations to insert themselves into the political process, to push their agenda, even if it means throwing any pretense of journalistic principle and integrity to the wind.

President Trump’s WTO Win Over the EU Is Great for America and Long Overdue
Last week, for instance, the World Trade Organization ruled that the European Union had violated WTO rules by heavily subsidizing its largest airline manufacturer, Airbus. While the dispute had been going on for nearly 15 years, President Trump has made it a priority to finally resolve such long-standing trade abuses, and vowed to quickly take advantage of the decision allowing the U.S. to impose tariffs on $7.5 billion in goods from the EU to rectify the economic damage inflicted on American companies by the illegal subsidies Airbus received.

Netanyahu Seemingly Out as Israeli PM After Failing To Form Government
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Monday that he was unable to form a coalition government in the Israeli parliament — the Knesset — meaning that it’s uncertain who will be the next leader of the Jewish state.

NYT, Democrat Insiders Desperate for a New Candidate To Challenge Trump as Biden Flounders
Since the last debate, just anecdotally, I’ve had five or six people ask me: ‘Is there anybody else?’” Leah Daughtry, a Democratic insider who chaired the party’s national convention committee in 2008 and 2016, told The Times.

Russia, Turkey Agree to Remove Kurds From Turkey-Syria Border
According to the deal, starting on Oct. 23, Russian forces and Syrian border guards will “facilitate the removal of [Kurdish] YPG elements and their weapons to the depth” of 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the Turkish–Syrian border.

Trump Ready to Go to War with Turkey says Secretary of State
Although the administration prefers “peace to war,” U.S. President Donald Trump is “fully prepared” to authorize military action against Turkey, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday. In an interview with CNBC’s Wilfred Frost, Pompeo said the “world should know” that “where we see American interests at stake or fundamental norms around the world that need to be enforced, we’ll use all the powers that we have.”

IDF quadcopter shot down in southern Lebanon
The Israeli military said a small quadcopter fell inside southern Lebanon on Wednesday morning after Lebanese media claimed that it had been shot down by Hezbollah. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that the aerial device was conducting “routine operations to secure the border” when it fell and that there is no concern that any intelligence gathered could be leaked.

Unidentified drones attack Iranian-backed militia in eastern Syria-report
Unidentified drones attacked Syrian areas controlled by the Assad regime and Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias at the Hamdan airport near the town of Al-Bukamal in the eastern region of Deir ez-Zor… Before the attack, three drones were seen flying from the direction of areas under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces militia, according to Step News, a news agency founded by Syrian activists and journalists.

Kremlin says U.S. betrayed Kurds in Syria, tells Kurds to withdraw or be mauled by Turkey
Russia warned Syrian Kurdish YPG forces on Wednesday they face further armed conflict with Turkey if they fail to comply with a Russian-Turkish accord calling for their withdrawal from the entire length of Syria’s northeastern border with Turkey. Moscow’s warning came shortly before Russian and Syrian security forces were due to start overseeing the removal of YPG fighters and weapons at least 30 km (19 miles) into Syria…

Hong Kong formally scraps extradition bill that sparked protests
Hong Kong’s legislature has formally withdrawn a controversial extradition bill that has sparked months of unrest. The bill – which would have allowed for criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland China – prompted outrage when it was introduced in April. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets and the bill was eventually suspended.

Turkey Syria offensive: Erdogan and Putin strike deal over Kurds
Turkey and Russia have agreed what they say is a “historic” deal aimed at keeping Kurdish forces away from Syria’s border with Turkey. It comes during a pause in Turkey’s offensive to drive Kurdish forces out, creating a “safe zone” in the area. Under the deal, Syrian and Russian forces will immediately oversee a withdrawal of Kurdish forces.

BIZARRE: Avon catalog features image of woman caressing baphomet
People are questioning why an edition of the popular beauty supply catalog Avon features a woman placing her arms around a Satanic baphomet figure.

Justice Department Plan To Collect DNA From Migrants
The Justice Department is proposing to begin collecting DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of immigrants crossing the border, creating an enormous database of asylum-seekers and other migrants that federal officials say will be used to help authorities fight crime.

PG&E power shut off to affect 500K as wildfires threaten California
California’s largest utility says it could shut off power to 500,000 people this week for two days or longer as wildfires again threaten to bring havoc to northern parts of the state.

Tornado sweeps through East Java, killing one and displacing thousands, Indonesia
A tornado struck three different villages in Batu City, East Java in Indonesia on the night of October 19, 2019, displacing at least 1 270 people. One person was killed, while a number of other locals were injured.

MILLER: Permanent bureaucracy a mortal threat to America…
Anonymous efforts by anti-Trump federal bureaucrats to thwart the White House agenda through leaks and complaints to friendly reporters and congressional allies are a “mortal threat” to democracy and the 2016 election results, according to a top administration official. “This is a mortal threat to the American system of government,” said Stephen Miller, the senior adviser for policy.

PUMP: Worries grow over Fed efforts to fix funding issues…
Wall Street is getting worried that the Federal Reserve’s aggressive efforts to control short-term borrowing rates have run into some potholes, with more danger ahead.

End Times Watchers Taking Another Look At Malachy’s Prophecy Of The Last Pope As Pope Francis Continues To Radically Change The Catholic Church
…there is no trustworthy prophecy outside of the Bible, it begins with Genesis 1 and ends with Revelation 22, and honestly that is that. That said, Malachy at the very least was astute in his consideration of the Roman system on many levels. Things he got right in his “prophecy” is that the Roman Catholic Church does indeed sit on 7 hills, and it will be destroyed at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Arizona Trafficking Case Exposes Local and Federal Politicians Tied to Child Trafficking with Ties to Ukraine
…Enter Arizona State Senator David Farnsworth. He is investigating 550 children who have gone missing in Arizona. And for his trouble, Farnsworth says he has been threatened by another elected official for “daring” to investigate this heinous activity in Arizona. Before I start connecting dots, and there are a lot of dots to connect, let’s take a momentary detour and show Senator Farnsworth just how much danger he is in.

Japan To Create Human-Rodent Hybrids For Organ Harvesting
Scientists involved in the study will inject human cells into rat and mice embryos. Researchers plan to follow the development of the resulting creatures’ organs over the course of two years after the baby hybrids are born.

Has Pierre Delecto Killed Mitt Romney’s Political Career?
A self-styled paragon of ethical behavior, Romney ‘fesses up to Twitter pseudonym…

Vatican denies risk of default over structural deficit…
A top Vatican administrator is denying the Holy See risks default over its structural deficit, saying claims in a new book about possible financial ruin are overblown.