16 Oct 2019

Major change: Saudi Arabia opens tourism to Bible sites!
A travel group in Saudi Arabia is offering this week a “first-ever Christian tour of rare sites,” including a close-up of a location believed by some Western visitors to be the mountain where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Bible scholar and author Joel Richardson is taking a group of 25 people this week through “Jethro’s Caves in the land of Midian,” believed to be ancient Midian.

Erdogan says Turkey’s Syria offensive will end if Kurdish fighters withdraw
Turkey’s offensive into northeast Syria will end if Kurdish fighters in the region drop their weapons and withdraw from a planned “safe zone”, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday, but warned that no power could stop it until then.

6.4 magnitude earthquake Strikes Southwest of Davao Philippines
A 6.4-magnitude earthquake has hit near the Philippine island of Mindanao, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre said in a statement on Wednesday. No casualties or destruction have been reported.

Youth org. of Angela Merkel’s party call for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
The JU, with roughly 105,000 members, passed a resolution titled “Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital” at its 59th Germany Day convention, held in Saarland. According to reports in German media, the JU urged the CDU and CSU parties in the Bundestag to “follow the examples of the USA, Russia and Guatemala, and relocate its embassy to Jerusalem and therefore recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

Rome commemorates Nazi raid on ghetto on October 16, 1943
The Nazi raid targeting the ancient Jewish neighborhood of the Italian capital, as well as Jews living in the rest of the city, started at 5:15 a.m. It was Shabbat and, as was the case this year, it was the third day of Sukkot – the dates on the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars tend to cycle once every 19 years. Over 1,000 Jews were arrested that day. Two days later, they were all deported to Auschwitz. Only 16 survived.

Turkey says it will retaliate against U.S. sanctions over Syria offensive
ANKARA – Turkey will retaliate against U.S. sanctions over Ankara’s military operation into northeast Syria, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Wednesday, adding that all threats and sanctions against Turkey were unacceptable.

40,000 Attend Priestly Blessing at Western Wall
An estimated 40,000 worshippers filled the Western Wall, or Kotel, Plaza on Monday morning for the Birkat Hakohanim (priestly blessing) performed en masse at the Kotel during Passover and Sukkot. The blessing is performed by the priests holding their hands up with the fingers spread in the manner made famous by Leonard Nimoy (a kohen) when he played Spock on the television series Star Trek. The fingers of both hands are separated so as to make five spaces between them; spaces are between the ring finger and middle finger of each hand, between the index finger and thumb of each hand, and the two thumbs touch each other at the knuckle.

Historic First: Official Saudi Delegation Enters Israel, Prays on Temple Mount
In a growing sign of coordination between Riyadh and Jerusalem, the Saudi Arabian national soccer team came to Israel, passed through Israeli security and visited Jerusalem for the first time ever. The delegation then prayed on the Temple Mount before playing against the ‘”Palestinian” national soccer team for both the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asia Cup qualifier.

Waffling Warren Confirms Gender-Reassignment Surgery Is Now A Right
Prisoners, for example, do have some rights: food, shelter, health care. But, when it comes to medical issues, should the taxpayers be forced to fund transgender reassignment surgery? Apparently, Rep. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) now thinks so. At a recent LGBTQ town hall meeting, Warren received thundering applause for stating that the gender reassignment surgery should be provided free of charge to transgender prisoners:

Russia readies major Strategic Missile Forces drills
Russia says it will test its Strategic Missile Forces this week in a three-day exercise set to include ballistic and cruise missiles fired from the land, sea, and air. The Thunder-2019 exercises, from October 15-17, will involve some 12,000 military personnel, as well as surface ships, submarines, and aircraft such as strategic nuclear bombers, the Defense Ministry said on October 14. The ministry said in a statement that the aim of the drills was to test the readiness of Russia’s command structure and how efficiently its orders are carried out.

Russia in another warning to Turkey: Turkish operation in northern Syria is not acceptable to Moscow
On Tuesday, October 15, Moscow sent another signal to Turkey to stop the Turkish currency in northern Syria. Alexander Lavrentiev , Russian President Vladimir Putin’s emissary to Syria Russian President’s Special Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev, told Russian media that the Turkish operation in northern Syria was unacceptable to Moscow and stressed that it had not been compatible with Russia earlier.

4.5 earthquake shakes San Francisco Bay area
The San Francisco Bay Area widely felt a magnitude 4.5 earthquake. The Los Angeles Times reports moderate shaking was felt at 10:33 p.m. on Monday, with the epicenter the Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek areas. The U.S. Geological Survey says weak shaking was felt in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. Scientists say they don’t expect any major structural damage.

Brexit deal within reach in last-ditch talks, but doubts remain
Britain and the EU made headway on Tuesday in last-ditch talks on a Brexit deal ahead of a leaders’ summit, but with just hours left to clinch an agreement it was still unclear if London could avoid postponing its scheduled departure on Oct. 31. Officials and diplomats involved in negotiations over the acrimonious divorce between the world’s fifth-largest economy and its biggest trading bloc said that differences over the terms of the split had narrowed significantly.

Pelosi on Impeachment Inquiry: ‘We Will Not Be Having a Vote’
“We will not be having a vote,” Pelosi told reporters on Oct. 15, adding that “a path to truth” must be taken first. Schiff (D-Calif.) on Oct. 15 also told reporters that there was “full participation by the GOP” during a series of interviews related to the inquiry this week. It came amid Republican accusations that Schiff wasn’t being transparent and was holding closed-door meetings. A whistleblower, who remains anonymous, alleged that Trump’s request to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a July 25 call may have amounted to a violation of campaign finance law. The Justice Department determined no further action was necessary after reviewing the complaint.

More Disturbing Facts Revealed as Planned Parenthood Abortionist Testifies in Monumental Trial
One of the defendants was asked to read an email received from one of the investigative journalists soon after a meeting with senior Planned Parenthood officials. The email was admitted into evidence and read directly to the jury. The contents of the email regarding Planned Parenthood’s practices are particularly disturbing. The email stated: “‘She . . . admitted PP (Planned Parenthood) knows the potential for illegality/unethics but has a don’t-ask/don’t-tell policy going so far as to choose to keep NOTHING in writing about fetal tissue because it’s too dangerous.’ One of Planned Parenthood’s own abortionists admitted under oath that there were actual demands for specific organs, even referencing some kind of ghoulish shopping list.

World’s Largest Ouija Board Built in Salem Massachusetts to ‘Summon the World’s Largest Ghost’
On October 12th, 2019 at one in the afternoon officially called Ouijazilla was unveiled in Salem, Massachusetts. The gigantic ouija board is the largest in the world and was built with the hope of summoning the world’s largest ghost.

AG Barr Speaks of Demonic Attacks Upon Americans In His Notre Dame Speech
Going back to the days of Ruby Ridge, I confess that I have never been a fan of Attorney General Barr. However, I’m keenly aware of the redemptive power of the Lord and it would appear that the Lord is using Barr. You will not believe what he just said in a speech at Notre Dame University regarding demonic attacks.

Russia Announces Massive Nuclear War Games In Arctic This Week
We’ve been documenting how there is a new cold war flourishing across the Arctic. The US, Russia, China, and Europen countries are all attempting to militarize parts of the Arctic region. The first country to dominate the frozen frontier will become the world’s next superpower and possibly control $35 trillion worth of natural resources hiding underneath the ocean floor.

‘I Respect His Decision’: Franklin Graham Tells CBN News He Won’t Second-Guess Trump on Syria
In an interview with CBN News, Franklin Graham says he spoke to Vice President Mike Pence about the perilous situation in Syria, and Graham says he respects President Donald Trump’s decision to remove US troops from harm’s way.

Twitter Paves Way For Trump Ban With New Content Rules For World Leaders
“There continues to be meaningful public conversation about how we think about Tweets from world leaders on our service. We welcome the conversation and want to share more context on our principles and process for reviewing reported Tweets from these accounts,” reads the statement.

Amazing Non-Biblical Infographic Video Accidentally Shows You How The Roman Catholic Church And Vatican City Fulfills Revelation 17
Many bible students get confused when they get to Revelation 17, because the main character in the chapter, the woman, appears to play a dual role. In this chapter, we are introduced to an entity typified as a ‘woman’, who commits spiritual fornication with the ‘kings of the earth’. Trying to rectify the spiritual kingdom with what is obviously a political kingdom can get confusing. This is why many bible scholars and commentators over the years have failed to identify her. Let’s meet this woman, shall we?

Women Across the US Suing Police For Refusing to Investigate Their Rape Kits
In the land of the free, those tasked with ‘protecting’ society — often and with extreme prejudice — fall far short of providing anything resembling actual safety. Instead, law enforcement in America often chooses profit over people. One particularly egregious example of this choice is the fact that tens of thousands of raids on people for suspected illegal substances take place every year, while hundreds of thousands of rape kits collect dust in police departments across the country.

Awkward: Hillary, Chelsea Asked if Person With Beard & Penis Can Identify as a Woman
Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea shared an awkward moment after being asked a question about transgnderism while promoting their new book titled “The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.”

Christian School Administrator Suspended After Questioning New LGBT Agenda
A 74-year-old school administrator has been suspended for questioning the introduction of a pride month and the adding of a plethora of LGBT books to the school library.